How to change CSC on Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

How to change CSC on Samsung Galaxy Note 2?


Like all other Samsung Galaxy Devices, Samsung Galaxy Note II has PDA, PHONE and CSC too. PDA is build version of the firmware, PHONE is baseband / modem version and CSC is consumer software customization which specified to geographical region and carriers. CSC contains the software packages specific to particular region, carrier branding and also APN settings for data connection, MMS for service provider. You can change to other CSC if your firmware has multi CSC packages.

Note – By changing CSC will factory reset your Galaxy Note 2. All applications and data will be deleted. Make sure that you make backup before do so.

Change Samsung Galaxy Note 2 CSC
Multi CSC packages on Galaxy Note 2

How to change CSC on Samsung Galaxy Note 2?
Simple, just use CSC Changer to change it. Select the CSC that you prefer. That’s it.

  • Sean

    hi Jayce,

    My note 2 looks like its for south africa and i’m in philippines. I never got any updates yet. Upon checking from Sammobile, firmware for that region is still LJ1 (so, no wonder) and now is around MB2 or even MB6 on some other regions. Can I simply use CSC changer to change this to other regions that has updates if it has multi-csc? I’m not really comfortable with flashing via Odin since this has no warranty (in case it bricks). Does it run even without rooting? (still the stock LJ1 ROM). Will I be expecting OTA updates after I have changed CSC to other foreign region while I’m in philippines?

    • Jayce Ooi

      Yes but CSC changer needs root access. So better use Odin to flash Philippines firmware.