Download Android 2.3.7 CM7 NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2

If you still own HTC HD2, Android should be the operating system on it instead of old Windows Mobile 6.5. And the good news, there are still lot of developers working hard to develop Android ROM for HTC HD2. TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 is one of them. And it is based on latest Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread GWK74 and using latest Tytung r12.4 Kernel. Besides, it is equipped with latest SuperUser 3.0 and new Android Market 3.1.5 too. And I like the new ring lockscreen style in CM7.

Android 2.3.7 CM7 on HTC HD2

Quadrant score
ADW Launcher
Software information

Note – Just reboot if you faced hang issue on first boot (after 15 minutes).

Installation guide ~ How to Install CWM NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 v3.6.8 [Kernel: Tytung r12.4] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM here (broken and removed, sorry…).


  1. Dear Jayce

    Sorry for bothering you man but I have one problem that is making me crazy and I would really appreciate it if you could help me on this.

    I am unning this ROM ( on my HTC HD2 and I only Have 1 problem.

    When i will call somebody and the call is finished, the screen will be stay black, and pressing any keys won’t do anything, the buttons will light up but that’s it.

    Everything else is perfect but this my only problem which somehow eliminates me from enjoying the phone!

    I am using Radio 2.15 and also spb shell 3D by the way.

  2. Hello Mr Jayce,

    I m really thankful to you, i am able to install my ever first CWM Nand Android without any trouble and it is perfectly running. Thanks again for sharing the infos and help 🙂

    I did try one change, i did not create EXT3 partition and directly copy the Android 2.3.7 CM7 NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM on my sd card and follow rest of the steps u describe here.

    • Is it okay to install Android 2.3.7 CM7 NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM without create EXT3 Partition? can you tell me how much free space memory in internal device..


        • hi Jayce,

          I do same thing as Sana does, installing directly from SD Card as your guide, and internal memory just left 96.77 MB available. hereby I would like to ask you some points regarding it:
          1. after installation, i do create EXT3 on my 8GB but it doesnt work. do you have any suggestion??
          2. I do a download from Android Market, but it doesnt reach on my both internal or Sd card, could you explained why?
          3. if I want to re-do installation, what should I do?

          really I need your help as next week, on holiday. many thanks

          • How much CWM partition layout did you install?

            1. You need to create EXT3 partition before install Android ROM. Else Android OS won’t use it.
            2. How do you know downloaded app does not store in internal and external SD card?
            3. Wipe data and cache in CWM. Then install new Android ROM.

  3. Hallo jayceei, im very sad today :((( because yesterday my hd2 was brick during rom update, i dont know how n why, its unbrick (J Tag) now from market in 3500rupees (almost 40$). its with windows now, please tell me that it is safe to install nand rom again on it, or i just sale it out in market???
    Please reply me soon becuase I HATE windows mobile.
    TNX 🙁

    • Hehe… I just got that after read your message again and again.

      Hmm… Hard to say it is safe to install NAND ROM or not. Because I don’t know how did you brick it. ROM installation does not touch bootloader usually. So you will hardly brick it. Unless there is an issue during bootloader installation like HSPL installation.

  4. haha thanks for understand me 😀 i think now its much better to forward my hd2 to market 🙂 n buy another fone, ? a boy is offering me to exchange this fone with sonyerricson x10i what you say???

    • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is almost like Android HD2. Using same CPU and GPU. Not sure about ROM development…

      Or you can try out Samsung Galaxy S II. I love it. 😀

  5. Hi have you used this rom hows the battery like after flashing this rom
    And also can you help how to sync or get the contacts from microsoft outlook

  6. Hi i am using desire hd rom v1.3 by dungphp, i just exported contacts to sd card, i think after installing 2.3.7 i will be able to import from sd card

  7. Hello Mr Jayce,

    Being a nob, i would like to ask u a qes that is it possible to dual boot winmo with nand droid ?
    i shall b grateful for your guidance. Thanks

  8. Dear Jayce,
    i installed your great TyphooN_CM7_v3.6.8-MAGLDR ROM on my HD2 and created an ext3 partition on my SD-Card(Silicon Power 16GB class10) like shown in your video(via MAGLDR). But Android tells me i dont have extended memory , so i cant run A2SD to move apps to ext3.
    Can You please help me?

