Download & Install Official Android 4.0 ICS MIUI ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2

Any MIUI Fans here? It’s time for you to try out official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich MIUI ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S II. Not the SDK port version that I mentioned last year. There are several new updated apps in official Android 4.0.3 ICS MIUI V4 ROM like Lockscreen, camera, gallery, music… Try it to find out more.

Official Android 4.0 ICS MIUI ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2

Antutu Benchmark score
Software information

Official Android 4.0 ICS MIUI ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 is working fine. Most of the stuffs and features are working well during my testing. But the MIUI Launcher is a bit slow (not so smooth) compare to other ICS Launcher. No worry, MIUI team will fix all the bugs (sooner or later). They release a build every week on Friday. So do check on system updates then.

Installation guide ~ How to install firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

Download official English Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich MIUI ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 here.

  • Leslie

    Can it install by odin ? or have to root 1st ?

    • Nope, you need to instal it with CWM. Yes, CWM comes along with CF-Root.

      • Leslie

        ok thanks

  • jeffrey

    How to install after download the miui firmware?

    • Install it with CWM.

      • Jeffrey

        mean I have to rooted my phone with CF-ROOT then only can custom my phone and install the MIUI ROM? Am I right?

        • Yes Jeffrey.

          • Jeffrey

            Thanks bro…

  • Roy

    Hi Jayce, i would like to know some answer from u about ICS firmware;

    1) What is the version of this firmware? is it XXLPQ?

    2) ICS should consume more battery than ginger bread right?

    Thank you.

    • 1. XXLPH.

      2. No time to run battery test yet. No idea.

    • Advisor

      In my experience (although not with miui ICS) battery consumption is actually less than GB..

  • Derek

    Hi Jayce,

    what is the latest update firmware for the samsung galaxy s II? My phone is not cracked/rooted and I would prefer to only use kies for the download. I live in canada.

  • Tan boon Kok

    Hi Jayce,
    Can I just install this XXLPH to my SGS2 with DXKL3 ?

    • Yes, as long as yours is I9100.

  • Tan boon Kok

    How is this MIUI ICS 4.03 compare to the original Samsung ICS 4.03 been just released?

  • Tan boon Kok

    Yes! also don’t forget to congrat you for your coming wedding.

  • Calvin

    After install the from the zip file… the screen just stop at the “” … T_T

    • Calvin

      SOLVED… after re-do the 3rd time ==”

  • ggborhan

    i love this rom. y they didnt want to install videocalls thats without using data, liked normal

  • Cresando

    Hey,what make this better than the official firmware?
    Is it consume less battery? And non-wipe version?

    • The interface and usage.
      No time to test battery. Wipe version.

      • Cresando

        You said that the launcher is pretty slow.So how much slow is it?
        And is it worth to download ? Now, minus the interface and usage.., what make this difference than original firmware version?

        • Try it yourself to find out. πŸ˜‰

  • aditya anchan

    I want to ask u a few qtns.
    1] r there any sd-card issue involve in this rom?
    2] does the face unlock works properly ?
    3] both camera and cam corder r working properly or not?
    4] and is 3g and wifi working ?

    • 1. Didn’t found any.
      2. I did not test face unlock.
      3. Yes, both are working fine.
      4. Yes.

      • aditya anchan

        Ty sorry for asking so stupid qtns. I have already install this rom
        It is an excellent rom but I have found only 2 problems.
        1) couldn’t install apps on SD card
        2) games that go into directory of android/data
        R not being able to play that game such as modern combat 3 & even gta 3

  • hey jayce

    i found a website boasting that it has an official ics firmware of indian region installable via odin
    . thought you will be the first one to announce.
    heres the website
    and on
    please chkit out and let us know if it is true firmware of india.

    • Just use Samsung Kies to find out. As far as I know, no official India ICS firmware yet.

  • koppal

    hello jayce….help nedded

    first of all my frnd is usign Gt-I9100 G model which is currently running in indian market my question is can i root the cell with the same procedure which is showed to root the international version i.e., GT-I9100 or if there is any other method plss help me out and after that can i install this miui rom or any other rom as we install for the international version

    secondly i needeed CWM for XXLPQ modem and my kernel version is XXLPJ i have currenly installed westcrip remix 1.0 ics rooted firmware after installing that i can go to CWM mode so is it possible me to get the CMW for the above mentioned …..mine is interantional version..:)

  • Tan Book KOk

    After i CWM custom install a MIUI ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 , but when it reboot can not go thru system.. what’s the problem ? And how to remove the yellow triangle when restart the phone ?

