Xiaomi WiFi 300M Repeater 2 Review

Looking for a super budget Wi-Fi repeater? I have one to introduce you – Xiaomi WiFi Repeater 2. It supports 2.4GHz Wireless N speed up to 300Mbps. Loaded with 2 built-in antennas to provide best wireless coverage. Using USB port as power source. And it is also very light weight (30g only) to ease carry around. How does it perform? Read this review to find out…

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Package Content & Design
Xiaomi WiFi Repeater 2 comes in a plain simple plastic cover. That’s all. No user manual included but all the required information to get you started is located at back of the package. Just follow the instructions there will do.

Xiaomi WiFi Repeater 2 is really light in weight yet still providing excellent build quality thanks to solid plastic frame. After remove the USB cover, you can plug it on any USB wall adaptor that you prefer. Workable on portable power bank too. It can be rotated at 180 degree to get the best wireless signal.

There are LED light indicator and reset pin hole at back. Orange light for booting up / first time setup. Blue for stable operational. That’s it.

Installation & Software
Installation is very simple. Just download Mi Home application from iOS App Store or Android Play Store. Then add new device there. Key in your existing Wi-Fi router password. That’s it. It is really simple right? By the way, it works with non Xiaomi router too. No worry as you can see that I am using Asus RT-AC68U router here. For your information, it will create a new SSID like xxxx-plus (for my case – Jayce-ASUS-plus) and using 192.168.31.x subnet.

Performance Result
Wow… Xiaomi Repeater 2 Wi-Fi signal strength is on par with my US$200 Asus RT-AC68U router == Excellent!!! Yes, both of them are placed at the same spot on 1st floor. And screenshot below was taken while I was on ground floor. Easily cover my whole house while put it in center of the house. Definitely no more Wi-Fi dead zone around here.

Yes, 2T2R 300M Wireless N is supported no doubt. As long as your wireless router supports 2T2R or above, you will get the best result from Xiaomi Repeater 2. By the way, it supports both WPA and WPA2 security protocols.


  • Excellent wireless coverage
  • Fast 300M transfer rate
  • Easy installation with Mi Home App
  • Ultra-portable
  • Stylish design


  • No USB power adaptor included

For less than US$10, Xiaomi Wi-Fi Amplifier 2 is the best budget repeater that you can get in the market. Wait no more and grab yours at GearBest like I did.


    • This is expected for all repeaters. There is only 1 line from repeater to router. And still need to serve 4 devices at the same time.

      Directly to router is the best way. =)

  1. Great review, thanks:)
    1) I’m targeting an open hotspot: does it connect even if it is not wpa/wpa2 secured? Then can i configure the local network (or the “extended network”, xxxx-plus) with wpa2 choosing another name or password? (ok, i’m aware there is no point in security in doing so)
    2) What’s the range? You think it can extend up to 200 meters? (no obstacle)? Or maybe more?
    3) You linked the CHINESE VERSION on Gearbest, does it work with the english app just like in those screenshot you posted?

  2. Thanks for the review, good to know it works with non xiaomi routers.
    I think i own the old one that only pairs with xiaomi routers only

  3. Couple of questions:
    1. Is a new SSID created for the repeater?
    2. Is there any issue in switching to the original router when the network is stronger on that? and any experience around how fast is the switching?


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