How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S III is not responsive? Facing application frozen or hang problems on Samsung Galaxy S3 lately? Or want to send Samsung Galaxy S3 back for warranty claim? It’s time for you to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S3 then. By the way, hard reset is known as Factory data reset in Samsung Galaxy S3. After factory data reset, your Samsung Galaxy S3 will be back to factory setting just like you turn on it for the first time. This means that it will delete everything including your applications, data, settings and contents on internal storage (sdcard). Note – it won’t delete external SD card contents.

Factory data reset Samsung Galaxy S3

Note – Make sure you backup all your application and data before hard reset your Samsung Galaxy S3 (if you still can). Use Samsung Kies, titanium Backup or CWM to do the backup. How to factory data reset Samsung Galaxy S3? There are 3 ways to do so.

Performing a factory data reset via settings

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Back up and reset.
  3. Click on Factory data reset ~ Reset all settings and delete all data on device.
  4. Select Reset device.
  5. Finally, select Erase everything.

Performing a factory data reset using phone buttons

  1. Turn off Samsung Galaxy S3.
  2. Press and hold down Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  3. Release all buttons when you see SGS3 Logo.
  4. Android system recovery will be loaded then.
  5. Select wipe data/factory reset. (use Volume buttons to go up or down, select with Power button)
  6. Select Yes — delete all user data.
  7. Finally, select reboot system now.

Performing a factory format using dialpad

  1. Warning ~ no turning back after key in.
  2. Bring up dialpad.
  3. Key in *2767*3855#
  4. Finally, SGS3 will be rebooted and factory format.

That’s all. Enjoy your new fresh Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • Souvik

    Thanks Buddy.


    Jayce, what backup method do You recommend?

    I’m switching from S2 to S3 probably soon.

    I could use Kies and Titanium Backup – tho I still haven’t bought the full version – is it worth it?

    The most important things to backup are application settings (not data, I can download the programs/games myself), but I don’t know how I could do that.

    Any help possible?

  • Ganaa

    Hey Jayce,

    I just bought Galaxy S3 from China but problem is all system and samsung apps web site is chinese. How can i format the phone and install new english version of it?

    • Hi Ganaa, I am not sure China SGS3 hardware is the same as international SGS3 or not. SGS2 is not. So can’t use other region English firmware. Try to consult others at XDA website.

  • yunus

    hi Jayce, thanks for the advice, i followed the hard set guidance you proposed. it initially worked ok but i never managed to reach to turn on the phone, Samsung Galaxy SIII continues to give the warning “battery temperature low”, any further advice?

    • Shutdown your phone. Charge it until full. Power on it then.

      • yunus

        many thanks for your prompt response jayce, i will try and update you with the result

        have a nice weekend,


        • yunus

          dear jayce, i left the device plugged with the adapter and left home. After 6 hours, the screen is still the same, level of charging has not progressed ( i know how the screen looks like when it is 100% charged) and i still can not turn it on. what shall i do?

          • yunus

            meanwhile, during hard reset, i noticed that a blue text appears on the screen saying that “Android OS is updating” with another white announcement below “the process started” but no further action takes place and i see the SGS3 logo once again. Additionally, i can not make this hard reset process if device is not connected to power.

          • Hi yunus, please consult Samsung Support in this case. Hard reset should not affect charging function.

            • yunus

              i will do, many thanks for your support

  • Harry

    Hi , My palm swipe screen shot has stopped working will have to do a reset to get it going again?
    Also does any one know how to switch off face unlock feature (have it on now)

    • Yes.
      Turn off it at the same place that you turned it on.

      • Harry

        Thanks , doesnt have turn off

        • Set screen lock back to swipe.

  • dinna

    hi, why does my s3 randomly resets itself? i had already made the factory reset but it still keeps rebooting itself?

    • If it still reboot randomly without other apps installed, then your SGS3 hardware might have issue.

  • Ranjit

    Hello jayce please help me my samsung galaxy s3 hangs very much whenever i open any of the application and i also works very slow when compared to my friends samsung galaxy s3 please help me…..

    • Hi Ranjit, doesn’t factory reset help?

  • Mr. Malone

    My GS3 started of reading both the ext sd card & the system sd card. Now it wont show the contents on the system sd card but the contents are there because I can see them via my file manager. What should I do 2 correct this problem

    • So where can’t you see them since you can see them via file manager?