  9. dear Jayce, i am planning to install it to my hd2….no idea what is gonna happen? if it makes any problem to load then can i return to windows syatem???

    pls answer me …..i need your help…
    i hate winmo 2 much

  10. hey jayce, i saw the tis roms post in xda,it says it n mms prob as so…(I have Blurry MMS: Set UserAgent to “NexusOne” in messaging.)how do i do tis …pls n thank u 🙂

  11. hello, which one is better ? or more stable in htc hd2

    TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 v3.5.4 [Kernel: Tytung r10] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM
    TyphooN CM7 Android 2.3.5 NAND Android A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2


    TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 v3.6.8 [Kernel: Tytung r12.4] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM
    TyphooN CM7 Android 2.3.7 CM7 NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2

    thank you !

  12. Jayce,

    Thanks for replying and all that you do to help people like me, who have never attempted this. But, I did redo everything and finally got it to work. WOOHOO! Goodbye WinMo 6.5, HELLO Android! 😀

  13. Hello Jayce,

    Thanks een lot for clear guide.
    I download Android 2.3.7 CM7 NAND A2SD+ and install it on my HTC HD2. successfully, but only the Android Market (3.1.5.) don’t work (the spinning disk appears and then it crashes and constantly get this error error). How can i fix this?
    Thanks in advance.

  14. I have installed the CM7…But when my call is finished, the screen will be stay black, and pressing any keys won’t do anything, the buttons will light up for a few second quite 7-10 second then only back to normal. How to solve?

  15. Hi Jayce,
    Big thx for ur information , its help me to install 2.3.7 CM7 , its work fast and smooth , but i notice diff. that my Mem info 85/411 MB .
    in my installation i do EXT partition 4046 MB .
    I want ask if i should wipe everything after or befor Partition ?
    even its 85/411 Avail/total , but when i check the internal storage the total space is 217 MB , is this fine ?
    when i install any app from the Market some of them need to be moved from App Manager , but all apps were movable , is it ok ?
    The internal storage decreased lettle when i download new apps , is it due to the Apps boot files which will stored in the internal Memo , or it should not decreased at all ?

    kind Regards,

    • How much CWM partition layout did you use? I used 150MB.
      I did not touch apps in App Manager, not sure about that.
      Yes, internal storage size does reduce a bit when install apps. Example, 2MB internal storage were use when I installed Angry Birds.

  16. Sory i forgot somthing , i did not found google Maps and Navigation sympol , and the market recogonize that my divice is HTC HD2 , so could not able to install google maps , messege was installation not available in you country .


  17. I tried to download maps to pc then i did extract and copy the file to sd card, then explore from the mobile to the file and start insallation but its failed. Any advice

      • Dear Jayce ,
        May you help me , i want the steps to install google maps in my hd2 , i tried to download then extract the file in my pc and copies extracts to the sd card , i created a folder in the sd card ( google maps) then search of the file inside my phone , i found maps file and click to install but its failed .
        also i treid to download it direct to my hd2 from the site , it open Rom Manager and faild to download and install .
        My you give me the steps to installation .

        • Basically, I just unzip and put Google-Maps-5.8.0-ownhere.apk in my SD card. Then click on it to install. That’s all.

          What is the error message that you got?

          • I think i download Maps.apk not 5.8.0 apk from xda site , i shoul download google maps navigation 5.8.0 insted of it , but in xda site i found 5.10.1 not 5.8.0 , is it the same ?

            If you ask me why did not download it from the link you gave it to me , the reason that when i tried to download it from here messege appere and said ( you are not autharized from the site to download it ) , i dont now why !!!

              • Iam using PC and it did nont work .
                Thx alot Maps work , but i think it could not be updated from android market .

                I have some comments on this ROM : camcorder not works with good quality it was better with WM 6.5 and NADA froyo 2.2 ROM , battary not last for 18 hr with regular use and i think the reason is the Display it consume about 70% of battary life even after manual adjusment to the brightness to about 25% of total brightness and animation off , 2nd thing consume the battary was Google Maps about 20% , others cell standby , wifi ( all the time on ) , browser , phone idle …….. realy not consuming the battary at all ….. you can check it .

