How to install Kindle Fire adb USB driver?

You can connect Amazon Kindle Fire to PC as a USB mass storage drive with no issue. Windows will install the correct USB driver for it. However, Kindle Fire does not provide USB Driver for Android Debug Bridge (adb) usage. So you need to install Kindle Fire adb USB Driver yourself in order to talk to Kindle Fire from PC. How to install Kindle Fire adb USB Driver? Just follow the step by step guide on Microsoft Windows 7 64 bits…


  • Android SDK Development Environment

Yup, you need to have Android SDK Development Environment setup first. And make sure that Google USB Driver is installed too. Follow this guide ~ How to install & setup Android SDK Development Environment? if you have not install Android SDK Development Environment yet.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Connect USB cable to Kindle Fire.
  2. Go to Devices and Printers.
  3. Double click on Kindle.
  4. Go to Hardware tab.

  1. Select Kindle with yellow exclamation mark, then click on Properties.
  2. Go to Details tab.

  1. At Property, choose Hardware Ids.
  2. That’s Kindle Fire USB hardware Id that we going to use later.
  3. Just leave the property window open.
  4. Go to My Computer.
  5. Then go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\extras\google\usb_driver folder.
  6. Open android_winusb.inf with notepad.
  7. Insert these 3 lines at [Google.NTx86] and [Google.NTamd64].
      ;Kindle Fire
      %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_1949&PID_0006
    1. %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_1949&PID_0006&MI_01

  1. Save it.
  2. Go to C:\Users\YourUserName\.android folder.
  3. Open adb_usb.ini with notepad.
  4. Key in 0x1949. (don’t copy and paste)

  1. Save it.
  2. Let’s go back to Kindle property window.
  3. Go to General tab.
  4. Select Update Driver… then.
  5. Select Browse my computer for driver software ~ Locate and install driver software manually.
  6. Select Browse…, and select C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\extras\google\usb_driver folder.
  7. When Windows Security prompt, select Install this driver software anyway
  8. That’s all.

Testing Kindle Fire adb USB driver

  1. Bring up command prompt (CMD).
  2. Type adb kill-server then enter.
  3. Type adb devices then enter.
  4. That’s it. You should see Kindle Fire as one of the devices.

  • Ozimandius

    Awesome, it worked, thanks a bunch!

  • It works like a charm. thank you. XD tried it on other device. heheh 😀 thanks again.

  • beardshadow

    didn’t work for me?

    when I do step 23, Window says: “Windows was unable to install your Kindle. Windows could not find driver software for your device. If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for driver software.”


    • beardshadow

      ok, i got it to work, but i had to go into “device manager” and select “drives” instead of the Kindle with the yellow exclamation point. and then update the driver there. now my computer and kindle work with ADB.

      not sure why i had to do it that way…

      thank for the tutorial!

      • Dimitar

        I did absolutely everything as it says but It does not allow me to update the driver the button “update driver” is not touchable in my case any suggestions ?

        • Hi Dimitar, do you have administrator right?

          • Alina

            I have administrator rights but it doesn’t work anyway.
            I have Kindle Fire HD.

            • Alina

              Made it.
              Thank you anyway

    • JeroenJ.v.R.

      I have the same problem but trying what you did doesn’t work D: please help me anyone

      • Hi JeroenJ, anything different between yours and mine?

  • LuinuX

    Hi there, I did every step as it is instructed on this page, but when I try Testing Kindle Fire adb USB driver the console give me a message ” ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. (My Kindle Fire is connected at the moment I try it). What can I do?


    • Add Android SDK tools and platform-tools to your PATH environment variable.

      • LuinuX

        And how do I add the 2 Paths? I can only see space for one path. Copy and paste it both together?

        • Yes, refer to existing paths on how to separate them.

          • LuinuX

            Sorry but I don’t have a path that I could use as reference, could you be more specific.

            I’ll appreciate it

            • Huh? I thought you already read How to install & setup Android SDK Development Environment? guide. Didn’t you?

              • LuinuX

                I just read it a couple of times, but clearly I’m not understanding how to do this.

                • Take your time to study it then. Google if you need. 🙂

                  • Rob

                    Google if you need? How do you think he came across this website?

            • darron

              I had same prob. just use a semicolon to separate the 2 paths

              %SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem;%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools;C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools;

          • Christina

            I am having the same problem. I’ve does the PATH variable environment without spaces after the semi colon and with spaces. What am I doing wrong?

            • Sorry Christina, hard to tell what went wrong. Google for Microsoft guide if you are not sure what are you doing.

      • PTG

        how to add?
        pls some video

        • Christina

          I am having the same problem. I’ve does the PATH variable environment without spaces after the semi colon and with spaces. What am I doing wrong?

    • C_O

      If anyone is still having trouble make sure what you’re running, ie 32 or 64 bit. Paths for 32 bit are:
      C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools
      C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\tools

      Now when you test the KF ADB in command line make sure your KF is plugged in to the USB, but not connected to transfer files. Now run the commands and it should work.

  • PTG

    Add Android SDK tools and platform-tools to your PATH environment variable. HOW to add this pls some video ???

    • Please refer to how to install & setup Android SDK Development Environment guide.

  • Sean

    so in attempt to overwrite android_winusb.inf it says i cant save there and Access Denied in notepad. i took off read only on the android folder and i still cant do it can you tell me what to do

    • Do you have admin access right?

      • Reagan

        What if I don’t have admin access? I’m trying to do this from my corporate laptop. Can it be done by saving the file somewhere else?

        • Not sure about that…

          • Reagan

            So – for anyone else with this problem – apparently what you can do is save the file somewhere else, then copy it and paste it back into the usb_driver folder. It’s a problem that is not related to Admin access (I have that), it’s something Windows 7 is doing to try to prevent overwriting of system files.

  • Thanh

    Jayce, thank millions for the tips.
    It really save my KF during root!
    I already think about return to service the bricked KF.

  • Pava

    Hello Pleas need help with install driver. I have new Kindle Fire. Never connect to PC. After first turn on and update its frozen. I have to change for another FF but I am not from USA. Uf. Now I install SDK manager and conect to PC but driver is not write Kindle, than Unknown Device. Please what I can do now? Its any way to working for me with another ROM ? I try also hardver restart, but its same frozen. Than you for any help.

