Vinnfier Elite 3 Review

Strong bass, light weight, 40mm driver unit, long lasting comfort… Yup, that’s some of the features of Vinnfier Elite 3 Bluetooth Headphones. A budget one that let you play music up to 13 hours. Besides Bluetooth, it also has 3.5mm AUX line-in function. How does it perform? Let’s find out together…

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Packaging and Design
Vinnfier Elite 3 comes in a red sharp packaging. Besides headphones, there are braised stereo audio cable with gold plated connector, micro-USB charging cable and user manual in the package. Do go through user manual to get started.

As you can see, Elite 3 is fordable which is great for storage and ease to carry around. The build quality is great too. Solid hard plastic and durable metal. Finally, I love the rubberized surface which is nice to hold and touch.

All the inputs and buttons are on the left channel – wired audio input, microphone, micro USB port, LED light indicator and playback buttons. Ear cups’s height is adjustable. And headband is well cushioned too.

There are 3 colours to choose from – turquoise, red and grey (combine with some black parts). Pick the one that you like.

Fit, Comfort & Isolation
It is comfortable to wear Vinnfier Elite 3 for long hour. Yup, all thanks to well cushioned headband and soft ear pads. And do adjust the headband height to suit you. Isolation is decent for an on-ear headphones. You can hear some environment noises compare to over-the-ear type. That’s the pro and con of on-ears.

Performance Result
Elite 3 performs very well in Bluetooth range wireless test. More than 10m in straight line of sight without obstacles. And up to 7m with obstacles like wall. In addition, there is virtually no lag between video and audio. That’s great for watching movies and playing games on smartphone and tablet for sure. For non-Bluetooth devices, just plug in 3.5mm audio cable will do.

10 hours of non-stop music playback is what I get based on average sound volume level test. Besides, there is battery indicator status on both Android and iOS devices. Nice to know when to recharge the headphones. And its lithium battery requires around 2 hours to fully charge. Phone call quality is average at best. My voice to others is a bit soft and sound like I am far away in a small room.

Any bass head here? This is the Bluetooth headphones for you all. Yes, Vinnfier Elite 3 is loaded with extra bass. Warm sound signature which focus more on bass than treble is what you get. However, it is a bit more bass to my taste. Personally, I prefer balanced toward a little bit warm. Overall, bass is in control. And lot of them. Do take note…


  • Warm sound signature – heavy bass
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent Bluetooth range
  • Comfortable for long hour wear
  • Great build quality


  • Average microphone

Want heavy and extra bass? Do check out this budget Bluetooth headphones – Vinnfier Elite 3. Enjoy wide Bluetooth range and foldable to ease carry while on the go. More information can be found at Vinnfier Website. Buy yours at Lazada.


  1. Haii good review there…

    Anyway, these few days I’ve been searching for bluetooth headset and come across with Vinnfier FlipGear Tango Flex 2, ( here’s shopee link if you want the picture).

    I want to know, is it good? The sound quality compared to Edifier, Sonicgear and stuff. I’ve been trying to test them at Melawati Mall today, the sound pretty good but I don’t think they have microphone.

    But, I like the built since it’s cover all my ear and find nicely to my head. The sound and “noise cancellation” kinda great but testing for a few minute might not give a good impression yet.

    The durability, hours duration, microphone performance, etc… these what I seeking for.

    Hope you can make a review for Tango Flex 2

  2. Hi, I just bought the headphone. I’ve read the manual but kind of confused when it comes to the charging part. Can i use the regular smartphone 5v charger to charge it?

  3. Hi. I’ve had these headphones for about 2 years now, but I’m still pretty confused about something. How do we know when the headphones are done charging?

  4. hi, I’ve got problem with this headphone when using handsfree AG audio… the voice are corrupted, sounds likes robot and delay…pls anybody help me.

  5. I am using Elite 3 for online gaming by PC and experiencing voice slow down or acceleration in Bluetooth. Practically they are unusable. Any advise?


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