  18. Jayce,
    A problem I seen to have which I notice is not common, I run TyphooN_CM7_v3.2.1-MAGDLR fine on my HD2 but when I try to install TyphooN_CM7_v3.6.8-MAGDLR or even 3.6.5 the boot procces just gets stuck at the ‘Android’ icon. I have done a hard re-set and cleaned dalivk ram etc, can you suggest to me what I could be doiing wrong. Mind you I can re-load CM7_v3.2.1 again without any problems
    thanks in advance

  19. hi jayce,

    thanks for your sharing so far, pretty useful ^^
    i noticed my internal memory only 150MB, how to make it bigger?
    shouldn’t this installation use SD memory as part of system memory?

    thank you.

  20. i fineshed but i install android games like ( hero of sparta ) its work but when intered to new game come a massege ( requires additional data to run on your phone ) what main and what is the screen protector

    • very weird english u used dud..

      do u mean that when already install the game the phone ask for additional data?..
      Answer = turn on yr wifi and let it download the required data – done!

      What is screen protector? duh…
      Answer = go to phone accessories shop ask the person there, where can i get a screen protector for my phone!..i think it around $10-15$(depend what phone u used). LOL…

  21. jayce,

    I think I really break my Hd2.

    When I press Vol Down and power the 3 color screen appears with the following:
    PB8100 HX-BC
    SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE
    CotullaHSPL 0x30

    I’ve tried Task 29, install everything again and nothing.

    It just want leave the white screen.

    I searched over the xda site and I think it is because I had more than a few roms installed and reinstalled (one freezes, the other crashes…) I broke the radio… could this be it?

    In this case, what can I do?



    • ‘Install everything’ does not help to explain what you did here. Let’s narrow down the issue.

      You still can load tri colour bootloader. This is good. Can you continue to install these?
      – Radio v2.15
      – DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13
      – ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3
      – EXT3 partition on SD card

      If no, what is the error message?

  22. Hey was up jayce I’m running magldr 1.1 and radio 2.08 but I wanna upgrade it to Mahler 1.3 and radio 2.15 and add clockwork any advice

  23. Dear Jayce:

    My touch screen suddenly not respond..How I am going to do? I didnt drop or what..just suddenly when i use, the touch screen not respond. I have to take out the battey and put it in again. still no respond.

    I flash this CM7 rom into my HTC HD2.

  24. Jayce,

    Love your website and your info. It has made me like my HD2 more! Thanks for everything. But I got a question for you.

    Currently I’m running the NexusHD2-Gingerbread V3.1a NAND (android version 2.3.6) on my HD2. I like the Android OS better than my previous OS (windows mobile 6.5). This ROM on my phone I currently am using I downloaded from your website as per your directions. However, there are some quirks that lead me wanting to search for a better Andriod ROM. These are the issues I’m having: robotic voice every once in awhile during calls, camera and camcorder are horrible quality and freezes, battery drains rapidly, and etc……

    Can you recommend an Android ROM that doesn’t have these issues or at least resolves some of these issues for my HD2? The most important things for me are the GPS, camera and camcorder. As of right now I could live with this, but I would really like one that makes me happy. You think this ROM is better? You know of any good ones coming out soon for the HD2? Just as long as I can install the ROM with the same method (“install zip by sd” by ClockworkMod), I will go with your suggestion!



    • I did not use camera and camcorder much. So can’t comment on the quality. This ROM is good and fast. You can try it. Just installation guide in the post. Should be same as NexusHD2.

    • Realy this rom is good , camer is good quality but you need to adjust it from the setting , camcorder is accepted in quality , you may face some proplem in the first use of camcorder , just reboot ur device and try even more than one , also if you faced any proplem in this rom just reboot , i dont way but i feel that this rom can autofix proplem even the quality of camera ,.
      battary life good for regular use it may last all the day , in standby it may last more than aday , Gps work and u need to download google Maps from this site , Maps not included in this rom .
      Gps , disply and voice call are the most things that consume battary .