    • Pava

      After again restart Kindle its write Kindle on driver… good signal. I will try to install driver now…

  • Pava

    For me not working. All complete fine, install USB driver but can not see Kindle. Please, what can be for problem? I try on two PC and is the same. One is 64b and another 32b. I never start Kindle is frozen, just write Kindle Fire. Please any idea? Thank you.

    • Did you install any custom software like rooting, recovery? Or just official software update?

  • Reagan

    I’m going through the device manager and trying to update the driver – but am not able to update the driver – I keep getting the response – “The best driver software for your device is already installed.” Any ideas?

    • Delete the existing one. Then try again.

  • jack

    When I go to devices, kindle fire, there is not one with an exclimation mark. I checked the hardware ids on the other kindle device and I get nothing like the values in the above steps.

    • Did you install any other 3rd party driver for Kindle Fire previously?

      • Eddie

        I Did…but when I remove it it automatically reinstalls

        • Eddie, try to replace it with new one.

  • Aaron

    I don’t have adb_usb.ini in my user folder. I installed all the packages on the SDK though.

    • Aaron

      Never mind, missed the API package, had to run as admin.

  • Bonny

    when i get to step
    …………At Property, choose Hardware Ids. ……That’s Kindle Fire USB

    mine is nothing like yours

    i have under hardware ids for ‘amazon kindle USB device’
    theses 6 lines

    please advise–________________

    nothing on mine gives vid

    • Did you install any other Kindle Fire driver previously?

      • Bonny

        yes -can’t remember what before -but tried uninstalling all drivers – from within computer properties area – not sure i got them all – -also had tried to do burrito root using windows xp – but it didn’t take – I managed to reset kindle back to when I first start up kindle has triangle flame icon now – but press power button again and then it restarts – – seems like I’ve screwed something up

        • Uninstall and remove previous installed driver. Then install new one. Else do it on other PC.

          • Bonny

            reposted instead of reply by accident – can’t seem to c completely uninstall kindle drivers see my new post

            • Bonny

              actually – my options when i click double click on kindle (managed to get exclamation on kindle in devices by powering on after connecting kindle) -now kindle has yellow triangle with exclam in devices and printers) –double click on that and i have ‘WPD File System Volume driver with exclam -point) and below that Amazon Kindle USB device and then Android Composite ADB interface – -at no time even before this did double clicking on kindle (even when kindle showed up normally in devices – did I see just “kibdle”
              it has always been Amazon kindle USB device – and that’s what my irst post listing hardware ids was all about– I was never seeing just kindle– and still don’t

              • Bonny

                think i got it working …actually–seems it already was …

  • Bonny

    followed advice here for completely removing drivers –
    succeeded–but as soon as I plug kindle back it in aurtomatically reloads a driver and I get same ids as mentioned above …. I am on a windows 7 amd computer – I had tried rooting using windows xp – using method from android forums– I finally the sdk environment completely loaded on my windows 7 machine- seems all I’, lacking is how to really completely remove kindle drivers since they pop right back up …. weird (I do log off and back on after uninstalling drivers)

  • Someone

    I cannot find the kindle with the yellow exclamation point. I did this tutorial on windows xp and went into device managers, but only amazon Usn device showed up not the kindle.

    • Not sure about Windows XP as I don’t have it. Did you install any Kindle Fire driver previously?

      • Someone

        Sorry. I accidentally posted my answer in another comment.

        What I said:
        I attempted your tutorial a while ago and the Kindle appeared then. However, I was unsuccessful and the test didn’t work. I uninstalled SDK and started all over.

        • You need to remove previous installed driver too.

          • Someone

            How do I do that?

            • In driver tab. Click on uninstall.

              • Someone

                Still confused. On the driver tab of what?

                • Someone

                  I apologize. I uninstalled Amazon Kindle USB Device, unplugged the kindle then plugged it back it. The computer said that it found the new hardware and then two seconds later another noticed popped up saying that the hardware was installed and ready to use. ???

                  • So do you have kindle with the yellow exclamation point now?

                    • Someone

                      Seed, that’s what I’m saying. I uninstalled it and it automattically installed istelf while I had to do it manually the first time. Not only that, but I still don’t have the yellow exclamation point.

  • Steve

    I followed the directions and everything worked properly except the list of devices is not showing the kindle at the command prompt?

    • Then you might not install the driver properly.

  • Efrem

    Really appreciate the info and the ease of use of your tutorial. Thank you

  • Eve

    Wow, thank you so much! This is amazing!

  • Luis

    My kindle is not appearing in the C: drive removables. Any hints?

    • Did you install any other Kindle Fire USB driver previously?

      • Luis

        I have not.

        • Luis

          I just figured it out, just had to open up the kindle itself to prompt the file transfer. Thanks for the quick reply.

  • Jeremiah

    Hi! I cant quite figure this one out: when it get to step #23 I select the android folder wtih the USB drivers and hit next, but Windows says it was unable to locate the correct driver. I’ve downloaded the most recent android SDK usb driver, so I am a bit puzzled as to why Windows doesn’t see the driver there. Any ideas?

    • Jeremiah

      Nevermind! Figured it out. Forgot to save the changes to the android_winusb.ini file. Doh!

  • yolande

    Hello Jayce
    ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. (My Kindle Fire is connected at the moment I try it). I entered the two paths using a ; to start each one.
    HELP. I searched the net using the error but cant seem to get the correct info. That is the only thing stopping me!


    • Did you install Android SDK Development Environment?

      • yolande

        All files in the SDK manager that needed to be installed is installed. adb is still not recognized.

        • Did you set it to your PATH environment variable?

    • mike

      you need to type the location of adb. ex. cd C:\android-sdk

  • Mushfiq

    Hi, thanks a lot! I was able to install the ADB USB driver for Notion Ink Adam (Ice Cream Sandwich) as well following the directions you mentioned.

  • @Someone: Look like you did not remove USB driver from your Windows. Uninstall and remove it totally.

  • Skylar

    Everything worked just fine until step 23 when I got this message.
    “Windows was unable to install your Kindle. Windows could not find driver software for your device. If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for driver software.”
    Please help?

    • Sorry Skylar, I have no idea if you followed every steps exactly.