    • Did you wipe data and cache in CWM before install MIUI ROM? Use USB Jig.

  • msgmeto

    Hi I have Galaxy s 2 GT-I9100 after upgrading via wifi. The Android ver is 2.3.5 and now am unable to use wifi

    I did factory reset still the same and cant use WIFI.

    Please advise


    • Hi Meto, please consult Samsung Support since you are using official firmware.

  • Cresando

    Hey,how to enable root in Miui Rom?

    • Huh? I thought MIUI is rooted by default. No Superuser app there?

      • Cresando

        Oh right,sorry about that. Anyway, what’s up with this titanium back up. It seems like i cannot restore my back up files..?

        • Hmm… Not idea about Titanium Backup as I did not test it on MIUI ICS.

          • Cresando

            Oh it’s fine.It’s not much a problem actually. Anyway, after install MIUI Rom.., It feel very great. I just realize how boring stock os actually.

  • Koppal

    Hello Jayce,

    See the below link from xda …this apk file is used to remove the yellow triangle and reset the counter of rooted cell……i tried myself and it has worked but this only works when u install rooted ics 4.0 …thought to share it with u so that u can show a video preview of this to all of our users so that they to can get use of this……..hope u do this

    • Hi Koppal, thanks for the info. I knew Triangle Away already. But not recommended to use because it modifies bootloader stuffs. You might brick your phone if not do it carefully.

      • koppal

        hello jayce,

        thanks for the info…….i wont use that apk file again…….am lucky enough that after using that file my cell didnt get bricked….:)

  • Jake Rizzo

    Hi, I’ve been trying CM9 NB
    But this version seems to be more stable. I’ve got to ask. Do I need to install this 1st: ?

    Or I can just donwload the official file and just install it using CWM?

    Best regards and congratz for the tut.


    • Just install it with CWM will do.

  • Cresando

    Hey, why some part of MIUI is chinese .., like when i want to find another theme online and message recommendation..?

    • MIUI is made by China developers. Then mod to English. So there will be still some left over…

  • daday

    Hi Jayce i have a samsung s2 and i upgraded it in 4.0.3 version kernel version is 3.0.15-19100xxlpq-cl223505,, but i dont like it,, i want it to be back in 2.3.6. version,, I’ve tried to download the firmware but it wont open,, what can i do,, please help me,,

    • Most of the firmwares which store at MultiUpload are not available anymore. Try other one.

  • daday

    what can you recommend?

    • I am using using custom ROM right now. You can try it if you want. Or just use any working download firmware that you prefer.

  • Cresando

    Hey about the MIUI Theme.., i’ve install version of transformers pack but for some reason the theme doesn’t apply to the status bar and dialer theme. Plus,there’s some icon that suppose to be change according to the theme but it doesn’t.

  • David Cheong

    Dear Jayce,

    I am a strong follower to your site. Thanks for all the great guidance, I had managed to do alot of upgrading to my SGS 2.

    I’ve rooted my SGS 2 and is on CWM.

    I’ve tried the whole morning, trying to put the new Official Android 4.0 ICS MIUI ROM, as per your advise, on the SD card, in order to upgrade, but I am able to see the firmware file on the PC screen, however not during the CWM “Install Zip from SD Card”.

    Not sure what exactly happens. But would you care to describe if there is any special procedure to transfer the Official Android 4.0 ICS MIUI ROM to SD card? ( I did a normal Copy & Paste with USB cable connected to SGS 2 ).


    • Depend on your CWM version, v5 install from external SD card by default. But you can select install from internal SD card too.

  • Jitu

    Hello Jayce

    Will u plz tell me whether I can install this rom on my samsung galaxy which was bought in China with following specifications.
    1. Model No. GT-I9100
    2. Android Version: 2.3.6
    3. Baseband Version: I9100ZCKJ1
    4. Build Number: Gingerbread. ZCKJ1
    As I have heard that its not possible to install any international rom on Chinese version, so plz guide me properly.
    Thanks and have a nice time

    • No Jitu, you can’t use international I9100 stuffs on China SGS2.