  • Jetty Fierce

    Hi Jayce,

    I am experiencing issues with my SGS3 hanging then randomly turns off. This phone is brand new and I got it from SMART (Philippine Wireless Network Carrier). I already did factory reset and I am still experiencing the same issue. What can I do?

    I refuse to bring it to a service center because they might have me deposit my phone for servicing.

    Please advise. Thanks.

    • Hi Jetty, you can’t do much but return it (since factory reset didn’t help). Ask for 1 to 1 exchange since it is new.

  • Jatin

    hi jaycee,
    can u plz help me .the music square in my sgs3 is not wrking

  • Jatin

    hi jaycee
    its the option in music player that choose songs according to your mood.
    when i try that option (it says selected list empty)

    • Oh, that one. Do you have any MP3 in playlist? If no, try Library update.

      • Jatin

        Jayce firstly music square was working good but after i did factory reset then i faced this problem..I added about 100 songs still not working…………..

        • You need to consult Samsung Support then (since factory reset didn’t help).

          • Jatin

            ok thnks for ur rply……………

  • Jatin

    hi Jayce,
    one more help plzz…….. can you plz tell me is there any difference b/w these two firmwares
    1){PDA: XXALE8
    PHONE (Modem): DDLE8,CSC: ODDALE5 Version:4.0.4}
    {PDA: I9300XXBLFB
    CSC: I9300ODDBLF3
    Version: 4.0.4}

    both are for India..can i install first one my device,it is showing the second one in settings.

    • Sorry Jatin, I have no idea as I did not try them.

      • Jatin

        its ok jayce…….

  • kelvin henderson

    i bought a samsung s3 in china and i am unable to acces face book or google play and many other apps is there any way i can reset the phone to get these fetures back on it ?

    • Sorry kelvin, I have no idea about China SGS3. Please consult Samsung Support.

      • kelvin henderson

        thank you

  • Jatin

    hi jayce,
    i downloaded and installed stock firmware frm sammobile as per your instructions now everything is working fine .but all my games are crashing.firstly i installed nova3 and was working good but after new firmware it is crashing not even start…..also every game like sprinkle,nova3 etc..can u plz advice me what can i do???

    • Hi Jatin, try factory reset first. If still cannot solve, restore back to previous working firmware.

  • dr_r

    hye my sgs3 phone logo appears on the screen for 3 days change after hard reset..what shud i do?

    • Hi dr_r, what had you done until you face this?

  • Nathaniel

    Hey Jayce,

    Just wondering, if I hard reset my S3, will I have to reactivate it on my carrier? (AT&T)


    • Sorry Nathaniel, I have no idea since I don’t have AT&T SGS3. You need to consult AT&T Support.

  • jim

    Hello I did a factory reset on my galaxy 3s (canadian Version)
    and when I try to turn on my phone I get a quick recovery booting message in the top left corner and thats it. I am I doing something wrong? please help!

    • Hi jim, I don’t have Canadian SGS3. But it is normal to reboot to recovery and factory reset on international SGS3.

  • jim

    what could possibly be wrong, why will the phone not turn on? any suggestions

    • Which method did you use?

      • jim

        Via settings

        • Hmm… Should not have issue. Please consult Samsung Support in this case.

  • Hi

    Does installing and unistalling many apps influence the performance of my galaxy s3.

  • sama

    Please I got probs with my galaxy S3 I want some files back in order to been deleted coz my kids been playing with it and I am really affriad if I lost all my stored picS and numbers

    • Hi sama, what do you want?

  • JayesonB

    Excellent site Jayce!

    Quick question, you mentioned above that doing a factory reset will also wipe the “Internal storage (SD)” – Does this mean the that doing a back up using CWM to “backup to internal sdcard” is pointless when I’m flashing a new rom (as it’s always best to perform the “wipe data/factory reset”).

    Or, is a ‘hard reset’ different to a factory reset? I have a SGS3, but no external SD card, so I was wondering if it’s possible to flash a custom rom, whilst having the option to revert back to the one I’m using now, without having to have done a backup to an external sd.

    Many thanks in advance!

    • Hi JayesonB, use factory reset in CWM. It won’t delete CWM backup. And always keep a CWM backup copy to PC.

      • JayesonB

        Thanks! I just gave it a go and now I’m on the Omega Rom + I’ve still got my photos and videos.

        Keep up the good work!

  • Rotem

    I just bought new SGS3 and it froze after one day of use, it will boot up but after few seconds freezes and wont response anymore, tried to reboot many times by removing the battery, no luck. pls advice.