  25. Hi Jayce,

    First of all, you did a well job. Thank you!!
    Some days ago I have installed TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 v3.6.8 [Kernel: Tytung r12.4] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM on my HD2. It works very well!! Anyhow I have one problem. When I’m calling people sometimes i got the message that they can’t hear me or I’m too quietly. But not always. Now I found out why!! When I set the speaker volume too low the mic volume is also set too low. Is there a way to fix this? Because some of my friends are speaking very loudly! 😉


      • Sorry, I don’t mean the speakerphone mode. What I mean is the normal phone mode. There you have the chance to set volume of the hearer (don’t know the right english word for this). But when I set the volume to low than it seems that the mic volume is also set to low because my phonepartner don’t understand me after the setting. For a other phone (wildfire) exists a fix for this. It’s called audiofilters. But i found nothing for the hd2. Maybe you have a idea?


  26. Ok, no problem. I will look for them. Maybe I will find a fix.
    but I have another question:
    For the andoid installation i hve extended the phone memory and now it uses some memory of the SD card. Is it possible to change the SD card for example to a bigger one (16GB)? Or do i have to install android again, when I do this?


  27. hi jayce
    i already installed 2.3.4…
    now i am planning to put 2.3.7.
    1.what is the diff bet the previous and the latest? all the features working properly?like camcorder(i always had this camcorder force close issue temp in 2.3.2 and also 2.3.4)

    and also is thr any possibility to increase the screen touch sensitivity?

  28. Hey I successfully installed 2.3.7…I think upto what I tested working but the problem is that renderfx widget not working… In early build I changed the renderfx to change to red.. So when I click the widget button whole display changes to red so that it consumes lessb battery.. But in this when I click the button its not changing

  29. hi jayce ,
    Love your website and your info,
    i already installed 2.3.7… its great , thank u man 🙂
    but i have a problem to instal app on my device. would you help me? if u have some app support with this rom like games or … i,ll be thankfull

    best wishes

      • Thanks for answer and merc
        Ok I know that. but my market doesn’t work in this rom and it always say
        “authentication require please log into Google account ” although my wifi is on and I have internet access
        And android can shows my emails in gmail.
        What can I do now? Please help me

        • Hi salim, there is no problem with market, it is working perfect with this rom , i think you should chech you gmail account with market

          • HI MOUTAZ
            thanks for answer
            im really glad to find this site and
            market has worked on my primer rom (winphone6.5) and now i dont know why that isnt work. would you tell me exactly what can i do for check it? i,ll be thankfull if anyone can help me…

  30. Hey Jayce, Im having an issue with all incoming calls going to my voicemail (I have an HTC HD2) and cant find the setting to undo this. Can you advise me how. I have called my carrier and there are no blocks on my account) Thanks for all your much needed help, Its greatly appreciated.


  31. EDIT>

    Problem solved. I had a group of numbers “Blacklisted”.
    I deleted those entries, now all is normal.

    Thank You Much


  32. hi Jayce I found a way on my own how to access those widgets
    1.extract the ZipROM to a folder the system folder and go to (app)
    3.copy the widgets that you want (only those that gets installed but couldn’t be accessed)
    4.again convert the folder to a zip file and then install the rom if you are lucky you will be able to run those widgets

  33. Hi Jayce,
    I am totally non technical person so pl try to be simple in your reply.
    I just install TyphooN_CM7_v3.6.8-MAGLDRas per your site step by step. I was very happy that every thing went very well and i was checking every thing twice before I press any button.
    Yet in the last my phone is not moving forward from android symbol(Waited more than 30 minutes.)
    Pl suggest what can I do.

      • Dear Jayce, Thanks for quick reply.
        I did rebooting 3 times…. every time waited upto 30 minutes.. nothing happen…..I read all blog in this page related to hanging on first boot…no solution so far….

          • Hey it’s working now. Thanks………… But for your knoledge only. It took five long efforts to re boot and evetually it sarted. I did not doany changes…all files were from your site only.
            Thanks once again
            I have noticed an issue too…Blue tooth is hanging…. any solution???.