      • Jitu

        Hello Jayce
        Thanks for the reply. Is there any way for me as I am tired of this chinese version. If I do rooting then can I install international verson or not? If u have any rom suitable for my Chinese version then plz help me out. Thanks

        • No, rooting does not help here. You need to use custom ROM which developed for China SGS2. Need to find it at China websites.

          • Jitu

            Hello Jayce

            Will u plz tell me the rom name, website from where i can download and ways to install on my samsung galaxy s2 bought in China. Thanks

            • Sorry Jitu, I also don’t know. Please Google for it.

  • ggborhan

    Hello jayce, sory for my question. can this miui v4 can make video calls via line???

    • Sorry ggborhan, I have no idea as I don’t use video call.

  • Rozalli

    Hi Jaycee,

    I successfully installed the miui firmware. Almost all the commands crashed beginning with installation of application at initial start-up. I wiped data, cache,and dalvik before installation. I just love this rom but it continues to crash. Never had this problem with other roms. Any suggestion?

    • Try to reinstall it again. I don’t have such issue.

      • Rozalli

        Found the problem, it happened each time I restore system data from Titanium. BUT, the camera image is so mediocre. Its the worst I think. MIUI should offer a better tweak for excellent camera image (both and without flash). It looks like a 2 MP image now. Any help Jayce?

        • Can’t do much on the camera. Have to wait for MIUI developers to improve camera quality.

  • MeHDi

    Hi Jayce;
    Nice Pic Jayce, i Like iT
    So iS Stable This Rom?

    • Stable during my testing.

      • MeHDi

        Tnx a Lot
        Do U Suggest For Download?
        i Like Miui Theme
        Using 4Season Rom Now And i Satisfied. Whats Ur iDea?

        • Up to you. I still prefer Samsung stock firmware personally. πŸ˜‰

  • @MeHDi: Default CF-Root kernel.

    • MeHDi

      Tnx Jayce
      U R Very Kind

      My Gallery Have Been Removed. How Can i Bring iT Back?

      • You can restore it if you backup with Titanium Backup previously.

  • David Cheong

    Hi Jayce,

    I finally downloaded & installed Official Android 4.0 ICS MIUI ROM onto my Samsung Galaxy S2, Thanks for the help.

    I found out that it cannot connect up to Kies, to sync with Outlook. I used to be able to do that before upgrading.

    I tried to follow the instructions you gave on the other thread ” How to enable USB mass storage on Android 4.0 ICS Samsung Galaxy S2 ” ….. not sure right or not, but still I found I step missing on my S2 screen …. STEP 3 is not present on my S2 Screen, thus cannot proceed to complete till Step 7.

    1. Bring up Settings.
    2. Click More… (under Wireless and network).
    3. Then select USB utilities ~ Set USB cable connection mode.
    4. Select Connect storage to PC then.
    5. Connect USB cable from phone to PC.
    6. Select Turn on USB storage.
    7. That’s all.

    Grateful if you could advise how do I sync with Outlook 2007.


    • MIUI ROM does not support Samsung Kies. And it uses other USB mass storage method too.

      • David Cheong

        May I have your suggestion, how to connect via USB mass storage, to sync with Outlook, or is it not possible then.

        • I don’t have MIUI ROM on my SGS2 now. Can’t test USB mass storage. Try to play around the settings. Should be there.
          As for Outlook sync, you need to find 3rd party software to do so.

          • David Cheong

            Ok, thanks Jayce. Will share upon success. Had tried out CompanionLink 4, but still cannot tweak it to work. But will keep trying others. Cheers.

  • Coby

    Flashed this Miui last weekend, to my utter disappointment it is awfully slow compared to Gingerbread. Serious lag with the default Miui launcher. Tried out other launchers as well, does not get any better at all, and there are some Chinese characters leftover. I love Miui, but this version doesn’t justify at all. I then flashed the latest Litening Rom, still playing with it thus far. Jayce, maybe you should do a review on Litening Rom. :p

  • murtabakun

    Hello Jayce!
    I would like to ask. Is my phone compatible to use this kind of ROM?
    I attached the system information here.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Yes murtabakun, yours is I9100.

