Test all Samsung Galaxy S4 hardware functions before buy it

Always test Samsung Android devices before buy it (only valid for shop purchase though). Yes, this applies to Samsung flagship Galaxy S4 too. Samsung makes a great tool for them to check the hardware quality at test development stage. And you can use it to test too. The application is called FactoryKeystring. Basically, it covers all the hardware function tests for Galaxy S4. You can check 1080p Full HD Super AMOLED screen with Red, Green, Blue, Receiver (white) and Vibration (black) colour. Make sure that there is no dead or bright pixel. That’s the first thing I will do. I really hate dead pixel as it is very annoying. There are other tests like Dimming, Touch and TSP Hovering to test the screen function as well. Front and back camera can be tested with Mega cam and Front cam. Both speakers’ tests are included too. Sleep, Sub key, LED, IR LED, LOW FREQUENCY, Barcode Emulator and SensorHub Test are the rest of the tests. Test all of them if you can.

Samsung Galaxy S4 hardware tests

How to test Galaxy S4 hardware functions?

  1. Click on Phone.
  2. Bring up Keypad.
  3. Key in *#0*#.
  4. It will load FactoryKeystring app.
  5. Run all the tests there.
  6. That’s it.
TSP Hovering Test

Luckily, I did run all the tests before leave the shop. I discovered that my first Galaxy S4 failed to perform Air View (TSP Hovering) properly. It failed to sense left part of the screen. It can cover half of the left box only unlike the screenshot above (my 2nd set) which can cover the whole block. Therefore, make sure that you test your new Galaxy S4 properly before leave shop…