              • Hi thanks again and trust me I am learning…. yes of course with your help.
                PL once again help….Ihave practically no place in internal memory of phone, where as I have 16 GB card almost free of space. How can I create more space in my phone or how to istall programme on the card in place of phone?

                  • 400MB (Unfortunately) and 1024…….I hope I remember correctly…or is there any way to check if I am right in stating the numbers…

                    • Dear Jayce,
                      I took almost 3 days to wait before I write this. I checked all the features of my first android…. Bluetooth, wifi, mobile as wifi router, camera, mail accounts, sms, mms, android market,….various other settings….in 3 days I checked all for the kind of mobile user I am……Jayce…it’s perfect…..there is no issue so far….hence I think I can say or change feeling of members here that such phone should not be the prime phone for users. At least I am using it, in fact this is only phone I have.
                      To me it surely can be used as day to day phone as in these 3 days while using so many applications and calls it has not hanged.
                      So a big thanks to Jayce for his site as well for all his quick replies…..

  34. Mr Jayce, Thank you for your service to the community.
    I have HTC HD2 running Android 2.3.2. Will you recommend upgrading to 2.3.7?
    If so how?
    Thank you

  35. I have issue only when buying apps — will not let me. Tried several Google accounts — is there a way to fix without reinstalling rom. ?

  36. Hi Jayce,

    I have encountered an issue with the wifi. It only works only the first time it connects to the router, if turn off the wifi on the phone and reconnect it again to the same router, it does not connect unless I turn off and on the router again. I am very sure there is nothing wrong with my router as it as working with a previous mod version of android with HTC sense.

    Any ideas?

  37. quote>

    navin says:
    October 9, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    hey jayce, i saw the tis roms post in xda,it says it n mms prob as so…(I have Blurry MMS: Set UserAgent to “NexusOne” in messaging.)how do i do tis …pls n thank u 🙂

    Jayce says:
    October 9, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    Set UserAgent to “NexusOne” in Messaging Settings.
    Plan44 says:
    October 12, 2011 at 12:25 am

    Go to Text Messages,
    Press Menu button,
    Click Settings,
    Click ‘Custom User-Agent’
    Replace text with NexusOne



  38. Hey Jayce can I disable delete confirmation Prompt warnings for sms/mms?

    I am running Android 2.3.7 on my HD2. When I want to delete sms/mms I am prompted with a confirmation to my intended action. Is there a way to disable this warning/confirmation?

    Like it is possible to disable confirmation to clearing phone log in: Phone/Call log/Preferences/call log/Ask before clearing (this can be checked or unchecked)

    Thanks Much

  39. Dear Jayce,
    After using this ROM for more than 2 weeks now, I have faced only one issue so far, if you can help. I want to have only 3G signal on my phone. On other Android phone there is a possibility of choosing WCDMA/GSM network. On your ROM there is option of selecting ‘2G network only’. Is there any way I can have setting for ‘Only 3G network’?
    PL help

  40. Hi Jayce, I have Android 2.3.7 CM7 NAND A2SD installed on my HD2. I have an 8gb sd card installed, I would like to upgrade and install a 16gb sd card. I have also made a backup of my system using CWM which is on my 8gb sd card. What would be the procedure?

    • Never try to upgrade from old SD card to new SD card before. You can try this.
      Create EXT3 partition on new SD card. Make a CWM backup. Then copy everything from old SD card to new SD card. Restore CWM from new SD card.

      • I made a new backup of my phone, on 8gb sd card, copied all data placed in a folder onto my desktop. Inserted the 16gb card, and using CWM formatted my card and made an ext3 partition.
        Rebooted my phone, went into usb mode and copy and pasted all data files from old 8gb card to the 16gb card, then restored my backup. All worked perfectly.
        Thank you Jayce for your help.

  41. Hi!
    I want to download “TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 v3.6.8 [Kernel: Tytung r12.4] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM”, but if i push the link you showd, its says that its frobiden to go that page. Can you help me? And its android 2.3.7 wright?

    thank you,


  42. Hello jayce,I saw android 4.0 with 3d II but can’t get right website to download it plaza help me,been following. Ur videos. And they’ve helped. Me a lot,ur my genius…

  43. Thanks Jay it’s working finally everything except the. Fact that now I can’t tether my phone to my PC is the any solution to that?

