How to root Samsung Galaxy S3 with CF-Root? (Video)

How to root Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 or GT-I9300T? Is that the question in your mind when you got Samsung Galaxy S3. For me, root access is a must have for Android devices. You can do lot of interesting stuffs like backup applications and data with Titanium Backup, remove advertisements, improve user experience with custom modification… Thanks to CF-Root. Root Samsung Galaxy S3 is not a mission impossible task. Just watch the step by step video guide to learn how to root Samsung Galaxy S3.


  • Odin3
  • CF-Root

Note – CF-Root supports Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 and GT-I9300T model only (at the time of writing this guide). Don’t install CF-Root on other Samsung Galaxy S3 models.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on About device.
  3. Find out your SGS3 Model number. Make sure that it’s GT-I9300 or GT-I9300T.
  4. Then power off your phone.
  5. Press and hold down Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  6. Press Volume Up button when warning prompt.
  7. Odin download mode will be loaded.
  8. Connect USB cable to your phone.
  9. At PC, extract CF-Root .tar file that you downloaded to CF-Root folder.
  10. Then bring up Odin3.
  11. Click on PDA.
  12. Select the .tar at CF-Root folder.
  13. Click Start then.
  14. Remove USB cable from your phone when you see green PASS! at Odin3.
  15. After Android loaded, you should see CWM Manager and SuperSU installed.
  16. That’s all and enjoys root access.

Download Odin3 v3.04 here.
Download CF-Root for Samsung Galaxy S3 here.

CF-Root is not working for you? Try out CF-Auto-Root for Samsung Galaxy S3 then.

  • Akiyoo

    Good guide Jayce…..thanks
    So this root will not come out with Yellow Triangle Mark means counter still Zero or already 1 ?

  • Souvik

    More Than Thanks Bro !…! ^-^

  • Yuzner

    I don’t know why, but after loading odin, this program did’t saw my mobile,and that’s why when I click to start button, nothing happened((

    • Hi Yuzner, try to install Samsung Kies. It will provide the USB drivers needed.

      • Yuzner

        Ok I will try))

  • Yuzner

    ))thnk’s))working now))

  • Jay

    Hey Jayce, I am having a problem opening Odin, it says that the tmax.dll file is missing, any suggestions. And I am still confused about what to do with the CF-Root. Sorry to new android. thanks

    • tmax.dll should be in the same folder as Odin3. Take time to study CF-Root then.

  • Jay

    It is in the same folder but when I open Odin it doesnt seem to find it for some reason

    • Reboot your PC see. If still cannot, try on other PC.

  • Jay

    I did everything now, I got the green pass, do I have superSU now? and what do I do now, if I want free apps or so forth?

    • You should have SuperSU now. Get free apps at Google Play Store.

      • ryan houston

        Rooting doesn’t allow you to get apps for free haha! Rooting allows you to have full control over your phone known as ‘Super User’! Also you can get apps for free without rooting from google play! Also check out snappz market and app planet these are alternative app stores! Further questions about these stores can be asked via email since I very much doubt Jayce will give you much info about them and quite right!

  • Sun

    After rooting then can I download free game? which program do and need and how. Thank you πŸ™‚

    • You don’t need root access to download free games from Google Play Store.

      • Sun

        No am sorry, I mean like to download game that cost you something, like when I jailbreak my ipod to download free game instead of paying

        • Sorry, no warez discussion here.

  • Ed

    Hi, wondering if rooting this will set the phone back to default?

  • zhen

    thanks! worked like a charm!

  • Dave

    hi jayce i cant seem to Root my Phone, Odin cant detect it, already installed Kies

    • Hmm… Try on other PC then.

  • Hello mate well done on this brilliant tutorial! Just a quick question because i am struggling to get my head around this rooting stuff! I have done a google search before asking but just keep returning ‘rom manager’ is this what i need to flash roms… i thought that ‘CWM Manager’ Was for. Thanks very much again!

    • ROM Manager is for CM based of ROM. CWM Manager is for CF-Root based of ROM. Both of them have CWM (boot). Use it to be safe like I always do.

  • eddie

    hi does root require specific firmware?
    i am already on XXALF6.

    • No eddie.

      • eddie

        just rooted my phone.

  • mohammed

    perfect, i had my phone unlocked to any sim card, absolutely perfect.