      • murtabakun

        alrite.. thanks.
        i installed the rom just now. but then there’s a bug regarding to the status bar. status bar does not show up.

        btw thanks. keep posting. πŸ˜€

  • Nimesh

    Hi Bro!

    I am currently using the S2 GT-I9100. Have rooted my handset and am on the official ICS 4.0.3(India).
    I need your guidance on which customer ROM can i install & FROM WHERE AND HOW??

    Details as below #
    Baseband Version # I9100DDLP8
    Kernel # 3.0.15-I9100XXLPQ-CL223505 se.infra@Sep-94 #3
    Build #IML 74K.XXLPQ.


    • Hi Nimesh, you can install any I9100 ROM that you want. More ROM can be found at XDA website.

  • Nimesh

    Cool Stuff!

    Just 1 more question as asked in the trail.
    Do i need to check my current firmware or anything before picking the custom ROM?
    I want to try the Revolution HD based on your recommendation.

    Do i need to do anything before installing the aforesaid ROM?

    Thanx once again and apologies for so many questions?

    • No. Just wipe data and cache in CWM before install new ROM.

      • Nimesh

        Thnx buddy!

        Will post you once i install the same.

        • Nimesh

          Hi Bro!

          I tried installing one ROM yesterday namely the Batista70 FOXHOUND, but somehow it neva worked for me. My phone started playing up and applications like messaging, Samsung UI,etc..stopped working.

          Somehow i managed to restore back to my ICS update as mentioned in the trail.

          I wanted to check with you if before me updating to any ROM, do i need to keep in mind my handset Base/Kernel version etc or can i just abt install any ROM as long as its for the I9100 version(Any Country)

          Lastly do I need to root my handset for the new ROM installation??

          • Hi Nimesh, please refer to this guide.

            • Nimesh

              Where’s the guide??

              • Installation guide in the article.

  • ahmad

    Heyy jayce.wanna ask u..when i off my phone.the screen shows that the battery is in charge mode and there is a thermometer beside it.and im not connecting it to any charger.helppppp

    • Sorry ahmad, I have no idea what it mean. Suspect battery issue. Please consult Samsung Support to double confirm.

  • Clive

    tried rooting my Samsung Galaxy SII, all was going well until powercut. Now when the phone boots up it freezes with:
    Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100, on the screen and stops there. Is there anything I can do?

    • Hi Clive, can you still load Odin download mode?

      • Clive

        Hi no I cannot

        • How about recovery mode?

          • Clive

            I can get a menu with different options on by pressing,
            Volume Up, Power and the Home button all at the same time.

            I have tried it and at the end it says, Rebooting but the phone freezes at the same screen every time.

            I can get the, Battery Charging screen up, its on charge

            • Try factory reset in recovery then.

              • Clive

                Have tried all options in the menu and still freezes at the same screen

                • Sorry Clive, I have no idea then. Please send to Samsung for service.

                  • Clive

                    Thank you for trying.

  • Adrian

    I hv flash

    MIUI ROM 2.5.25 [ICS] + Siyah kernel v3.2.6

    After root, SET CPU to 1600 MHz max and 200 MHz min with lulzactive

    Great battery life, very smooth….

    U all can try it and see

  • Amy

    Heyy QUICK HELP needed…please help !

    I’m using Android 4.0.3 ICS with MIUI ROM.
    I browsed through the MIUI themes, i clicked open a theme(PRADA) and chose “APPLY THEME”.
    It then said applying theme, [2%…15%…86%…100%] and opened a window that showed me 3options >> CANCEL; APPLY WITHOUT FONT; APPLY AND REBOOT. i chose >APPLY AND REBOOT>ANDROID<<
    Do not turn off target!"


  • Amy

    For how long should i leave it switched off? i want my phone back to life. PLEASE help me. its been nearly three hours and i cannot live with my phone not working!
    tell me what exactly should i do now?

  • Amy

    i do not want any wipeout of the ics-miui…its awesome… i just want my phone to get back to working from this ODIN MODE that still persists. πŸ™
    i do not want any custom ROM. i just wanna go back to the ICS-MIUI ROM.

    • You can power on it anytime you want.

      • Amy

        It isn’t turning on completely. its stuck at that PRADA screen i mentioned about earlier

        • Sorry Amy, I have no idea about this PRADA screen.