    • Got it. Thank You. Cant wait to try it. WP7 worked really smooth, but green-tinted flash photos, no wired headset calling & lousy bluetooth ended up being dealbreakers.

      Seems like there aren’t really any issues with Android on HD2 that I have read about. I will soon find out for myself.

  44. hi bro i m using andoid 2.2 in my htc hd2. but i want to upgrade this version, so what is the latest android version and how can i update pls let me know. 🙂

  45. I am on this ROM 3 days now and everything is working perfectly. Camera, headset, bluetooth all are great. Battery life seems on par with WinMo 6.5 & WP7. WiFi at my house was not working reliably, but my son just told me yesterday that he’s been having trouble with his ipod on our network the last few days so I reset the router this morning and I’ll test some more tonight.

    I recommend downloading “Go Launcher” to use as the default launcher. I find it easier to slide around the icons & a better overall launcher than the built in ADW Launcher.

    Does anyone know how to make new mail notifications show up on the mail icons (like if you have 5 new emails, it will show a “5”) the way it does on WP7 & iphone?

  46. Not sure what’s going on, but after start up, when phone says, “Preparing SD Card”, phone keeps rebooting. HELP! Please advise. Thank you.

  47. hey jayce im having a problem getting the download from your link above. everytime click it i get a forbidden page that comes up and iv tried to access the link from different computers, is the link not good anymore? thanks

  48. Hi Jayce, which is better in your opinion, NexusHD2 or TyphooN Cyanogenmod7? Don’t recommend ICS or MIUI because I don’t like them.

  49. Hi Jayce,

    I have installed this ROM in my HD2. However, I failed to find android market icon in the ADW launcher, can I know how to make it appear in that? I have checked the application and market has been installed but no icon in the launcher, appreciate your help.


  50. hi jayce, could you recommend me the android ROM which is support for G-sensor?
    I had tried to install several ROM, but all were facing G-sensor problem…
    thanks for your help..

  51. Dear Jayce,

    I am living in UAE, but the problem I am facing is that i am unable to dpwnload many of your uploaded links with teh error message like FORBIDDEN 404, 403. kindly help me out and one more thing mega upload is being seized and many of yours uploaded links are of this site kindly help me out.



  52. Dear Jayce,

    i have successfully do all the steps to install the new rom to my htc hd2 and it was very nice to have such rom…however i have problem to connect my htc with my PC using PC cannot recognize the connection which causing me problem to sync my contacts, song, etc. with my htc…i really hope that you can help me..

    Tahank you.

  53. hello i would like to ask what’s wrong with my HD2 EU

    i tried various of cooked roms but whenever the chef recommended to have an EXT3/4

    after flashing my phone doesn’t work/boot up

    but if i used a cooked roms which doesn’t require EXT3/4, it boot up properly

    what i had done wrong?

    FLASH Sequence:
    1. Task 29
    2. HSPL2.8 (reflash it even its currently at it)
    3. MGLDR v1.13
    4. Radio v12.50.14
    5. CWR either by TBD Dansta or by CWR version 4.0
    6. mount SD
    7. repartition SD 1024mb with 0 swap
    8. copy rom either via flash reader or via mounting storage on CWR
    9. flash zip via sd card
    10. flash zip rom
    11. rebooted
    13. boot lock-up before the animated part of boot-up screen

    help me please…

  54. with CM7,

    i was able to boot up my hd2 leo. problem now, no notification sound except call

    i tried various ways to activate it

    profiles, sound and cyanogenMod still no sms notification sound

  55. Dear Jayce,

    I am still using this rom , every thing is fine except camera and vedio rec. , it is not good quality and some time its hang and force close , could you advice me to have another rom that fast and good like this one but with high quality cam , or is there any way to solve this problem in this rom.

