How to force restart HTC One X?

How to force restart HTC One X? Yes, that is the question you will ask when HTC One X does not have a removable battery. You can’t remove battery and restart it when HTC One X is not responding. Touch the screen or press the buttons won’t help to solve the hang issue. Luckily, HTC has a solution for us…

Force restart HTC One X

How to force restart HTC One X?
Press and hold the Power button for at least 10 seconds, and then release it. HTC One X will be shutdown and then boot again. Cheer…


  1. How about when the phone powered itself down and wont boot regardless of how long and in what combination you press buttons? That’s just retarded!

    That’s my second HTC phone and I find myself swearing again that I’ll never buy another!

  2. Hi, I was able to reset it but it stayed on the HTC “quietly brilliant” screen. Same as before restarting it. Its like its trying to load but get stuck/freeze on that same screen.


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