Stop using XMOD on Clash of Clans now!!!

Yes! Lot of players was getting banned due to this. Supercell issued warning on those who use mods like XMOD or XX Assistant (叉叉助手) on Clash of Clans will get their account banned. Guess that those players believed what XMOD Games developers said that it is safe to use their mod. Well, this is not the case here. YES! IT IS NOT SAFE TO USE XMOD ANYMORE!!! For those who getting 2 weeks ban should remove any COC mod like XMOD or XX Assistant (叉叉助手) immediately. Else your account will be banned permanently. I am not joking here. All these years of work and time spent will be wasted if you continue to do so.

Just go to Xmodgames Facebook page and you will see lot of people complaining about this and that. Yes, even my friends who using it got banned too. And most of them are TH10 and TH11 players. No point to continue use XMOD and waste your effort for years, right? No matter you are using iOS or Android devices. Uninstall XMOD now!!!

For those did not get banned, enjoy 2 weeks of more dead (banned) bases. Lot of loot for you guys (and me).


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