    • Hi Rotem, does factory reset help? If no, please consult Samsung Support. Your SGS3 hardware might have issue.

  • Perry

    Ive been using a tmobile samsung galaxy s3 i installed aan app and after restarting the phone it wont go past the boot screen tried to hard reset and it said everything was erased but when i go to instal from zip everything is still on the phone tried uninstalling and reinstalling the the root and it still doesnt work please help

    • Hi Perry, please consult T-Mobile Support in this case.

  • Jaun Felipe

    Hello, I bought the cellphone on Colombia, but my icons, like camara and others are very ugly and I want to change them, is there a way I get the default icons from the cellphone ? They look kind of cartoony and I think that my provider made them like that.

    • Hi Jaun, please consult your cellphone support.

  • faraaz

    Hey there…I been looking all over the net for this issue , I got my S3 about 2 weeks back…yes I did Install apps like the regular ones intagram skype n stuff like that..nothing illegal or pirated stuff…now what my issue is my phone works for the most part of the day but sometimes…and i mean only sometimes ..while im chatting or doing something on the phone …Be it any application it hangs and the phone restarts(without actually rebooting…it jus shows a blank screen..the phone vibrates and i see home screen again..) then it works fine…again for the rest of the day but somewhere in the middle this happens…I did try hard reset and Installed everything all over again…but this happened again to me…I would like to know if this is a hardware issue or if there is an app im Installing that is doing it..Cos since its only been 2 weeks…i really im considering replacing this piece…Please help ! thank you.

    • Suspect installed applications are causing the problem. Try to factory reset. Then install application one by one. Find out which application is causing the issue.

      Note – if you face this issue without any application installed (after factory reset), then it is hardware issue.

  • Kris

    HI Jayce.. Sometimes when I open my Samsung Galaxy S3 from Lock… It hangs up. Or freeze.. What can I do about it??

    • Hi Kris, you can try to factory reset it first.

  • Jordin Rausch

    Thank you for this article. My phone was freezing before I could do a reset from settings and everywhere I looked seemed to take it for granted that if you were there you know how to access recovery on the phone. I have spent entirely too many hours getting my phone operational so I wanted to thank you for putting me out of my misery.

  • Miguel Gallegos

    My S3 changes settings by itself. Such as turning on vibrate mode, stopping mobile data, changing email font color and background, and stopping auto rotate. I’m getting tired of having to redo settings several times a day.

    • Factory reset does not help you?

  • Miguel Gallegos

    Never tried it

  • Ahmad

    hi Jayce,

    My s3 is not working properly using wifi, whenever i turn on the wifi my phone stops working and get stuck on the lock screen, it gets hang and nothing is operational, i have to take off the battery and put that back again, if wifi is off on my phone then there is no problem using the phone, can u plz help me in this stuff???

    • Hi Ahmad, try hard reset see. Usually it is software issue.

  • Agnes James

    Hello Ahmad

    I am using Galaxy S3. It was working nice. But after sometime it used to create some problem in wifi connection, Was not working. I had checked my router setting also but the problem was in handset. But now I am glad to say that i got a solution which worked great for me at and I thought that it could be the same problem I had. Hope The given procedure will work for you

  • Riad

    HI Jayce.. I am using S3, I used to connect to my Laptop through its Cable…… recently the Laptop doesnot recognise the S3. The msg says “One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunction. and Windows does not recognise it.”

    Can you Pls help???

    • Hi Riad, try another USB port or USB cable.

      • Riad

        Thanks, in fact I tried another three USB cables and two USB ports……… the result as is !!!!!
        Pls any other suggestion..

        • Then your Windows might have issue. Try on other PC see.

  • Riad

    Thanks, I found the issue. it is an App (CamScanner) I had installed earlier, after deleating it the problem is solved.

    Best Regards and Keep up the Good Work!

  • yakubu

    Hi Joyce, I just did backup and reset my sgs 3 but I can’t restore my previous application ,they are all gone , please how can I get my application back

    • How did you backup?

  • yakubu

    I have already mark the backup my data and also mark automatic restore ,in settings.

    • This method does not work for me too. Please consult Google / Samsung Support for help.

  • Natascha

    Hello Jayce,

    I’ve tried to do a hard reset with my galaxy s2, and the hard reset part works, but when I do the reboot it says installing applications and doing this it just freezes again.. Do you have any idea what I need to do?

