Webkey ~ Remote control Android phone from browser

Want to use keyboard to type SMS? Capture screenshot of your Android phone? Browse and read files on your phone? Webkey for Android is the application that you need. You can remote control Android phone from any browser with Webkey. Note – root access is required.

Webkey for Android

Webkey Features

  • You can click and type on the phone
  • Get screenshots in jpeg and png, record images in sequence
  • Start phone calls
  • Open webpages on the phone
  • Browse, download from, upload to the SD card ~ AjaXplorer
  • Browse and read every files on phone
  • Adjust LCD backlight
  • Get the phone’s location
  • Reading and writing SMS,
  • Exporting contacts, messages, call list in txt, csv, xml,
  • Chat with phone and other users
  • Terminal emulator with Shell In A Box
  • User rights management, log
  • Works on Wi-Fi, 3g
  • DynDNS support
  • SSL support for direct connections
  • Opensource
  • Very low memory footprint and almost no CPU use in idle.

Download Webkey at Android Market here.


  1. Hi Jayce Ooi,

    Are you able to post on the steps on flashing new rom?

    I am on Litening Rom v5 right now.

    I wanted to change to Cognition Rom however i understand that it would wipe my phone.

    Thing is, i wanted to save all my apps and the way i customised (im using go launcher) all my icons into a folder,

    if i change all of this, would it delete everything?

    Maybe you would want to pos step by step on what to do and use (titanium backup) and etc…

    it wold be handy..



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