Tune your Galaxy Note 3 screen colour

Tune Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen colour is one of the to do list. Yes, Galaxy Note 3 Full HD Super AMOLED is using PenTile format just like Galaxy S4. However, this latest HD Super AMOLED screen is gorgeous thanks to higher resolution. You can’t really see individual pixel with your naked eyes. However, it still has the very same problem since 1st gen AMOLED screen – oversaturated colour. Samsung added several new screen mode just like Galaxy S4 since basically they are using the same generation AMOLED technology. Yes, you can use it to solve oversaturated colour issue.

Galaxy Note 3 Screen Mode

Just bring up Settings. Select Device tab. Go to Display then Screen mode. Finally, select Movie and save it. That’s it. You are getting the best and most accurate colour on your Galaxy Note 3 now. Or just select the mode that you prefer. Cheer…


  1. I visibly can see pink hue at the bottom of my screen, approximately ¼ of my bottom screen. Sometimes, I also could see some green/blueish hue 1/8 of my upper screen. These hues can be visible under low light and brightness with grey/white background.

    I’m positive that the shop won’t accept my 2nd replacement (1st replacement due to camera output issue) due to its policy of 1 to 1 replacement (one time only). I’m reluctant to send my GNote3 for repair anyway…

    My question, could firmware/kernel update solve this problem? Or I need to bring this HP to Samsung Service Centre for Color Calibration? Did you encountered the same issue?


    • I don’t think firmware / kernel update can solve this. This is hardware related. Mine does have little bit punk hue at bottom of the screen too (at lowest brightness).

      However, I did not notice until you ask me to do the test. So it does not bother me during normal usage.


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