    Big thnx

  56. hi jayce…i need your help i install 2.3.7 nexushd2 gingerbread but i have a problem in wifi its always obtaining ip address and disconnecting…hope you can help me…tnx

  57. use this link download of NexusHD2-Gingerbread V3.2a SD by using , Easybytes but show WRONG IP , use RapidGator download butu only run 0.6Mb and stop show Interrupted.

    any bro can help ….

  58. i wanted to download that nand rom but i could not. i downloaded it about 2-3 months back but now it only shows error. i tried this – TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 v3.6.8 [Kernel: Tytung r12.4] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM and many others like this. any help ???

  59. please Jayce……………. can you send me the file for android 2.3.5 ginger bread…… I can’t acces it on your website……. please it would be a big help…………thank you

  60. Hi Jayce,
    I am using typhoon cyanigenmodv3.8.0.. and I created a SD partition of 1024mb and a swap of 256 MB. I downloaded and installed apps, I checked the memory usage using diskusage app and I opened diskusage app and saw in app storage option.. the space available for apps is just 338mb. I have used 311mb. But why it has soon less memory whereas I did 1gb partition. Where will the other space go.. please tell me.

  61. Hi Jayce. Thank you for your excellent website with excellent instructions. I followed everything exactly and have been enjoying my new phone HD2 with Android 2.3.7!! 🙂

    I have camera, google Play (Android Market place) all working well.

    I have one query. I have installed the Zedge app for Wallpapers and Ringtones. Its a fantastic little app and was working fine. However, may have been to a recent app update that the wallpapers are no longer fitting to this Android desktop as it fits seem to show HD2 Winmo 6.5 resolutions. I think i have to go onto Zedge website and edit the type of phone I have.

    My question is, what is this ROM based on and what do you recommend I tell the Zedge app as to what phone I have so that resolutions of wallpapers fit to my Android Desktop. I am guessing Desire HD??

  62. @jayce: mate, one quesiton. I have been using this for the last 3 months and its amazing but im facing one problem.

    im not being able to install google maps, “This application is not compatible with your HTC HTC HD2 Ancel.” how can it be possible? its a know issue or its my net provider that is blocking me??


  63. Hi im not sure if you will get this message but i have had nand gingerbread 2.3.7 rom installed on my htc hd2 all works fine appart from ifi try to connect my device to my ps3 by the usb …the ps3 wont say anything and sometimes flashes up that a incompatible usb device has been detected my phone says usb connected in the top left of screen and also usb de-bugging connected, but still nothing happens i want to be able to upload music to my phone from my ps3 an visa versa my old htc magic on android was fine it recognised it instantly is there anything i can do please please help me …this was one of the main reasons why i paid someone to install the hspl the radio the magldr clockwork recovery and the rom it says everything on that builod is suppose to be almost perfect so am i doing something wrong ??

  64. hey i want android on my htc hd 2 but i really dont kno how to install it…in an easy way,…pls navigate me…to make it…coz i have downloaded nand ,,,but i cant run it directly in phone…it says
    ..its not a windows pocket application….wat shud i do?

    • HINT: Go to the “How to Install CWM NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video)” and do the prerequisites and then do the NAND installation. Jayce has done a very nice job of organizing all of the steps to installing Android so please use all of them.

  65. Jayce
    Thank you for all of your videos and help. I installed on htc hd2 and everything works awesome except it doesn’t charge from wall charger or car charger. I have tried several typhoon mods and all have same problem. I have to charge battery seperate and then replace when it dies. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you again your work has really helped me alot.

  66. Hi , Jayce

    I want to know if we can install this rom on hd2 or not :

    I am currently using Hyperdroid 2.3.4 , Pls tell the procedure to install it if it can be done . Thnx

  67. dear jayce, i have been through all website but dont know what to download to make my htc hd2 phone as android. can you please guide me what should i download and from where to run my phone on android.???

  68. Hi jayce,

    I wanted to know just one thing…………if I encounter an unsolvable problem during this whole process…will I be able to get back on Windows Mobile or not???? I mean like by pressing the reset button or something???????????????

  69. Hi,
    Please i have downloaded the CWM NAND Android for HTC HD2 and i have extracted it, and copied into my empty 2gig micro SD card. But the problem i encounter is, anytime i power on the phone it doesn’t load the set up files from the card automatically, i have tried it over and over again but it’s still not working. Pls how else can i go about loading it on my phone?