      • Skylar

        Darn it.
        Well thanks anywayss.

  • Evan

    Hey i’m missing the second file you mentioned and when I try to install the driver I get an error saying the hash to the file is corrupted or missing

    • Which file?

      • Evan

        Ok so I have the drivers installed properly and the computer recognizes it in devices but not in adb. A long time ago my kindle fire rom got erased when i installed a different rom. I had twpd installed and threw the on it but when i went to install it it got stuck i left it for a couple hours and then said screw it and tried to restart it. Now it’s stuck on the kindle fire logo and does not get recognized by adb but it does get recognized by device manager. I need help. I installed the driver several ways and many times. I need serious help.. you can teamview my comp if you need to

        • Look like it is not USB driver but bad ROM installation to me. Do you still can load TWRP?

          • Evan

            No, unfortunatly I can not. Do to the circumstances the kindle has no evidence that it was rooted or still is. I can send it back saying that it had a problem during an update.

            • I think so since TWRP is not there.

  • Sabrina

    I have windows 7. I downloaded everything I needed and did all I could. Not one of the API files will download. They all say file not found access is denied. Yes, I’m running them as administrator. That is the only thing keeping me from rooting the kindle.

      • Sabrina

        Now my android_winusb.inf is missing. I had already put in the text that I was supposed to put in, but now it’s missing.

        • Sabrina

          Okay, forget that last part. The files are under winusb no matter how many times you save them with the ini or inf. So, I did everything, it installed the composite driver. I went to command prompt and it’s still not showing up. So I’m stuck there now.

          • Sabrina

            And far as the other page I don’t have the Kindle-Fire-Driver.7z file. I know you told someone you get it from sdk, but that installed all it will install. I can’t install any of the api files for some reason, just the tools, extras, and the platform tools. I even tried another computer. In fact, I had to delete the sdk and download and install several times before it would even let me install the google usb.

            • Kindle-Fire-Driver.7z file is in that post.

              • Sabrina

                I know, but from what read it seems like I should already have that file. I read there that it comes from the sdk, but I have that already except for the api files it won’t let me install.

                • Sabrina

                  I have the 7z installed, but still don’t have that kindle fire driver file to extract.

                  • Sabrina


                  • Download it then.

                    • Sabrina

                      I stated that I have the 7z downloaded. I actually downloaded it twice. I deleted it the first time because there is no file for me to extract. I’m wanting to know where do I get the file that needs to be extracted? The Kindle Fire file? Again, I know you told one guy on the other page that you get that file from the SDK, but where at because I have the SDK and yet no file for the Kindle Fire. This is frustrating!

  • Dhruvil

    I cant find the adb_usb.ini file in the .android folder. What do I do???

    • You can create it yourself too. Just a text file.

      • Dhruvil

        What text do I put in it? Just 0x1949? Is it x or *?

        • x

          • Dhruvil


  • Brian

    When I plug in my kindle to my PC, I don’t get those options. Kindle is not listed, instead, it says “Android Phone”. Then, in its subfolder it says “Android ADB Interface”. However, the Kindle is not shown when I do “adb devices”

    • Hi Brian, are you using drivers in this guide?

      • Brian

        I tried uninstalling the previous driver and it worked. By the way, I’m trying to root it because my Kindle is unresponsive on the “Kindle Fire” screen. Will it work?

        • Not sure about that. But you can try…

        • Brian

          Edit: Whenever I plug in my Kindle, it will automatically install a driver that says “Android Phone”

  • gimoss

    In the last passage when Testing Kindle Fire adb USB driver
    cmd write 0928000600000001 rcovery
    What’s mean this
    Please help me
    Thank you

    • Your Kindle Fire is in recovery mode? Is TWRP 2.0 or CWM loaded?

  • gimoss

    thank you for the answer
    Is TWRP 2.0
    Yes I want install the originary software for kindle by Kindle_Unbrick_UtilityV1.1
    All ok but when after downloading software by botton Flash Amazon update after passage erasing data and erasing cache the kindle disconneted and on the screen it appears the triangle of fire and I don’t succeed to put the software to the kindle….because I have wipe the sdcard.
    Thank you for the helping

    • Can you still able to load TWRP now?

  • gimoss

    The only rom that find in my kindle is is Kindle_Unbrick_UtilityV1.1
    thanks again

  • gimoss

    yes only about Kindle_Fire_Utility_v0.9.3
    but it find TWRP 2.0

    • Since you still can load TWRP, just install custom ROM with it.

  • gimoss

    The problem it’s that I see the recovery by cmd but I cannot load the software because when install by Kindle_Unbrick_UtilityV1.1 the device disconnetted.
    Sorry for my english..I write from Italy
    Thanks Jayce

  • gimoss

    The problem it’s that I cannot put inside the device the rom…I don’t know how is the procedure
    by cmd without

  • Alex

    Thank you, this fixed my problem. I wish Android usb drivers weren’t always such a kludge!

  • gimoss

    thank Jayce
    The problem is the point 3 when you say
    ” 3.At PC, copy your Android ROM zip file ( in my case) to Kindle Fire SDcard (root level).
    I cannot copy nothing because the pc don’t see Kindle so a device but so recovery …but I cannot see so memory mass by computer with a file system for insert Rom for flash it….the computer see Kindle by Devices an Printers only, but When I chick open I can to see me only te property of devices .ad the informations are :
    Device Functions
    Name Type
    Amazon Kindle USB Device Disk drives
    Android Composite ADB Interface Android Phone
    F:\ Portable Devices
    USB Composite Device Universal Serial Bus controllers
    USB Mass Storage Device Universal Serial Bus controller

    This is the situazion…TWRP open his interface..but for me it’s impossible insert rom and flash rom by devices ..I have impossibility to see devices from computer for insert …
    I have windows 7

    • Use USB Storage mode in TWRP (Mount – Mount USB Storage).

  • @Sabrina: There is Kindle Fire Driver folder and driver files in Kindle-Fire-Driver.7z. If you can’t see them, your download is corrupted then.

  • gimoss

    Jayce !!!!!
    Youi are the best!!!!!
    My Kindle was dead and it’s returned new
    I am very happy
    I have’t words for say you Thanks..thanks thanks.

