V-KOOL Malaysia Window Film for Automotive

V-KOOL is a pioneer in window films technology in Malaysia. The ‘V’ in V-KOOL is derived from the spectral-selectivity properties characterized by the films’ coating. In a wavelength vs. rejection graph, V-KOOL lets most of the visible light through, but rejects almost all the infra-red and ultra-violet wavelengths. This appears as a V-shaped graph, thereby representing the ‘V’ in V-KOOL. Cool, right?

V-KOOL Malaysia Window Film

V-KOOL Window Film Features

  • Film Incorporated by Top Car Manufacturers
  • Top 100 inventions of The Millennium
  • Professional Installation
  • 5-Year Manufacturer-Backed Warranty
  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • SPF200+ Protection
  • Preserves the value of your car
  • Scratch Resistant

V-KOOL Malaysia Product Catalogue

Visible Light Transmittance73.20%
Visible Light Reflectance8.00%
Ultra-Violet Radiation Rejection99.00%
Shading Coefficient0.50
Infra-Red Heat Rejection94.00%
Visible Light Transmission61.00%
Visible Light Reflectance14.00%
Ultra-Violet Radiation Rejection99.00%
Shading Coefficient0.61
Infra-Red Heat Rejection66.00%

Visible Light Transmission70.00%
Visible Light Reflectance9.00%
Ultra-Violet Radiation Rejection99.00%
Shading Coefficient0.50
Infra-Red Heat Rejection94.80%
Windowshield 50-
Visible Light Transmission50.00%
Visible Light Reflectance12.00%
Ultra-Violet Radiation Rejection99.00%
Shading Coefficient0.62
Infra-Red Heat Rejection80.00%

V-KOOL Elite and V-KOOL SECURE (8mil) are compliant with JPJ Malaysia Installation of Tinted Glass Rules with visible light transmittance of 70%. But heard from Lowyat that GPS devices are not working properly with it. And SmartTAG is not so friendly also. But also heard that new releases of these window films are improved.

Any V-KOOL users can advise me?