Watch China TV drama, movie online free – Android TV Plus

Yeah… I found an Android application to watch China TV drama, movie online for free. It’s called 电视家 or TV Plus in English. There is lot of channels for you to choose like CCTV 1 to 15 and China local TV channels like 湖南卫视,浙江卫视,江苏卫视… There are even HD channels for movie, TV drama, cartoon, anime, music video, Korea TV series, sport and lot more. It support Android tablet and phone currently. App said no TV Box support though. But no sure can be installed or not since I don’t have an Android TV box to test.

During my first try, TV Plus manages to give me smooth video playback on 8MB connection. It require around 1-2MB for normal content while 4-5MB for HD. However, it started to slow down for buffering on next day testing. Stream connection failed and jumped to another one. Maybe server is too clouded on weekend? I have no idea too. Maybe you can try it out and let me know the result on your end…

By the way, there is iOS beta version too. But too bad the download link is broken for the moment. Yes, I believe you need a jailbroken iPad and iPhone to install.