  • gimoss

    What do you think about new rom?
    Which ? Ice cream sandwich?

  • gimoss

    Jayce I am sorry but while I am istalling CM7 kindle is dead again it’s visible in devices but with
    Kindle_Unbrick_UtilityV1.1 and Kindle_Fire_Utility_v0.9.3 in every operation say
    no such file or directory

    ADB Status Online
    ADB Rooted: No
    Boot status: Unknow
    Now it haven’t TWRP inside
    The problem is that remain logo Kindle Fire and the light of power orange.
    When I install TWRP by Kindle_Fire_Utility_v0.9.3
    The answer is ….. no such file or directory
    the kindle has been told to reboot in Fastboot Mode

    • Try to install TWRP back first.

  • gimoss

    How I can?
    When I install TWRP by Kindle_Fire_Utility_v0.9.3 The answer is ….. no such file or directory the kindle has been told to reboot in Fastboot Mode
    And from adb

    – exec ‘/system/bin/sh’ failed: No such file or directory

    • Sorry gimoss, I am also not sure how to fix this. Try to ask others at XDA website.

  • Igor Ganapolsky

    This method does not work on Windows 8. I get an error that the hash to a file is corrupted when trying to update the driver.

    • Adam

      I get the same thing…its irritating

      • Greg

        confirmed.. does NOT work in windows 8 same error message here

  • tycoon

    I have the driver installed with no problems and windows sees the device. However, ADB will not work. I have rebooted, uninstalled, reinstalled and even tried it on a different computer with the same problems. All the ini files have been updated and the correct vendor 0x is in the ini files. Any ideas of what to do?

    • So you have Android Composite ADB Interface driver installed? And does the testing Kindle Fire adb USB driver able to see it?

  • Shah

    Hi Jayce,

    I get the following error while trying to install the adb driver. I’m using win 7 64bit and it automatically installs WPD Filesystem volume driver. I am unable to delete this driver. If i uninstall kindle and scan for new hardware it picks up the same driver.

    If i try to upgrade the driver i get the error that WPDFS is the best suited driver. If i try to install manually with the adb driver i get the error “The folder you specified doesn’t contain a compatible software driver for your device. If the folder contains a driver, make sure it is designed to work with Windows x64 based system.”

    i’ve tried this on 2 computers (2nd one is 32 bit windows 7) and get the same error. (In the 2nd computer it says designed to work with windows x32 system)

    Would appreciate any help to resolve this.

  • Leo

    Worked perfectly here. Thanks from Brazil!

  • Brega


    It took a couple tries for it to finally work, but work it did! Thank you for your time and effort in putting together this tutorial!

  • Jason

    Hi Jayce

    I have gone through all the steps above, but I still cannot find my kindle fire from my pc.
    In the command prompt window, my result didn’t show any number like your last line. it only showed list of devices attached.(there is not your last line)

    In the devices and printer I can see my kindle, but in the devices manager I cannot see it.
    my kindle seems to become Android phone already. (I tried to root my kindle fire, but it was not successful)


    • Hi Jason, did you install other Kindle Fire USB driver previously?

      • Jason

        Hi Jayce, I probably installed other kindle Fire USB driver before. How could I check?

        • Delete and uninstall the previous uninstalled driver in Device Manager.

          • Jason

            I found 3 drivers in Android Phone/Android ADB Interface from Device Manager as follows

            Should I delete them?

            I don’t know how to uninstall driver.

            By the way, my version is kindle fire 6.3


            • No.

              Google for uninstall driver guide.

              • Jason

                Just double check
                do you want me to uninstall all the drivers under Android ADB Interfaces and Android Composit ADB Interface?


                • Yes, removed all previous installed driver.

                  • Jason

                    Should I tick “delete the driver software for this device” while I uninstall?


  • Jason

    Hi Jayce

    My Android phone hardware id is showed as follows


    Do I have to change anything when I update android_winusb.inf?


    • Should be no since they look like mine…

  • Jason

    Hi Jayce
    What is the next step after uninstalling drivers?


    • Install the correct driver then.

      • Jason

        How do I find the correct driver, and where should I save it?

        • Jason

          Hi Jayce
          I can find kindle fire as a removable disk. Do I have to install driver before I restore my kindle fire by using kindle fire Utility?

  • Tom

    Jayce: First, thank you for the excellent instructions and your patience and help. My configuration, then one question: I have Win 7 64-bit, android sdk and eclipse indigo installed and working fine with android device (Samsung Galaxy S II) including USB debugging of my Apps on the Galaxy hardware. I also wish to do App debugging over USB with my Kindle Fire but cannot do so yet. I followed your instructions 1 – 5 but “Kindle with yellow exclamation point” does not appear (all other items in your “Kindle Properties > hardware screen shot do appear). Also, “Android Composite ADB Interface – type Samsung” does appear (i.e. this item seems to replace the “Kindle with yellow exclamation point” item). btw, I do have access to Kindle Fire memory via USB and this is how I load my development Apps currently. Should I delete the “Android Composite ADB Interface” driver and will that cause the “Kindle with yellow exclamation point” item to appear? btw, I have done your instruction items 10 – 18. If I do delete the “Android Composite ADB Interface” listed under Kindle Properties > hardware will it cause my USB debug connection to Samsung Galaxy S II to stop working (This would be a disaster for me which I hope to avoid)? I assume I can proceed successfully with your instructions once I get the “Kindle with yellow exclamation point” item to appeaar. Thank you very much.

    • Just uninstall and remove previous Kindle Fire installed driver when your Kindle Fire plug in. You should be able to see Kindle with yellow exclamation mark then.

      • Tom

        Finally, after much time and effort, success! Per Jayce’s comment, I uninstalled Kindle Fire Android driver and then reinstalled per instructions (turns out I had followed the instructions before but it did not work). Even after the new install, I could not get KF recognition in adb. Then, I copied the “ini” file from Admin to my User>username and it still did not work. Then I restarted the computer and IT WORKED. Thank you Jayce! btw, I found solving this problem more difficult than programming a complicated android app with location and media player features (while having to learn java, xml, eclipse and android from scratch). All would be impossible for me without Google search.