  • I don’t think they will release the stable version soon, Jelly bean – maybe – will release this year !!!!

    For that, MIUI will not be stable for any version. So sad !!!

  • firoz

    hi jayce,
    currently on miui 2.6.8.
    cannot access to message(white screen)

    • Hi firoz, try to factory reset first. If still cannot, please consult MIUI ROM chef on this issue.

  • Shoaib

    Good day sir,
    I have a very serious problem with my phone (samsung galaxy s2 i9100 XXKPQ DDPL5).
    I tried rooting it with various packages available on the net. And after every procedure, used to check the rooting status via ‘Root checker’. Always unsuccessfull.

    Now what i did is downloaded MIUI ROM from net and copied it on my sd card.
    I also craeted a backup on my internal sdcard. N started following procedured of installation.
    Anyhow the installation wasnt successfull n i lost all my data. I tried to restore my default ROM, it ”Cant mount sdcard”. THn i tried mounting sdcard, it showed ”cant access path”.

    So basically im nowhere to go now. n want to install a complete fresh installation via odin.
    I dont see my phone on the pc anymore to copy files on its internal sdcard.
    CWM is working in the phone, ODIN is detecting the phone on the pc.

    Please advice ASAP. n also provide necessary links to the softwares to be downloaded, if necessary.

      • Shoaib

        Thank u Mr. Jayce for giving ur precious time.

        I hav downloaded DexterMIUI earlier n tried installing it through Odin..

        Everytime i tried installing it i got an error saying ‘ Complete(Write) operation failed.

        Anything i try to install eg , Eugene 373 / I9100XXKP8– Ice Cream Sandwich for Galaxy S2 [Android 4.0]_files, gives me the same error Complete(Write) operation failed.

        Only the phone is acceting successfull installation of GT-I9100G_LP7_ClockworkMod-Recovery_5.

        Now my fear is, during the installation of official ics muiu, if the same error occurs, what is the solution. I mean what is the general solution to this error..

        Thanks again….awaiting reply..

        • Sorry Shoaib, I did not try these ROMs. No idea. You can try to restore back to stock firmware. Let everything clean as start. Then try new Android ROM.

          • Shoaib

            Definitely I want a cleanup.

            Now there is a new issue, my screen has gone blank.
            Tried download mode, recovery mode, start mode, the phone is not respondiing at all.

            Is the battery not charging with the flashed status of my phone, is it so ??

            Or the handset is dead …

            • If you can’t turn on or load into recovery & download mode, then it is hard brick.

              • Shoaib

                oh, im so much unaware of it…
                I think i was able to install Eugene 373…
                Im in a complete DISTRESS situation now…

                Please help me to recover..
                What shud be my next step now..

                • Sorry Shoaib, you can’t do much if hard brick. Please consult Samsung Support for help.

                  • Shoaib

                    Thanks for being in support at every step..
                    Apreciate ur co operation..


                    • Shoaib

                      ok 1 last query

                      Can i apply for repairs under warranty claims…

                      Jus asking coz i hav done a lots of formats n mounts/unmounts/ flashess…n so on..
                      Will the company be able to know about my operations in my case..


                    • Shoaib

                      awaiting ur kind reply !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shoaib

    One more thing to add…I own Samsung Galaxy S2

    And the restoring procedure link u have provided is for S3…

  • @Shoaib: You have no choice but send it for service. Not sure can claim warranty or not. Try your luck. πŸ˜‰

  • nash

    i root my SGS2 wih CF-root. follow your tutorial. after finished rooting, superuser icon and CWM icon were appear.
    then i flash miui rom. unfortunately , after flashing to miui rom, superuser and CWM icon are missing.
    my question is, can i flash to another rom if CWM icon are not there? if possible how?

    • Yes nash, boot into CWM. Then install new ROM.

  • jamil

    Hiiii im using miui 2.7.27 version now im want to upgrade my samsung galaxy x2 to latest miui 2.8.3 plz help me how to upgrade my phone…im trying to upgrade from my phone itself but here showing you are already in latest verson….plz help and thanks in advance.

    • Hi jamil, download the latest MIUI ROM zip. Then install it with CWM manually.

  • ramesh

    in miui video call not working s2 gti1900