  70. hi jayce….

    i have installed miui 2.3.5 android version in my htc hd2. i have a problem now. my touch screen stop working for while like 15 minutes and resumes. i dont know what to do…. please help me bro…
    i wanted to install stock rom on my htc hd2. so guide me please.
    if miui android version problem can be solved, please let me know how…?

    Thanks in advance.. God bless..

  71. hi jayce…
    it was working fine before. i am new into this. i had installed miui watching your videos. can you plz tell me how can i install official stock rom of my htc hd2.. please i need help.
    please let me know step by step download links and evry detail…

  72. hi jayce…
    sorry to bother you.
    i just want to which is the best android rom for htc hd2. you can suggest only one. it should be reliable and should not have any problems or bugs.

    also send me the instructions to install it please….

    thanks a ton bro…..

    • Hi abdul, I did not use HTC HD2 for quite some time. Lot of new Android ROMs come out then. You need to try them yourself to find the best one for you.

  73. Hey Jayce,

    Just wanted to know that if I encouter an unsolvable problem during the installation of Android……………can I revert to Win Mo 6.5 ??? Without doing hardware changs?

  74. Hi Jayce,

    Thanks for the instructions on convert HTC HD2 from windows 6.5 to android(2.3.2 gingerbread).

    Now, I can’t make my computer sync with my phone(B4 I used ActiveSync) anymore. I’ve installed on my pc HTC SYNC from HTC website but it still not syncing…phone shows USB conn, on My Computer it show my phone as Removable Disk(E), but no access to it….

    Do you know another or better way to transfer files in between pc/phone?…also any antyvirus for my HTC HD2?

    Thanks again


  75. I got this HTC MT3G(esspresso) from a family friend and needed to get rid of his personal data, so I did a factory reset on the phone which runs on CM7. I can’t download anything again, I can’t even see the market app on my phone, besides every attempt to add my gmail account on the device to eneble me download but just can’t do that. It’s so bad.


  76. piz say Jayce i can download android for htc hd2
    how can download android for htc hd2
    windows is so bad i am want install android

    help me

  77. Dear Jaycee,

    I’m from Philippines. I’d like to thank you for this rom you made now I’m using it and no issue at all on my HTC hd2 … thank you so much and God bless you

  78. hello sir,
    i am using this android 2.3.7 on my htc hd 2 since 4 months and have got no problems with them, thanks to you.
    can you please tell me how to root the phone with this android and do you yourself advice on rooting?
    thank you in advance…

  79. hi sir.

    after one year and i half with this android, im facing some problems with the calls. Do u know other android SO as good as this one? or a solution.

  80. dear jayce pls tell me where and how i should put this file in my sd card pls pls send me the link .. i m not able to get what should i do after partitioning my sd card (EXT 3)

  81. سلام
    دوستان من کلی رام روی گوشیم امتحان کرده ام ولی انصافا این رام حتی بهتر و سریعتر از آندروید 4 روی این گوشی کار می کند.

  82. Hello, today date is 10-jun-13

    I find me HTC HD2 with already installed Android 2.3.5, Mod version: cyanogenMod-7-08132011-nightly-leo

    1st I will feel I need an update like I had in galaxy tab p-1000

    It’s ok if developers are still not sure about Bug

    But having an android and not use market is like a crime for me.

    I am sure ever 2nd person is facing Low App Space.
    Please Clear me Or help me out like normal computer user. I have searched a lot of Forms but they confuse me. Because my cell phone does not response like there Videos and Text detail.
    Please solve my 2 Issue

    1: how can I update 2.3.5 to 4. —-
    2: How can increase my App Storage?

  83. Hi Jaycee hop u r going fine.

    I partitioned on my 1gb SD card with 512m partition size before 6 months. And now the size is not enough for me” I bought an 8gb card and partitioned it with 1024m size. But the thing is’ even the playstore is missing while I unmounted 1gb SD and mounted new one. How could I copy all the files from old SD to new one? While I put the new SD the playstore is missing. Help pls


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