  • Alx

    Hi Jayce, I really need your help to resolve my unbricking problem,
    That disturbed me much many times …

    I approximately get it, i think there remains one last step,
    I watched your video and comly to it, cover :

    – SDK Manager & Path Environment. (Exactly right)
    – Folder .android has adb_ini.ini (Key “0x1949”)
    – In Device Manager, Kindle Fire appear yellow sign.
    – Then, update driver for it by Kindle Fire Driver manually. (Exactly right)
    – And that problem is here:
    + My computer (Vista) automatically installed “Android ADB Interface” driver.
    + Observe your video, I change that driver to “Composite ADB Interface” driver.
    + Code 10 appears, i follow google to fix it, that says “restart is likely to fix”, but not.

    I need your advise, as soon as possible,
    i indeed appreciate it …

    • Hi Alx, you need to uninstall and remove previous installed driver first.

      • Alx

        I’m sorry …

        I removed & deleted (Checked Deleted this driver software for this device) it many times, and that “Android ADB Interface” driver still appear first, not “Composite ADB Interface” …

        Im trying a couple days ago …

        • Hmm… Try on other PC see.

          • Alx

            Ah ha, you’re have a point … On other pc, I easily got rooted kindle fire.

            But on mine, I early tried and succeeded … (once in last week)
            And then that problem occurs when i format data of Kindle fire on Window 7 pc automatically.

            Thanks for your reminder.
            I will do it.

  • Hello Jayce,
    I forgot to perform step-17 in between but still able to install drive successfully.

    But somehow i am not getting my devices listed by adb devices command at command prompt.

    can you please how do i get my devices listed?

    • Found the solution myself.

      Just added:


      and execute below commands one by one:

      adb kill-server
      adb usb
      adb devices,

      i got my device displayed in the output.

      Cheers !!

      Thanx a lot Jayce

  • Chris O

    Hi I am stuck on step 13 because when I try to insert
    ;Kindle Fire
    %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_1949&PID_0006
    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_1949&PID_0006&MI_01
    it says Cannot create the C:\program
    Files\Android\android-sdk\extras\google\usb_driver\android_winsub.inf file
    Make sure that path and file name are correct.
    Please help.

    • Hi Chris, do you have administrator permission?

      • Chris O

        I believe so because it is my own personal laptop?

        • Chris O

          Okay I got past that part but now I am having trouble with the last step in installing the driver, do you know how to deal with that?

          • Alx

            Note : Guarantee usb connect. Follow these step exactly.
            – Step 1 : When having “ADB Android Driver”, uninstall it. If not, restart pc & kindle once, if wrong, you need review above step of Jay.
            – Step 2 : Disable & Enable every “USB Root Hub” exactly, assuring “Unknown Device” appear. If not, need restart pc & kinle
            – Step 3 : When “Unknown Device” appear, certainly need restart pc & kindle.
            – Step 4 : Check “Computer Management” and you will be see “Kindle Fire” yellow
            – Step 5 : Locate it to “C:\Kindle Driver” (follow Jay) and just a minute, having “Android Composite ADB Interface”

          • Hi Chris, what is your issue? Any error message?

  • Alx

    Hi Jay,

    i had Kindle Fire with ROM ICS yesterday (may be rooted i think, i checked with busybox),
    but i can’t access google play, and having some of game can’t play exactly when i install .apk (Checked Allow Unknown Source), announcing “Unfortunately, “name of game” has stopped”, others is ok

    you can tell me why?

    • Alx

      yeah Jay,

      Hard working several hours, i got it,

      I follow it but i need romToolBox to get administrative.

  • jeanette

    20.Go to General tab.
    21.Select Update Driver… then.
    22.Select Browse my computer for driver software ~ Locate and install driver software m

  • Donna

    When I get to
    13. Insert these 3 lines at [Google.NTx86] and [Google.NTamd64].
    ;Kindle Fire
    %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_1949&PID_0006
    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_1949&PID_0006&MI_01

    I enter exactly how it is but when i save it, it will not allow me to save it. It says access denied. why is it doing that?!

    • Hi Donna, do you have admin right?

    • Donna

      Okay, i figured it out… but now im stuck at #14… I dont have that file in my \.adroid folder

      • Dee

        i’m sorry, i meant #15 & 16. i dont have
        adb_usb.ini file in there

        • Hi Dee, did you install Android SDK Development Environment?

  • Mark Allen

    Hi Jay,

    I followed steps. It worked. I can see my Kindle fire from Devices and Printers but I can not see from windows explorer. I can not access my KF. It frees as “Kindle fire”.
    What should I do.

    • Hi Mark, did you install any other Kindle Fire USB driver previously?

      • Mark Allen

        No, I didn’t install any other KF USB driver.

        • Sorry Mark, I have no idea then. Windows should be able to detect it as disk drive when you connect USB cable to Kindle Fire.

          Try on other PC see.

  • Pramod

    Hi J,

    It’s great and very easy steps post to connect Kindle Fire. I searched a lot but found your post very useful and finally detected device using adb

    thanks a lot,

  • Cindy

    Thank you. I got it with your steps. It helped to turn off the kindle before replugging into the usb ports after following your steps. Sometimes it would go back to unknown device after showing the kindle, but once I got further into the android & user files and tried again, it was recognized. Kindle fire Utility still showed “offline”, yet it was working!

  • Fraser

    Wow this has sorted me out, been looking a few days for this..

  • Mike

    I followed all steps. Everything seemed to work fine but when I type in adb devices no device shows.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Mike, Windows manages to detect your Kindle Fire as Android Composite ADB Interface but can’t with adb devices?

  • After8

    does not work 🙁 Day 6 is not working kindle fire, stuck on the fastboot mode…..


    I do everything according to instructions, writes the error. “Android ADB Interface, This device can not. (Code 10)” and so on multiple PCs. please tell me what to do? 🙁

    • Hi After8, what are you trying to do?

  • After8

    Hi, sorry for my clumsy English… Wanted to “reflash” kindle fire on the jelly bean, so that its “refresh” should be sent to the regime of fastboot, and begin to install the drivers. But there was a problem with installing drivers, an error “This device can not start” (Code 10).”, although I do everything according to instructions

    • USB driver installation should be on normal Kindle Fire Android OS mode. Not in fastboot.

      • After8

        How it is now back to “normal” mode?

