Vinnfier Toros 1 Review

Powerful driver for highest-quality audio. Light-weight & adjustable head bean design, the best headset wearing experience. High sensitivity microphone with retractable inner side and hidden tube, can be adjusted to 120 degrees up or down and delivers more accurate, clear and smooth voice. Yup, that’s all part of Vinnfier Toros 1 features. How does this budget gaming headsets sound like? Read on to find out…

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Packaging and Design
There are Vinnfier Toros 1 gaming headsets and 3.5mm Y jack splitter for audio and microphone in the package. No user manual as all the information is located on the packaging box itself. 2 colours to choose – red and blue by the way.

Build quality is decent for the price you paid. Sturdy plastic housing is what you get. No complaint here. Thing to take note – the cable length is 1.2m only. But still good enough for PC casing (front port) on the desk and notebook. Besides, you can use it for mobile devices as well. All thanks to single 3.5mm 4-pole audio jack.

Fit, Comfort & Isolation
Err… I can’t get good fit due to both ear cups are not rotatable – fixed. Therefore, isolation is on the poor side too. Surely can hear environments noises. On comfort wise, it is great. Thanks all soft and thick earpads. Same apply to headband too.

Performance Result
As for gaming headsets, microphone performance is important for games that requires teamwork. Toros 1 performs well in this department. Phone call quality is great too. Others can hear me loud and clear thanks to sensitive mic.

As for sound quality, Vinnfier Toros 1 sounds okay for the price. No surprise or complaint here. V-shape sound signature (toward slightly extra bass) is what you get. Smooth treble and pumping bass for all your games, movie and songs. Soundstage is average at best. Not wide or too narrow. Overall, Toros 1 sounds decent as a super budget headsets.


  • Decent sound for the price
  • Comfortable for long hour wear
  • Sensitive mic


  • Can’t get good fit (at least for me)
  • Below average isolation

For around RM30, you can go wrong with Vinnfier Toros 1 budget gaming headsets. Enjoy comfort and V-shape sound from it. More information can be found at Vinnfier Website. Buy yours at Lazada.


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