    My friend says I need to reinstall android, but I can’t because it freezes and apart from that, I have no idea how I would have to do that..

    Could you please help me?

    • Hi Natascha, are you using official firmware?

      • Natascha

        Thanks for your quick reply! I’m not sure what you mean, I have downloaded some apps from the app store and I have also downloaded a torrent movie on it with my utorrent app.. Maybe that wasn’t very clever but the problem started after I downloaded Sims free app

        • Hmm… Can’t help much since you don’t know anything about official firmware. Please consult Samsung Support in this case.

  • Sourabh

    hi jayce, i installed a game – brothers in arms on my new galaxy s 3. at first the game didnt started. it used to come back 2 d main screen when it started loading d game. then i restarted my phone. after dat it worked, bt after playing for 1 time the next time the same issue occured. i have to restart my phone again and again to play dat game. plz help…. how can i make the game run normally ?

    • Hi Sourabh, please consult game developer on this issue. I have no idea too.

      • Sourabh

        but sir d game wz working juz fine on d other handset the samsung store had.

        • Factory reset your phone. Then try the game again.

  • Mi Chi

    How can i removed my back up account on samsung galaxy s3? Can you help me how? I already reformat ut several times but it’s still there.

    • Backup account? Still there after you factory reset?

  • poeple

    my s3 freezes n it say ERROR WHILE SAVING TO U DISK. but it nothing happen,just like that all time…want to reset,cant do…what is the problem..

    • Hard to say what went wrong. Please consult Samsung Support if you still fail to factory reset.

  • Ruth

    Hi I need to set my galaxy s3 back to factory settings but i will then loose all my texts and there are some really important ones on there is there anyway i could somehow keep the texts? as i have tried to copy to sim but it only allows me to have about 3-4 text saved to sim

  • ric

    Ei bro bought samsung galaxy s3 last monday…..had a problem with outgoing sms……says message not sent…..i can still receive sms and calls and also use it to make calls….thanks in advance bro

    • Hi ric, please check with your telco on the messaging settings.

      • ric

        Thanks bro….already ok….maybe network having problems….network carriers here in the philippines sucks…..thanks again bro

  • Aaron

    I have a galaxy s3. Last night the native messaging app crashed and the screen froze so i turned the phone off. Now it will not turn back on. i have tried usb to pc and hard reset but phone is unresponsive.

    • Hi Aaron, try to remove battery for few minutes. Put it back then power on see.

      • Aaron

        i tried that. i pulled the battery overnight. the volume+power+home key hard reset does not work either.

        • Sorry Aaron, you can’t do much if can’t power on it.

  • Harshad

    I have brought a brand new galaxy S3 last week and facing issue when I am calling a contact from my contact list which was imported from my SD card (SD card had the .vcf file exported from my old phone DELL).
    The problem is :

    “whenever i try to call a phone contact or receive an incoming call my screen goes black and phone becomes unresponsive. this way i can neither make calls nor receive any. the phone was working fine until i updated it on 13th july. but the problem started on 14th a day after the update. i get an error msg ‘unfortunately the process has stopped working’

    I found from a forum ( that this occurs because of the contacts that were imported from the SD card.
    I removed all the contacts and now the phone is working but I dont have any contacts in my contact list and to Save all the contacts individually is gonna take lotta time.

    I am not sure what is a permanent solution for this problem and it seems this will happen even if some app (like FB) tries to sync contacts with your phone.

    What will be a permanent solution to this problem and How can I synch my contacts from my SD card (is there any way)?

    Appreciate any help 🙁

    • Harshad

      Sorry about the dates (13-Jul), please ignore the dates. To save time I had copy pasted the problem from the forum.

    • Copy all your contacts to Google account.

  • Rahul

    i has installed samsungsimpletool for sch-r530u uscc on my pc than i had started following instruction and connected my samsung s3 with pc after 2 hour i have disconnected in between and now my samsung s3 is not working

  • Yes if you are using UK firmware.

  • Andrea

    Hi, my new S3 has gone, stolen. Can’t reach it any more also from Sansung Dive.
    Probably they hard reset it…

    For my next S3 I’ll buy I have a question: is it possible to deny the Hard Reset process?
    Or at least set a password/pin lock to this function?

    I’d like to be sure that noone else will be able to use/reset my phone in the eventuality that I will lose it or (aaggghhh) they will stole again it to me!

    Please, tell me it’s possible! Ah, and how to do it of course!


