Download Samsung Galaxy S3 TouchWiz UX Launcher

Samsung Galaxy S III is the most anticipating Android smartphone now. And I believe some of us want to own it when it arrives at store. As usual, you don’t need to own Samsung Galaxy S3 to enjoy its goodies like S Voice, ringtones and live wallpapers. You can try Samsung Galaxy S3 TouchWiz UX Launcher now too.

Samsung Galaxy S3 TouchWiz UX Launcher

TouchWiz UX Drawer

Samsung Galaxy S3 TouchWiz UX Launcher is running smoothly on my Samsung Galaxy S2. For those love TouchWiz UX Launcher, be sure to try it out.

Download Samsung Galaxy S3 TouchWiz UX Launcher here.

  • Souvik

    Hello Jayce, I Have Flashed This With CWM..But I’m Still On Stock Launcher..Pls Help Me !!

  • kevin

    i tired to download it but couldn’t work on my phone. any advice?

    • I am not sure it can work on HTC One X or not. Try to consult developer, Smando in XDA website.

  • ronaldos12

    hey jaycee what rom are you using in this photo?

  • exlek

    “Work only on ICS Samsung based Roms!” zzz

  • afiq sabri

    If i wanna uninstall this launcher, how do I do it

    • Good question, try to consult developer, Smando at XDA website.

  • PleasePleasePLEASEHELP

    I installed this on my Samsung Galaxy S2.
    Kernel Version: I9100XWLP7
    AFter working flawlessly for a few days, it was constantly crashing, so I switched back to the stock ICS launcher. And after installing TW5 UX, for some reason, I can’t perform Nandroid backups anymore. I really need to do so and I want to uninstall this the right way. ANY suggestions or help please!

  • PleasePleasePLEASEHELP

    Ohh..nevermind. I found that I had to select ‘backup to internal sdcard’ rather than ‘backup to sdcard’ because in the second option it said I had no space.
    Nevertheless, how the hell do I uninstall TW5?

    • Restore back to your previous CWM backup. Or find stock Launcher and install it.

      • PleasePleasePLEASEHELP

        I didn’t backup on CWM before..unless it automatically does that during the whole root process.
        However, I have performed a proper Nandroid backup now, after installing TW5. Would it help if I restored now?

        • No, it won’t because backup has TW5 installed already.

  • ahnan

    u dont have the twlauncher4 for jellybean ………….

  • yue

    Do you source code ? It will be appricated if you send source code to me

    • No yue, please get it from XDA Developer.