          • After8

            I do not have a yellow triangle, just a logo “Kindle fire” and the Kindle Fire Utility also tried it, says “waiting for device”. Need for drivers that would switch to normal mode, which is not installed, an error “This device can not start” (Code 10).”.

            • Kindle Fire Logo is based on newer FireFireFire bootloader (yellow triangle is older one).

              Try on other PC then.

              • After8

                Me need drivers to work correctly, but they are not properly installed. Advise how to install them, that would not give an error, “This device can not start” (Code 10).”.

                • Alx

                  Hi After8,

                  Following Jay correctly, please.
                  And then, follow me, try more two times and sent feedback if it’s corrrect.

                  Note : Guarantee usb connect. Follow these step exactly.
                  – Step 1 : When having “ADB Android Driver”, uninstall it. If not, restart pc & kindle once, if wrong, you need review above step of Jay.
                  – Step 2 : Disable & Enable every “USB Root Hub” exactly, assuring “Unknown Device” appear. If not, need restart pc & kinle
                  – Step 3 : When “Unknown Device” appear, certainly need restart pc & kindle.
                  – Step 4 : Check “Computer Management” and you will be see “Kindle Fire” yellow
                  – Step 5 : Locate it to “C:\Kindle Driver” (follow Jay) and just a minute, having “Android Composite ADB Interface”

  • After8

    I do not fully understand you, but I have now “Android Composite ADB Interface” what to do with it?

    • After8

      “Android Composite ADB Interface” yellow triangle with an exclamation mark. Сan anyone know what the problem is?

      • The driver installation is not correct. Remove and uninstall the existing driver and try again. Or try at other PC.

      • Alx

        Hello, you dunna know what am i talking about?
        You tried many times, but you dunna know …

        Do you want to fix “Code 10”, right?
        To fix code 10 :
        Fix : Device cannot start correctly – Code 10:
        • Restart your computer if you haven’t done so already.

        There is always the chance that the error Code 10 you’re seeing on a device was caused by some temporary problem in Device Manager or with the hardware. If so, a reboot might fix the Code 10 error.
        • Did you install a device or make a change in Device Manager just before the Code 10 error appeared? If so, it’s very possible that the change you made caused the Code 10 error.

        Undo the change if you can, restart your PC, and then check again for the Code 10 error.

        Depending on the changes you made, some solutions might include:
        • Remove or reconfigure the newly installed device.
        • Roll back the driver to a version prior to your update.
        • Use System Restore to undo recent Device Manager related changes.

        If following that guide above, it won’t work as hoped, you need uninstall that driver (checked “delete”) and follow my steps above …
        And now, do you understand?

        • After8

          Yes, thank you for all the options have already done and to other PC’s on my PC and reinstalled windose, still an error, and (code 10). I’m just not sure what to do: (

          • Alx

            Hmmmm …
            You sure you checked “Driver software for this device” before?
            If not, do it again.

            p/s : I have no idea with you

            • After8

              thanks for the help, but nothing helped

  • meeko

    hello i cant get pass step 11. i have not downloaded any kindle software and ive also tried to see if the kindle icon would have the program folder, but that does work either. A little help please?

    • Hi meeko, did you setup Android SDK Development Environment already?

  • Samus Arin

    This works too as a way to Install USB ADB Drivers for the ASUS Transformer Infinity TF700T
    (hope google gets that for anyone else that gets an ASUS pad, b/c they don’t give it out).

    Thanks a lot, this has helped me twice now!

  • paddy kelly

    Awesome! I never expect these things to work, but it went like a charm!

  • ron

    Things work a heck of a lot better when one uses a functioning mini-USB cable. All is well.

  • Panagiotis Piperopoulos

    Thank you so much. I was trying for days to find a suitable usb adb driver for my device.

  • Jasmyn

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • prisma

    hi it didnt work for me, it says something is wrong with code 28

  • Forrest

    I can’t find the Android file in program files (x86)it doesn’t exist on my computer

    • Hi Forrest, did you install Android SDK Development Environment?

  • josie long

    sweet article dude, thanks!!! saved the day!!! 🙂

  • Nevin

    Hi Jayce, appreciate the great info. I have installed everything following your step by step advice. Issue I have is when I get to this step I cannot find the path. I entered the two paths manually as you had recommended. I do not have an Android folder in Programs (x86)

    This is where I am getting hung up:

    Go to My Computer.
    Then go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\extras\google\usb_driver folder

    What can I do to fix this issue so I can get my kindle fire to communicate with my 64 bit Windows 7? Thanks!

    • Hi Nevin, did you install Android SDK Development Environment?

  • foysyl

    Hey Jayce, its all about KF but need HD2 ‘android composit adb interface’ driver …….at “device manager” got an ‘android phone’ + with the yellow exclamation point on ‘android composit adb interface’. & its hardware ids not look like USB\VID_ ….. its PCI\VEN_….. & i found C:\Users\YourUserName\.android folder but did not find adb_usb.ini &Key in 0×1949 in ths folder.
    Actually i need htc hd2’s adb driver…..please let me know the procedure how to install it on my xp or the link where i wil find step by step guide. thanks

    • HTC HD2 does not use this driver. It uses USB driver from Windows Mobile Device Center or ActiveSync.

  • Ed

    I do not have an android folder. I don’t know where to get one. When I try to install the driver instead of showing android phone, it shows up as portable device. And when I finish install the driver it shows up as MTP USB device… I NEED HELP 🙁

    • Ed

      I have downloaded the Android SDK Development Environment but when I try to install eclipse it says I don’t have java but i do

      • Install Java then.

        • Ed

          I have Java. I have uninstalled and installed a total of 3 times. It still keeps giving me that same message. I even downloaded the java developer kit or whatever its called but STILL doesn’t detect it. HELP :/

          • Hi Ed, please consult Google Support on the Android SDK installation part.

  • LinuxHater

    Why is it ever damn time one has to use linux it is a nightmare. Have written several hundred applications and been in IT 15 years, and promoted 7 times. And you know what. Have spent two hours fighting and wasting my time with trying to root a kindle.

    Why the hell is everything the linux developers build so damn hard to use. oh just download this utility, and well the JDK, and well the android SDK, and well some drivers, test it about 200 times, then maybe if your lucky it will connect.