    • Yes, with password in Android OS. But factory data reset using phone buttons method still can delete everything (the password in Android OS won’t stop him from doing this).

      • Andrea

        Thanks Jayce for your reply 🙂

        Bad thing to know… this way all passwords/tracking software/security options are only nice but useless gadgets…

        Well, I hope at least that IMEI lockout through my phone operator will be usefull to let te phone be useless too 🙂


  • Ice

    Hi Jayce ,
    Can you or other people please check this : I updated my SG3 on this version I9300XXDLJ4_I9300OXADLJ4_BTU also on this one I9300XXDLIH_I9300PHEDLI1_PHE and when I try to do a FACTORY FORMAT using dialpad is not working . I open dialpad I type there the code *2767*3855# and nothing happen. I even try to dial and I recieve an error code. What is wrong ? Can somebody else please try these ? and see what’s going on ?I think Jelly bean still have a lot of errors
    Thank you and waiting for a reply.

    • No idea about this as I do not use this firmware. Just use other method to factory reset.

  • Ice

    Hi Jayce, again me
    Please don’t forget about the factory format dialpad that is not working , also I have another problem . CFroot is not working on this update I9300XXDLJ4_I9300OXADLJ4_BTU , please try and see .. is not installing anything , no CW no SuperSu ..

    • Please consult Chainfire on this issue.

  • Terry

    I set a password on my Galaxy S3 SGH-1747M and it worked fine, but then it would not accept the same password. Restarted the phone a couple of times and it would still not accept the password but then it accepted it … wtf, go figure. Could not remove the password because it would not accept the password to make the password change.

    Anyhow, long story short, when I was able to get in I had to use the dialpad reset option to reset the phone because the first two options would not work.

    Jayce, thanks for the info, you saved my ass bud.

  • ujjwal ghimire

    hey, jayce i have brought my galaxy s3 from china it have all apps in chinese version so can u tell me how to change it to english version

    • Sorry ujjwal, I have no idea because China SGS3 is not the same as other region SGS3.

  • Ric

    Hey bro will hard reset solve malware and virus problems?

    • Should be since it clean all of the installed apps and data.

      • Ric

        Thanks man…good to know..

  • MOcca

    Hello Jayce,

    I was doing some serach on google and found your information very clear.
    Just a quick question.
    I am thinking of selling my samsung S3 off.
    Don’t want any of my personal data to be on the phone or any of my downloaded application on the phone.
    Pretty much just need to make it like the person is switching the phone for first time. I think it will make it look better as the person feels like he/she is turning it on for the first time.
    My questions will all the pre installed application still there after I do the factory reset? The application that are missing are the ones I have downloaded from the market right? Thanks heaps for your help.

    • Yes, all the pre-installed system apps will still there. Only the one you install later will be deleted.

      • Mocca

        Thank u so much for ur help.

  • Shenall

    Can I use the dialpad reset from the emergency call option?

    • I think so.

      • Shenall


  • Shay

    Found a galaxy III phone trying to do a hard reset due to I dont have pattern code. I do all steps and it does not bring me to the prompt to reset. Am I doing something wrong? Or could they had made this phone equipped to not being able to do hard reset? Thank You!

    • Hi Shay, method 2 also didn’t work?

  • asyraffs

    Hi Jaycee

    i just upgraded my s3 to jellybean 4.1.1
    but the camera start to not function..
    it keeps telling me that “unfortunately, camera not working”
    i have call samsung centre for help but they told me to do a hard reset..
    if i reset my phone, will it resolve my problem or i just wait for the new release updates? please advise..

    thanks and regards

    • Hi asyraffs, factory reset should solve it.

  • mie

    hye jayce….
    my sgs3 are ap set and not from china cause they are different body part but why my sgs3 setting a bit different from ori set cause in my setting it didnt show font style but it just show font size…can u give me some advise ???

    • Hi mie, which model is your SGS3?

  • mie


    • Hi mie, it might be related to your current firmware. Please consult Samsung Support to confirm.

  • mie

    in my setting it just have :
    -data usage
    -audio profiles
    -led indicator
    -developer option
    -about phone

    hope u can give some advise…

    • As I said, it might be related to your firmware. This might be normal to your firmware. Different firmware has different features. Do consult Samsung Support to confirm. Or your seller.

