Vinnfier FlipGear Tango 313 WMU 2021 Edition Review – Powerful Trolley Speaker for Karaoke & Speech

Wow… 600W total power output! Yes, meet the most powerful portable trolley speaker from Vinnfier yet. In addition, it is loaded with a lot of useful stuff like Bluetooth, FM radio, MP3 player (USB & microSD), mic & guitar inputs and remote control. It comes with 2 free UHF wireless microphones for karaoke too. And don’t forget the LED lighting effects too. Does it perform well? Let’s find out now…

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Package Content & Design
Everything comes well-protected in a large packaging. Yes, Tango 313 is a huge trolley speaker with dimensions of L34 x W30 x H78 cm. As for accessories, there are 2 free wireless microphones, AC power adapter, remote control and user manual.

Build quality is excellent all thanks to solid and sturdy MDF chassis. The front and top parts are plastic by the way. And the speaker grill is metal. There is an ultra-large 12″ speaker driver as woofer and another smaller 3″ one as the tweeter. 2 LED light bars at the top and bottom. The main speaker driver is loaded with LED light too.

All the playback buttons, inputs and volume controls are located on the top. 2 large volume controls as you can see. One for the master volume and another one for the microphone. Both bass and treble have their own volume control. Same applies to microphone echo and guitar. You can’t miss the useful LCD display too.

There are handles on both left and right. Useful to carry it around. But do take note that it is also a heavy speaker.

Therefore, do use the extendable trolley handle to pull Tango 313 along with you. It’s much easier to do so then.

Yup, have a closer look at the trolley fixed legs and wheels. As usual, do refer to other photos for detail too…

Performance Result
Karaoke all day long! The UHF wireless microphone is great. Clear and sensitive. It can connect up to 10m even with obstacles like walls. Connection is very stable as well. In addition, the dedicated microphone and echo volume controls make it even useful. In short, it’s great for both karaoke and speech. As you can see, there are 2 slots for you to put the microphones. Nice…

There are attractive LED light effects on the top and bottom of the speaker. You can turn it off when not needed. As for FM radio, it is performing well. Clear as long as the signal is good. MP3 player is working as expected too. Just plug in USB flash drive or micro SD card, it will start play MP3 then. By the way, it can’t remember the last used audio source. Always start in AUX mode.

Based on specs, it can play non-stop music for 6 hours. And requires around 3 hours to charge. If still not enough, you can always connect power source through the DC 12V power input. As for Bluetooth, it is great. It can connect up to 7m+ with obstacles. Audio and video are virtually in-sync. Playing games and watching movies are good to go.

300W pure power output (RMS) is more than enough to blast in a quiet large hall. Piece of cake for large living room or tuition center. Thanks to treble and bass volume control, you can change the sound signature according to your taste and preferences. Personally, I max out the bass and min down the treble. That’s the best combo for me. And there are 7 EQ to select too. take your time to play around with them. And find the best one for you.

Tango 313 sounds nice for the price. However, you will hear a slightly electric static hiss noise when sitting close to the speaker. Thankfully, you won’t notice it during music playback and when far from it. Ultra-clear treble and decent bass. Yes, the treble is so crisp until I need to lower it down. As for bass, it is powerful. We are talking about 12″ driver here. However, it won’t be as powerful as dedicated subwoofer. Do take note. Rest assures that it still have booming bass here and there. In short, it’s suitable for music, speech, karaoke and many more…


  • Loud & clear with 300W total power
  • Nice sound with treble & bass control
  • Wide wireless mic, remote & Bluetooth range
  • Bluetooth, FM radio & MP3 player
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Portable with trolley
  • Lovely LED light effects


  • Slight hiss noise
  • Can’t remember last used audio source

Vinnfier FlipGear Tango 313 WMU 2021 Edition is a powerful portable trolley speaker. Suitable for all types of usages including karaoke and speech. Can be used both indoor and outdoor. Interested? Get yours at Shoppe or Lazada now.


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