Download & Install SiyahKernel for Samsung Galaxy S3

SiyahKernel is well known during Samsung Galaxy S II era. And XDA Developer, gokhanmoral makes SiyahKernel available for Samsung Galaxy S III too. The best part of SiyahKernel for Samsung Galaxy S3 ~ it supports Samsung and CM9 / AOSP / AOKP with a single kernel image. Of course, SiyahKernel has lot of other goodies like CPU overclocking, undervolting, auto-root, automatic EFS Backup…

SiyahKernel for Samsung Galaxy S3

SiyahKernel Features

  • Supports both Samsung and CM9/AOSP/AOKP with a single kernel image
  • CPU over/underclock: 100-1800MHz 18-steps
  • CPU underclock (600mV-1500mV). vdd_levels and UV_mV interfaces.
  • Insecure adb even though we have
  • optional smooth_scaling for those who wants to limit fast scaling of governors (such as ondemand)
  • triangle-away app support
  • added hotplug governor and modified it to support quad-core
  • Auto-root. You can also remove root via ExTweaks app and install it without rebooting your phone again. Auto-root can be disabled as well.
  • You can completely disable android logger using ExTweaks app
  • Adjustable charging speeds for AC and USB
  • Cpu governor optimizations
  • governor-aware stand-hotplug for old conventional governors
  • Available CPU Governors: Pegasusq (default), Hotplug
  • CIFS as module
  • Available I/O schedulers: CFQ(default), noop, Deadline, SIO, V(R)
  • init.d support
  • ARM topology support (SCHED_MC)
  • default idle mode is IDLE+LPA (highly recommended). however you can change the default to AFTR+LPA using ExTweaks.
  • Automatic EFS Backup
  • Samsung proprietary ExFat modules are loaded
  • Lots of I/O tweaks and file system optimizations via some parts of thunderbolt scripts.
  • NTFS automounting for USB sticks. When you plug in an NTFS formatted USB flash it will be automatically mounted to /mnt/ntfs folder.
  • Almost everything is configurable such as scheduler features, hotplug thresholds, GPU voltages, arm topology modes… and they are configurable via simple and free ExTweaks App from Google Play
  • mDNIe negative effect toggle with home button (press it four times).
  • sound boosting for great headphone experience (partial-port of wm8994 based implementation from project-voodoo since our wm1811 is mostly register compatible and almost the same)

Installation guide ~ How to install custom kernel on Samsung Galaxy S3?

Download SiyahKernel for Samsung Galaxy S3 here.

  • hola

    This’s the best n the fav kernel.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jhayar

    hi jayce…i ask can i flash the stock firmware rom using recovery mood?

    • Yes, if you manage to find stock firmware in CWM format.

  • Mateusz
    Regarding to this website, will it be safe to install this kernel to a rooted custum rom becouse i dont really know anything about kernels and all this stuff and after reading this site i dont know if it safe to install it and to even have my rom rooted so can you help me please. Thanks.
    My phone is Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300. My android version is 4.0.4 and my baseban version is I9300NELF1 and build number is IMM76D.I9300XXALE8.

    • Hi Mateusz, don’t install if you feel that it is not safe.

      • Mateusz

        I just would want to know if it would be safe cause my phone is working really slowly now and i think the kernal would speed it up and make the battery life longer too.

        • I tried it. No issue here.

          By the way, custom kernel won’t fix your phone slowness. It most likely caused by the applications that you installed. Try to factory reset it first. See it help or not.

          • Mateusz

            I tried everything like that, i reseted it many times nad its still slow and i have only two apps form plays store and only 1gb used of my phone memory

            • If you still face issue after factory reset, you should consult Samsung Support. Your SGS3 hardware might have issue.

              • Mateusz

                I have one more question, in your opinion which kernel would be better for my s3, this one or the ninphetamin3 ?

                • Each person has his own needs and usage. My best kernel may not be your best. You need to try them to find out.

  • ES3

    Perhaps I didn’t catch which phones this kernel supports. I have the L710 model. Is there a kernel you can recommend for mine so I can undervolt? Siyah doesn’t install.

  • shamshad

    Hii jayce.. am new to this kernel.. so can u pls tell what it ll make my sg3 special??

    • Please refer to the features. And SiyahKernel website for more info.

  • livefree159

    Hi …. i downloaded the kernel file … it’s a ( boot ) file ( Disc image file ) NOT .tar
    what i can do ???? please help

    thank you

    • Use 7-Zip to extract it.

      • livefree159

        i did …. but still i get .img File instead of .tar

        • Oh, you downloaded the wrong one then. There are 2 types ~ CWM and Odin. You need Odin one.

          • livefree159

            still get the same problem
            SiyahKernel s3-v1.8.9 …

            TAR = boot.img
            CWM = META-INF + boot.img

            thank you

            • Sorry livefree159, I have no idea then. Please consult SiyahKernel developer.

              • livefree159

                thank you Jay ๐Ÿ™‚

  • pushead

    Hi jayce does siyah kernel support custom rom for jb 4.2.2

    • Samsung Jelly Bean and CM 10.1 ROM only.