  • Jai

    Hey Jayce, a couple questions. I have paid apps installed on my phone. If I do factory reset, would I lose those paid apps and have to buy them again? Another question, how would you backup the phone? Do you do it from your phone’s backup to Google server option or is there something else like how apple has iTunes. Also after a factory reset, how do I restore my contents back on to the phone??

  • Mike

    Hi Jayce, How come its possible to buy a Samsung S3 for around $500 US that is supposed to be original but without a factory warranty.. To get the s3 with factory warranty is $850? Are tehy teh same units?

    • Hi Mike, everything is possible in this Internet world. Better buy from reliable seller.

  • Mist

    Hi I have the SD card and I have the USB Storage..I was wondering if I hard reset my phone if it will erase all the data I have on the USB storage. I have the SII btw.


    • Yes Mist. All internal storage stuffs (USB Storage) will be deleted.

  • kk

    Usually it took how long to reboot? I was using the phone buttons method and i don’t have any SD card. It’s just appear “samsung” on my screen for half an hour. Thank you.

    • Less than 20 minutes.

  • tj

    hi.. i have sgs3, i can’t switch on no matter what i do.. pls help me

    • Hi tj, it look like hardware issue if you can’t power on it at all. Please consult Samsung Support.


    Anyone with issues should leave your storey on the BBC Watchdog site as I’ve had the same issues and got nowhere with Samsung.

    RE: Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 – Bought new in June from the Carphone Warehouse
    I contacted Samsung who said they would send out an envelope to get the phone for testing/repair, but when I sent it all I got was a bill back from them for £119.03 (Parts) + £19.25 (Labour) + VAT@20% = £165.94. When I called Regenersis (Samsung approved repairers) I was told they couldn’t fix my phone under warrenty due to it being rooted, but this phone has NEVER been rooted.
    After speaking again with Samsung they called Regenersis while I was on hold and came back with that phones can be rooted by a random combinations of keys being pressed, but that it was still my fault. When I asked what this random combination of keys was they wouldn’t say. When I said if a kid played a game on my phone (angry birds etc) could they have rooted it, the guy from Samsung basiscally said it was possible!!!

    I have these calls recorded and if anyone wants to contact me from the press, Samsung or a competitor (Apple etc) please do at

  • bebo colombianito

    tengo un s3 1747 no lo puedo actualizar en colombia a andr 4.1 como hago que tengo que hacer

    • Hi bebo, please consult Samsung Support in this case.

  • Sam

    Hi Jayce,

    I am from kuwait and i updated my GS3 to Official JB Poland Version using ODIN, every thng is working fine the only problem is wen i try to update using kies it shows

    Your Devices current firmware version is not supported to update firmware via Kies.

    I think this is bcoz of Poland version i installed, can you please help in this.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Sam, just install back your own region stock firmware back with Odin will do.

      • Sam

        Dear Jayce,

        I have tried to search stock firmware for my region but not able to do so, can u please help in this.

        Thanks in advance….

        • Sorry Sam, I have no idea what is your stock firmware. Do consult your seller if you are not sure.

          • Sam

            Is there any way to chk stock firmware for my Device

            • You can’t check it now with your phone since it was updated to Jelly Bean firmware (Poland).

  • Johnny

    Hi, is there a way to reset my S3. Because apparently i changed my password and dont remember. Drank too much last night.

    • Hi Johnny, above guide didn’t help – method 2?

  • Henary


    Can anyone let me know about my question ?

    I got Samsung Galaxy S3 and I got unlock code from ATT.
    I unlock my GS3.
    Now I want to give this phone to my brother then if I do Factory Reset then my GS3 will be locked again or not ???

    Any idea on this..

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Henary, try to consult others with same model at XDA Forum because I don’t have this model. Not sure about it.

  • Nick

    I had a issue, I’m using Samsung Galaxy S3 international version
    it was working fine then I put it on my table and I went away for couple minutes
    came back and it’s ‘dead’..wont turn on..still have around 70% battery when I left it there..
    tried removed the battery and place it back, tried hard reset, wont work..

    • Hi Nick, please send it for service then.

  • Søren

    How can I hard reset a Galaxy S3 mini?

    The above methods does not work for My device running JB 4.1?

    • Hi Søren, please consult Samsung Support in this case.

  • Søren

    Tank You for Your replay.

  • Ric

    Hey bros! Need help again….my niece were playing with an s3 a while ago and the accidentally entered a free site which automatically had my phone download a apk. had my phone scanned with avast antivirus and discovered it as a trojan and had it deleted… is my phone safe now? Or is there anything i need to do to be sure? I hadnt installed the apk and i dont have any apk installers installed….thanks in advance bros! Good day

    • It should fine if antivirus did not detect any virus anymore.