    Use a .NET API find the device, update the driver associated with the device, connect and root it. Make all the tools availble online. or build a damn webpage with a Java in it that will connect and root it. Honestly what a waste of time. hour

  • Gavin Miller

    well hello sir
    i need a big help favour….well you see i have a kindle fire HD amd apparently it works through every other computer except mine why is that?

    • Sorry Gavin, I don’t understand. What not working?

  • Arelle

    I’m using Windows Xp. I followed all the steps both long and short method, downloaded all the stuff to be downloaded. When I finally install the drivers and select the folder where they are so they can be installed, it still says ‘wizard cannot find necessary software”. Please tell me what did I do wrong and how to correct it, I’m trying to fix this for two days already. Thanks!

    • Hi Arelle, is your Kindle Fire hardware ID setup correctly?

      • Arelle

        Yes. I tried my aunt’s Kindle Fire HD and the computer recognized it instantly. The computer recognized it as a portable device. I was able to put photos, music and books. I restored my kindle fire 2nd gen to factory settings, tried everything again. Won’t even recognize it. I was wondering if the problem is with the kindle itself, is that possible?

        • No idea, Arelle. Windows should auto detect it just like Kindle Fire HD. Try to consult Amazon Support.

  • kingkong

    hi jaycee wen install the driver from the directory its showing

    windows could not find the driver for your device

    i m running jellybean 4.2 on my kindle can pls give me the sollution

    • Hi kingkong, did you setup the correct hardware ID?

  • kingkong

    can we do reverse tethering on kindle

  • kingkong

    can you tell me how to setup correct hardware id

    • Hi kingkong, please refer to above guide.

  • kingkong

    i tried every thing nothing works

    does jelly bean rom 4.2 does not support adb drivers

    • It should run just fine. Please consult ROM chef in this case.

  • kingkong

    what is rom chef

  • kingkong

    galaxy y supports reverse tethering

    kindle should also suport

    i m not having a wifi router so pls tell give me the procedure for reverse tethering

    • Sorry, kingkong. I have no idea on this.

  • Glen

    When I update and locate the drivers it says;

    • Hi Glen, did you setup correct hardware ID?

      • Glen

        This is how I did it.
        Then I tried
        My Hardware ID is in the 1st pic, just incase I did something wrong, and you can just give me the copy paste.

        • The last pic hardware ID looks correct to me. Try on other PC see.

          • isaiah

            it doesnt work with windows 8 thats what I found

            • Gary Chen

              I found out how to get mine to work with Windows 8.1. Just forget adding all the device ID’s in the driver file, it just screws up the hash that’s checked against the .cat file. Change it back to the old one without the added lines, and then when you’re updating the driver select “Chose from a list” instead of “Browse”, then “Android device”, and then click “Have disk” and then browse to the /android-sdk/extras/google/drivers/usb-driver file.

              This worked for my 4th gen Fire HD 7, currently sideloading Fire OS 4.5.3 so I can root later.

  • kingkong

    does the jelly bean rom suport mic if i conect head phones

  • kingkong

    if yes then how

  • Waqqar

    I followed all steps, have two issues,
    first with the new adt bundle, I have no .ini file in .android folder.
    tried to create one but driver installation shows error as “android composite adb interface”
    “the hash for the file is not present”

    please help, I can see my kindle connected but pc asks to insert disk, and device manager shows a ? with the kindle.

    Please help

    • Hi Waqqar, did you install Android SDK Development Environment correctly?

      • Waqqar

        Yes, it was only to download and unzip the bundle.
        My adt bunder is located directly in c:

        • Sorry Waqqar, I have no idea if Android SDK Development Environment was installed correctly.

  • Nicky

    Great! thank you.

  • Garrett

    Andriod folder will not show up in the Programs Files (x86) After I installed JDK, then Android SDK Manger.. Help?

  • kingkong

    hi jaycee upload new stuff for kindle fire

  • plzhalp

    I’ve got a problem with step 11, there’s simply no android folder in C:\Program Files (x86).
    I’ve double-checked every step and installed sdk with all the plug-ins required.
    Could you please tell me what is the problem here?

    • Hi plzhalp, you might have 32 bits Windows. So you don’t have this folder. Look at C:\Program Files folder see.

      • plzhalp

        no luck it’s a 64 bits, any other ideas?

        • The latest version Android SDK change it default install path. It install at the folder that you extract the SDK zip file.

  • wes

    will this work on 2nd gen kindle fire (non hd)

    • Sorry wes, you need to try it yourself to find out. I don’t have 2nd Kindle Fire to test.

  • farra

    hi jaycee can u tell me how to unfreeze my samsung starwifi for free?

  • farra

    ya its freezed its not accepting any simcard

  • Pablo

    Hi Jayce! Thanks for your work, It’s very useful! Well, my problem is that when I connect my device to the computer (W7 x64) It is recognise as a mp3 player, and while in your first screenshot we could see several “device functions”, in my case It only shows the “Kindle” one. What can I do? Thanks from Spain.

    • Did you install any other Kindle Fire driver before?

  • Nixnaegie

    Thank you so much, I have been fighting this for two days. This worked perfectly!

  • mainu

    Thanks . At last Its working fine.

  • Ryukapple

    Excellent, finally a true guide for solve this problem

  • yoni

    hi, when I reached num. 23 my computer didn’t find any driver for my kindle. what should i do?

    • Hi yoni, is your USB hardware Id correct?

  • After trying to get my Nexus 4 recognised by ADB I found my existing Kindle Fire HD had stopped working and was no longer recognised by ADB,

    Had Googled for ages, until I came across your article and was back debugging in 10 minutes.

    Thanks for an excellent step-by-step, clear and precise post.

    Now back to thing started it all ….. getting my Nexus 4 recognised by ADB.

  • TiTOohi

    sorry but at the last step i have this : driver update is installed before

    • Hi TiTOohi, try to remove the existing one. And install it again.

  • Rob Russ

    When the Kindle fire is connect to my PC (Windows XP), I get a MTP yellow exclamation as well the Kindle yellow exclamation point under ‘Other Devices’ in the ‘Device Manager’ . If I install the Kindle fire adb USB driver, would I only set it up for the Kindle device or both??.
    The driver details for MTP = USB\VID_1949&PID_000B&MI_00\6&3014DAA5&0&0000
    The driver details for Kindle = USB\VID_1949&PID_000B&MI_01\6&3014DAA5&0&0001

    Assuming that this installation will work on Win XP.