  • th

    hi, do you need the sd card to be in the phone when you root? i root the s3 without the sd card in it and was wondering if it is fine? thanks

    • No need. Can you use application that require root access now? If yes, then no issue.

  • peugas

    As far as I understand, rooting a device means to install a custom Android OS, right?

    After rooting my device, will I lose Galaxy S3 apps like: S Voice, Smart stay, Burst shot & Best photo, Recording snapshot, HDR, … ?


  • neo

    hello.I did successfully root as your guide.It’s Pass.But I still can’t install viber application.It’s install blocked.And when I launch Reader Hub app,it’s experiencing rooting detected.what is the problem with my phone.And do I need to insert SD card to root.Many thanks.

    • Viber app installation have nothing to do with root access.
      Use Voodoo OTA RootKeeper to temporary unroot SGS3 when use Reader Hub.
      No need SD card to root.

      • neo

        so,bro,please help me.Why can’t I install viber app also before and after root.Before root, it says install will block because it is not from android market.After is the same.All apps that are not from samsung apps store are block to install.

        • Go to Settings – Security. Check Unknown sources ~ Allow installation of non-Market apps. Then select OK.

          • neo

            Thank you very much for your kindness Bro.It works.And one more thing.My phone can’t access to play apps is ok.I’m from myanmar.Is play store doesn’t access to myanmar?thanks alot.

            • No idea about Google Play Store in Myanmar. Try to consult Google Support.

          • neo

            Thank you and sorry that I made you busy too much

  • maddy

    hey, thanks for the tutorial. i rooted my s3 and everything worked good.
    now there is a new firmware update from samsung which i wanna make, but i doesnt install after downloading (wrong checkssum or something).. can you tell whats the best way to update the firmware and still got the s3 rooted? thank you!

    • Use Mobile ODIN Pro ~ EverRoot option. This will keep root access after firmware update. But not 100% work on every firmware.

      Or just reroot it again with Odin on PC after installed new firmware.

  • Giom

    Hi Jayce, thanks a billion times it works like a charm and congrats for your blog! By chance, any advice/clue on how to solve the wifi connection issue (connection dropping permanently)? I have tried the following but the problem remains:
    1. Go to your phone dialer
    2. Dial *#0011#
    3. When you see the “ServiceMode” screen, press the left menu button
    4. Select “WiFi”
    5. See that “Wifi Power Save Mode” button that is “ON” – well turn it “OFF”
    6. Exit this menu, turn off your Wifi and turn it back on. If you already entered all your wifi credentials, forget your network info (remove it) and re-enter it again.

    Thanks in advance πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Giom, I don’t face this Wi-Fi issue. Please consult Samsung Support. Your hardware might have issue.

  • Markus


    After doing this, I’m unable to install certain apps from the Play market store. It downloads OK, but I get the error “not enough space”, and the installation process quits…
    This is really annoying, because I can’t install ex. Facebook, NFC task launcher, I can’t update Google maps and so on… Seems like it can’t install apps that require access to write/delete contents on USB. I’m able to install apps like Patch, DrawSomething and so on without issues.

    The only reason I did this, was so that I could install apps to the SD-card, but the Apps2SD didn’t work, but now I’m stuck with a rather dumb smartphone… I wanted to try to flash it back to stock and use TriangleAway, but the recipe you put up for that didn’t match what happened on my phone, so I didn’t fulfill the process.
    Also, I couldn’t find a stock rom that matched what it said in my phone info, so I’m kinda stuck here…I’ve tried searching the webs to find some sollution to the issue of not being able to install certain apps, but I can’t seem to find anything that matches my issues! πŸ™

    • What is your stock firmware version?

      • markus

        It says Imm76d.i9300xxalf5 now in the info about the phone .

          • markus

            And by flashing with that file , i remove the root and get the phone back to stock , except from the change from official to changed in the bootmenu?

            • Changed in the bootmenu? What do you mean?

              • markus

                Settings-about phone-status-changed/normal.

                I read samsung tracked if you had rooted/changed the phone and that info ended up there….?

                • It will back to normal on official firmware. But Custom binary download is still not clear if you did not use Triangle Away.

                  • markus

                    This is not so important to me so i’d rather not.

                    But will cmw recovery and the super su be gone, and will i be able to innstall apps again?

                    • They will be gone. You can still install apps from Google Play Store.