      • Ric

        Yeah….it didnt detect any now….i also installed lookout just to be sure and had it scanned it too turned out with the same result…..thanks bro….more power man! And Godbless….happy new year…hahaha

  • christina

    Hi, i just got the galaxy s3, i put a pin number in and now can’t remember it and vodafone couldn’t help me!! help me please!!

    • Hi christina, method 2 cannot solve your issue too?

  • Parveez

    Hi Jayce,

    My SGS3 is a month old and my problem is it works very slow. It also hangs in between. Even if i clear the RAM, it does work slowly.I am thinking to do a factory reset. Does this make my warranty void?

    • No Parveez.

      • Parveez

        Okay , so in that case, After getting the factory reset done by myself, If the phone still continues to work slow, I am planning to give it to the samsung service center here. Should that be fine? Need help and suggestions.

        • Yes, it is fine.

          • Parveez

            Thanks a lot !

  • John

    Tried that but it won’t uninstall

  • John

    Yes tried to uninstall it won’t let me

    • Hi John, try factory reset it then.

  • John

    Tried that to I’m lost

    • Please consult Samsung Support since factory reset still can’t solve.

  • Geraldine Liu

    Hi Jayce, my copy and paste is not working. Besides factory reset, is there other better solution? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Geraldine, unless you know what is the root cause. Else factory reset is the best and easiest way.

  • Ric Raphael Berlin Piodena

    Hey bros! I know this question is not related in factory resetting but ive just noticed….is the security pin unlock in the lockscreen only in portrait?

    • Yes, it should.

      • Ric Raphael Berlin Piodena

        Hmmmm…it doesnt do landscape even if u put it on its side? Thanks bros….ure reliable as ever

  • sania

    Hello Jayce, tell me if i do a hard reset would it delete the sgS3 firmware ??

    • No sania.

    • sania

      means it is safe to reset to factory settings i dont want to backup anything.. do i reset ?

      • It is safe to factory reset. That’s part of phone functions.

  • Rage Fiercely

    I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy s3 that is flashed over to pageplus, if I factory reset, will it not work on pageplus anymore?

    • It should be okay.

      • Rage Fiercely

        I have another question, is there a way to know what is causing it to be slow? Also, would the options>settings>factory reset be best? Thank you for answering!

        • Hard to say. Most of the time is caused by the apps that you installed. Yes, that’s the way.

  • rose

    hi im having trouble connecting to wifi i have done a factory restart like my provider has told me to do and still not working can someone help

    • Hi rose, do you face connection issue with all Wi-Fi router? Or just yours?

  • Maryam

    Hi ,,,
    I did a factory reset on my galaxy S3 , now i have some problem with my file in storage !
    this time i can not find my file in storage (ExtSdcard/Sdcard) both of them , for example when i get one file by Bluetooth or when i download from sumsungapp or playstore i can not find source of my file !

    May you help me ?

    • Hi Maryam, factory reset might delete your internal storage data. Are the files stored in internal or external SD card?

      • Maryam

        my old data not important for me , i have problem with new

        • Maryam

          really at the first data were in both of them , internal and external ,, but now i don’t know ! i could understand what happened !

          • Hi Maryam, can you still copy files to your internal and external storage from PC?

            • Maryam

              yes i can , and i can read those file , but i can not find OS file (operation system) ,
              if you dont mind i can get pic and send you for beter relation ,


              • Maryam

                sorry , please send me one email because of i need your email address for send you picture of storage page

                • Just upload to Picasa. Then share the link.

  • EDDY

    Hi Joyce ,
    How to backup my data and photo if i forgot my parttern lock, so that only i can restore factory setting .

    • Try press Emergency Call, followed by Emergency Contacts, then Home button, followed by Power button quickly.

      This is a security bug in SGS3. Try See you can bypass it or not.

      • EDDY

        Is it work in SGS2 too ? I’m using SGS2 .

        • It should work on any Samsung devices. 😛

          • EDDY

            I’ll try , thanks for help jayce

  • Nanz

    my SGS3 has this problem where it suddenly freezes and thes note just pops up. it says “unfortunately, the process com. google.process.gapps has stopped” and when i press ok it goes off..and due to this thng i cannot download any apps or music or anything on my phone . coz everytym i try and download this message shows ??