    • Sorry Rob, I have no idea on MTP.

  • Bob

    I have tried everything, my kindle is bricked and I installed android sdk. Then I plug device in with fastboot cable and it goes to fastboot, windows says no drivers are found for the Tate PVT 08. Can someone please help me?

    • Bob

      Nevermind. I fixed the issue. Kindle is currently upgrading to latest version. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Luke


    I have followed the directions for my win 7 computer. When I go to install the drivers, my computer tells me my drivers are the best drivers for my computer and are up to date. It won’t let me change them to the new drivers I just worked so hard to install. Additionally, they show to be Windows system 32 drivers and not Kindle or ADB drivers.

    Finally, my Hardware IDs seem strange compared to what you said I should use when changing the driver file in notepad. I have

    That’s all and quite different from what you showed in the picture.

    Any help would be great.


    • Hi Luke, try to uninstall previous driver and install again see.

  • Shubham

    Thanx Bro

  • Roboko555

    Can you guys make a pc app to install HTC ONE SV drivers, and unlocking the bootloader, and root that device, I have been searching for those apps, but there is not much info about that device, PLEASE GUYS!!!! I NEED HELP

    • Try to find it at XDA Forum.

    • Try to find it at XDA Forum.

      • ROBOKO555

        Dude, dude, dude, THAT WAS THE FIRST THING I DID, WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM, IDIOT, no offense!!

  • EN

    Step by step instructions make it idiot-proof. Love it.

    Thanks for the info!

  • Essem

    Kindle isn’t showing up in Devices 🙁

    • Try on other USB port see. If still cannot, another PC.

  • Abdul

    Hello, I’ve been trying all day to get this to work but with no luck – my kindle was bricked (red screen on boot) so I got a fastboot cable and installed the adb drivers but when I try to use the command “adb devices” after killing and starting the server it still is not recognised. The kindle is recognised as Android Device_Android Composite ADB Interface (in device manager) and this is with fastboot mode on while being plugged in with the fastboot cable.

    I have tried almost everything so please could I get some help, thank you.

    • Hmm… You should have ADB driver installed then. Is your Android SDK Development Environment setup properly?

  • Raptor Jessus

    My pc cant find the drivers. I have double checked everything, its all just the way it needs to be. My kindle has no drivers. I have added the 2 lines of text in the usb file. I added my device id into the other usb file. when i ell it to look for the usb files it just says it cant find them.

  • David Wolf

    Thx a lot. I have to change some things but your help was greate!!

    I have to Tates and made the follow:

    For me PID_0007
    And the second one had MI_00 not MI_01

    ;Kindle Fire
    %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USBVID_1949&PID_0007
    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USBVID_1949&PID_0007&MI_01

    ;Kindle Fire
    %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USBVID_1949&PID_0007
    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USBVID_1949&PID_0007&MI_00

    • Gary Chen

      How did you find your PID and MI number?

  • Sally Bourne

    Hello there, have been trying to get my bricked Kindle Fire HD 8.9 to a point where I can fastboot or adb FOREVER!!!
    I’m stuck on blue logo (rooted my kindle previously, then deleted the os i think)
    I’ve finally managed to get it to show up as an ADB device, but it’s showing as 123456789ABCDEF unauthorised when I do “adb devices”
    I’m presuming I’ve done something wrong with the hardware ID bit. I’ve put a screenshot up. I left the rev bit out as I saw another post that said that, but now there’s just one ID and no MI bit.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE any ideas??

    • Your hardware ID is correct. But the problem is unauthorised issue. Maybe this can help – You can give it a try

      • Sally Bourne

        Thank you for your quick reply, I appreciate any help. Unfortunately, I’ve deleted all the adb files i could find on the computer and rebooted – i’d also done this previously but to no avail! I’m thinking I’ll try Soupkit on linux and if no luck, maybe open it up? I’ve put another screenshot, I dont know if it helps?
        I’ve authorised unsigned drivers etc….

        • Sorry Sally, I also have no idea. Maybe you can try to ask others at XDA Forum.

          • Sally Bourne

            It’s a mystery! No luck on Linux, will open her up and then probably bin it! Thank you Jayce, great tutorial xxxx

  • ALEX


    I bought an Amazon Kindle HD 8.9 tablet possessing the system CyanogenMod 11.

    wanting to return it to its original state, I did a factory reset by selecting in the settings. three days since it does not loop restarts and turns on the logo teamnew after having written kindle fire.

    how I can solve this problem because I did not know that the Amazon tablet encountered problems (when rooted) during a factory reset

    Thank you in advance for your assistance

  • thundermonkey

    Thanks! This worked on my 2015 7 Fire.

  • Gary Chen

    Tampering with the driver file causes the message “The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file. The file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering.”

    Any way to update the hashes in the cat? Thanks!

  • Charles Tilley

    It won’t let me save android_winusb.inf from notepad. access denied.

  • Muhammad Altaban

    hey there
    could you please explain more about the step 17 what exactly should I write and where in the android file
    I did not know how to do it
    but everything else worked with me
    I will be waiting for your replay
    also the ads did not go after I downloaded the google play software

    • Go to folder. If you can’t see it, try to unhide system files.

  • El Chupacabra

    Hi. I’m on step 11, and I can’t find any file called “Android” under my program files. Any tips?

    • You need to install Android SDK Development Environment first.

  • hyacinth drew

    for some reason I cant get the 0x1949 I don’t know where to post it at could you help me

  • hyacinth drew

    Are u looking at your site I’m stuck @ 17 please read it then respond to me I need help.

    • Please answer my question else I can’t help much…

      • hyacinth drew

        No, i don’t know where to put the 0x1949 also how do I make sure I have administrator rights. Is there any way for you to remotely help me?

        • Install Android SDK first in this case. You will know the admin right then. Sorry, can’t remotely help here…

  • Willie

    I’m using a program where the kindle is forced to reboot once, turn on again and soon after reboot a second time. It doesn’t reboot a second time. Can someone help me?

  • RoxanaC

    my notepad doesn’t have kindle fire