  • Markus

    This did not work. The SuperSU and CMW are gone, but still getting same error message when trying to install apps. Also, it seems like the phone was not wiped, because all the apps that were on the phone before trying to install the stock rom, are still there.


  • Markus

    As I wrote above the Triangle Away method showed up some things that wasn’t mentioned in your guide. It was not able to see in the program on my phone if the phone had been tampered with.
    But do I have to use TA to remove everything, so that the appstore and everything will work again?

    • All you need to do is wipe data and cache in recovery. Factory reset in short.

      • Markus

        That did the trick. I was afraid I’d screwed up bigtime and practically brukes my phone, but stock firmware and a factory reset did it.

        Thanks a bunch, mate. But maby you should update your article with info om this possible problem?

  • santo

    Dear Jayce…

    Please, help…
    After rooting s3, the CWM wrote “this version of CWM Manager should be used with CF-Root v5.0 or newer. It appears you are running a differrent kernel. Various features have been disabled”


    • CWM Manager only works with CF-Root CWM. Reinstall back CF-Root CWM will fix it.

      • santo

        I’ve already reinstall back CF Root CWM.. But it’s same happen…
        So, what can i do? thanks

        • Hi santo, seem like it does not replace your existing kernel. Try to consult Chainfire at XDA website then.

  • Sudharsan

    Hello jayce,
    So if root the phone with this do i lose my warranty??

  • sudharsan

    Sorry to disturb you again,
    i mean like wouldn’t they check the counter and all or someother way??

    • The counter was reset back to default, right?

      • sudharsan




  • Moogle Stiltzkin

    Hi jay,

    i rooted my samsung s3 using odin3 + cf-root. i then later upgrade to supersu pro. i also installed the wanamlite 2.0 rom, and the siyah 1.4 kernel.

    so my question is, is ota rootkeeper still needed/compatible with my device ?

    because apparently on the googleplay, they say it isn’t because it doesn’t work with supersu because of overlapping features.

    but i heard that ota rootkeeper has mempodroid protection. because i ran my phone it says i am vulnerable to it, so i’m looking for options.

    this is the app i used to check

    • Sorry, no idea as I don’t have your software combination. You need to try it yourself.

  • Rolando

    Hi Jayce,

    I’ve followed your instructions, saw the green Pass on Odin application, I see the new apps installed. however it the phone is asking for SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN.

    I’ve tried removing the sim card and re-runing the Odin.
    Note: My Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 came from UK and is locked by Three mobile network. And I am using a sim card from a Brazilian mobile operator – TIM.

    Please help,

  • Ali

    Thanks for the post really helped was having trouble rooting it but was using the older usb cable, but when i used the stock cable that came with the phone it WORKED!!!.

    SUPERB post and video


  • arven

    does this guide works for my s3 gt-i9300 with baseband ig9300xxlf5 ?




  • Amit

    Hello sir,i have S3 Model-I9300T…help me how to root help me plzzz

    • Just follow the guide here. And read more at XDA website if needed.

      • Amit

        Sir Your rooting method will work on my s3 Model-I9300T….help me sir..u said make sure model-I9300….Help me PLzzzzzzzz

        • You won’t ask me this question if you take time to read more at XDA website.

          • Amit

            Sir Help meee

  • Edmund

    Hi Jayce,my phone automatically updated by auto update 2x time.Now the firmware different with original stock.Can this CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4 suitable for root?My baseband version is I9300DXLF3

    Many thanks

    • Yes, Edmund. It should be working since CF-Root does not depend on kernel version but model.

      • Edmund

        Hi Jayce,after i root my phone can i still upgrade my firmware via samsung kies?

  • Trent

    Hi jayce

    I followed your procedure for shutting down etc, but my reboot screen looks nothing like yours. I get a menu with options to reboot & select with volume down key & select with power key.

    I have build IMM76D.I9300XXBLFB Android version 4.04

    • Hi Trent, which step are you at now?

  • Trent

    Hi Jayce

    Thanks for prompt reply. I hav`nt proceeded! Was awaiting your email advice.

    These are the options I have:-
    * Reboot system now
    * apply update from external storage
    *wipe date / factory reset
    *wipe cache partition
    *apply update from cache

    I Download Odin3 v3.04 & trying to find CF-Root for Samsung Galaxy S3.

    Very anxious about doing this properly. I`m an old windows mobile user



    • So what is your issue now?