    • Hi Nanz, did you factory reset it yet?

      • Nanz

        no i havnt done that yet scared if something might go u think i should go ahead and do it ??

        • Worst case – you lost every app and data on your phone.

          • Luis

            I can’t turn on my S3 at all, I did a setting reset. It stays loading on the SAMSUNG screen., and never proceeds, charged it, took out the battery. Nothing.

            • Factory data reset should not cause this issue. What had you done previously?

  • Andy

    if I store my contact’s to my SM card and and factory re.set will I lose my contacts on the sm

    • Nope, it won’t touch your SIM card stuffs.

  • Cole

    I think my Samsung s3 has a virus. How do i make it work back

  • may

    jayce,Finally, select reboot system now..but Why always appears only samsung????

    • Hard to say. Anything you have done previously that make you want to factory reset?

  • Phil

    my sgS3 cannot boot into the system, it keep on restarting after the logo appears again n again. i try to hard reset by pressing the 3 button together. the green man does appear but it goes off less than a second and the samsung logo come out again restarting. how can i do ?

    • Hi Phil, what had you done until you face this issue?

  • Sojhan

    hello ^-^* i have a problem of my samsung galaxy S3, everytime I tap on the message or any application, it always back at a menu every minute and every second,, I don’t know if it is freezing or hungging up and I Scanned it but same again? it started when I was activate my Play store,, then I uninstall my games because I thought it caused downloading.. Please help me =(…

    • Hi Sojhan, factory reset does not help?

    • Sojhan

      jayce? what am I supposed to do?

      • Factory reset, Sojhan.

        • sojhan

          so u mean i will do this factory reset? ok i will try that,,, but im curious about dial *2767*3855#… did i put my number example *2767*3855#0919……. or is it only for this dial number ►► *2767*3855#

          • Sojhan

            Jayce!!! thank you very much!!! I had reset my SGs3… its done and it works! thank you so much! ^-^*

            • Glad to know that, Sojhan. 🙂

              • Sojhan

                =D.. God Bless You.. Jayce.. thanks again…. ^_^*

  • alvia

    my phone ring only when it wants to and also do not mark that no one called can you please help me

    • Sorry alvia, I don’t understand. What is the issue?

  • Bips

    Hi Jayce:
    i received a software update from samsung for my SGS3 but after it was installed it reboot but didnot open to normal screen; i mean it hanged at samsung logo part; i tried to do hard reset but it again hang at same part. Do you have any solution? Thank you.

    • Hi Bips, better consult Samsung Support in this case since OTA update made it like this. Hard reset should fix this issue if OTA was installed properly.

  • ernie

    hi so I factory reset my gal s3 and it wont turn back on its stuck on main screen that reads samsung what can i do

    • ernie

      so i pressed the power volume and other button and it asked me to give it a command to chose a file wich file should i use

    • Hi ernie, please consult Samsung Support. Factory reset should not cause this kind of issue.

  • davebucks

    Does factory reset take off Google account ?or will it recognise my old account when daughter puts in hers ?

  • chance

    hi jayce i have a major problem i forgot the password to my phone and i know you can hard reset it with the three buttons but my power button is broke is there any other way i can get in

    • 3rd method – using dialpad not working for you too?

  • KyungMi

    Hi Jayce, I did a factory reset after my phone atarted having problems just freezing or turning off suddenly. It was done once a few months previously and it worked fine after the hard reset. Now I did another hard reset and it keeps staying on the service provider’s screen after the samsung screen.
    Tried to reboot once more but all i get is the android bot img with ‘no command’ and E:failed to mount /data
    And other messages of the like.
    What should I do?

    • Hi KyungMi, are you using official firmware?

      • Guest

        Yes. It’s official. I just finished a contract with my provider and had it open-lined/unlocked for use with a different carrier as I ended the contract.

      • KyungMi

        Yes. It is. I just finished the contract a few weeks ago and had it open-line’d/unlocked for use with another provider before I left the authorize samsung store.

      • KyungMi

        Yes. It is. I just finished the contract a few weeks ago and had it open-line’d/unlocked for use with another provider before I left the authorize samsung store.

        • Look like you are not using original firmware then. Sorry, I have no idea on unlocked version.

  • Jim

    Thank you very much for the information on how to factory reset my Samsung Galaxy Stardust. Worked like a charm. Now the only thing I need to figure out is why the phone locked me out to begin with which necessitated the factory reset.