  • Trent

    Same issues!

    Why is my reboot screen so different to your example? Did I miss an important point in the procedure?

    7.Odin download mode will be loaded. (I don`t get to this point)
    8.Connect USB cable to your phone.
    9.At PC, extract CF-Root .tar file that you downloaded to CF-Root folder.
    10.Then bring up Odin3.
    11.Click on PDA.
    12.Select the .tar at CF-Root folder.
    13.Click Start then.
    14.Remove USB cable from your phone when you see green PASS! at Odin3.
    15.After Android loaded, you should see CWM Manager and SuperSU installed.
    16.That’s all and enjoys root access.

  • Trent

    Hi Jayce

    Okay, I have Odin 3 & unpacked the CF-Root archive &extracted CF-Root-SGS3-v6.0.tar
    After shut down, this is what I see…where to from here??

    These are the options I have:-
    * Reboot system now
    * apply update from external storage
    *wipe date / factory reset
    *wipe cache partition
    *apply update from cache

  • Trent

    Ok Jayce

    I was`nt holding volume down properly!! I have the Warning screen visible with option to continue via volume up & Cancel for volume down. I`m going to try step by step again.

    Please bear with me

  • Trent

    HI Jayce

    I followed all your point exactly. Success!! I`ve rooted my S3.

    I need to run easy UMS, but advised that I require “Busybox” – Is this the norm?

    • Just install Busybox from Google Play Store.

      • Trent Saunders

        Thanks for the info Jayce.

        I have a program called e wallet that requires USB mass storage to sync with a windows desk top edition. I was hoping that my rooting & installing easy UMS, that I would be able to sync. Unfortunately, i get an error advising that Android drivers cannot be found.

        Are you familiar with this issue? Have any other users perhaps had similar issues?

        • Sorry Trent, no idea on this program. Maybe you can consult that program support team.

          • Trent

            HI Jayce

            Thanks a million for your assistance – What is the next step to zero the counter & remove triangle

            • There is no triangle, right? No need to zero the counter unless you want to restore everything back to stock (remove root access).

  • Trent

    Thanks Jayce

    No – No triangle! I am I correct in saying that if for some reason my device has to in for a warranty repair, I would have to follow this example

    Will this effectively reset the counter you mention?

    What is the procedure for installing new stock firmware on a “rooted device” ?

  • Dave Au

    hi jaycee, my software updated just today, and i lost root and sim got network locked again, if i root again following the steps above will this remove the update installed today?

    • No, rooting does not remove new update.

  • Amerr

    Hi Jayce…

    May I ask u sumthink??.. Is installing the root is the best way to transfer data from phone to pc easily since it is difficult to transfer data to pc using MTP..btw, I had already installed SGS3 Easy UMS…but should I still installing Root n Odin ??.btw I am from Malaysia

    Thanx in advance bro!!

    • Hi Amerr, you need root access in order to use SGS3 Easy UMS.

  • Trent

    Hi Jayce

    Not that I have rooted, please can you advise programs / tweaks that will benefit my Galaxy S3

    What would be the scenario if samsung release firmware. How would I update if my phone if rooted?

  • albouet

    hi jayce

    i am a novice at this rooting , and jailbreaking technology, but i am quite proud of myself after following your instructions i rooted my samsung s3. i am gratefully thankful for your advice and how informative it was. does rooting allow uninstalation of apps on samsung s3, i just sue phone and dont need apps or games, would appreciate any advice on this.

    thank you once again

  • HassaN

    Hi Jayce,

    I just got a Galaxy s3 I9300…. Just saw your video…. Looks amazing…. Great Work!
    Just wanna root my phone using your method but had couple of question;

    -Will my phone book remains unharmed?

    – The apps that I have installed, will they be there after rooting or will they go away?

    To sum it, will my phone settings/apps/contacts remain the way they are at the moment or will I have to do everything again after rooting?

    Your immediate response will greatly appreciated…

    Thanks and regards

    • Yes, if nothing go wrong.

      Everything will be intact (if nothing go wrong). πŸ™‚

      • HassaN

        Thanks for your immediate reply…..

        Just wondering what could possibly go wrong??? Just made a little confused….


        • For example, no electric current during CF-Root installation. Might have issue then.

          • HassaN

            Thanks for replying….. Appreciate it….

            As I was about to Root the phone with your method, last 3 questions;

            – Will this method Flash insecure Boot Image as well along besides Rooting it?

            – Just found ODIN3 v3.7 on the net – Can I use 3.07 as well or just v3.04 (what u recommended)?

            – My friend used Galaxy S3 Toolkit 5.0 to root his phone; How is your method different from it or do they both do the same thing?

            Waiting for your reply……

            Thanks and Regards

            • Sorry HassaN, no idea about these as I did not try them.

              • HassaN

                Thanks for replying…..

                Kindly tell me if your method will work on the following:

                Galaxy S III GT-i9300
                Android Version: 4.0.4
                Baseband Version: I9300XXLFB
                Build Number: IMM76D.I9300XXBLFB

                PLz wish me luck as well…..

                Thanks and Regards

                • It should work on all I9300 SGS3.

                  • HassaN

                    Thanks for your reply…..

                    I did Root the phone using your suggested method…. I worked like a charm…. Thanks!!!!!!

                    Just for info, if I ever decide to update my Version 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) to Version 4.1 (Jelly Bean), will that be possible on my Rooted Phone? If yes, will I have to Re-Root it or will it stay Rooted even after the update?

                    By the way, do you suggest updating to Jelly Bean ?

                    Thanks and Regards

                    • Yes, need to re-root it again.

                      No official Jelly Bean firmware yet.

  • albouet

    hi jace

    successfully disabled all bloatware you suggested, but not get a message saying..the website market something etc etc cannot be displayed, when i try to download anything..and suggestions please.

    thank you

    • Which bloatware did you disable?

      • albouet

        hi jace

        just the ones you yu suggested were safe to disable in link you gave earlier. all the ones that had yes next to them in yellow on bloatware link you gave.


        • So you disable ChatON only?

          • albouet

            no disabled all the ones that said yes, in yellow. but i did factory reset , and all apps are back now and was able to downalod, should i root samsung again ? aplogies i am a novice at this


            • Root or not is totally up to you. πŸ˜‰

  • albouet

    after factory reset, cmw and supersu, are still there, if i root again, will this overwrite them. does rooting unlock phone for any network ?


  • Barry

    I would like to know how to do this rooting of SAMSUNG GALAXY 3 ( from Korea ) . If I root the phone, will I be able to update the firmware without this message saying that I am not able to update without SKT USIM . I am a Mac user and I am deaf. I quite don’t know how to go about rooting of the phone. Kindly help me.
    Thank you

  • David

    My Galaxy s3 is not this model GT-I9300 or GT-I9300T.
    It is SCH-R530U VERSION 4.0.4

    • David

      from USSC will it still work

    • Sorry David, no.

      • David

        Thank you.

  • naharuto

    hi is it ok if i root my phone but still using stock firmware not custom?

    • Yes naharuto.

      • naharuto

        oh thx u thx u for the reply! i really appreciate it.

  • naharuto

    i already root my phone but i dont see titanium backup in there

  • cal

    Hi Joyce-
    Is your method described here can also be used for S3 I9308 model?

  • sophie

    I did everything in your tutorial. now, what do I have to do to acces the system folder where I can delete the shutter camera sound? thx

    • Try this… Go to /system/media/audio/ui/. Then rename shutter.ogg to shutter.bak.

      • sophie

        thx Jayce. one more question: how can I turn off notification sound for delivery report for text messages? where do I find the file in the system? looked everywhere on internet and no answer πŸ™ much appreciated all your help!

        • Just don’t enable Delivery reports. πŸ˜‰

  • Melvin

    Hi Jayce,

    Good guide as always, I will have my S3 by Friday. So what are the consequence of having rooted S3?
    – will I be able to have OTA updates?
    – will this prevent me from using some apps? (since as I read the comments and I see some who can’t use apps like google play and other samsung related apps?)

    I hope you don’t mind I will also throw Triangle Away question here, so what does it do? It will reset the counter to 0 and will reset your phone to original settings? Since I thought this TA will just reset your counter to 0 and still enjoy root access OR TA IS USED ONLY if you need to restore everything back and need to send it to samsung for warranty claim?

    Thank you so much and more power on your site.

    • – Yes and no. You will receive OTA update but can’t install it. Use Samsung Kies to install.
      – Yes, certain apps and games don’t allow root access. But you can always temporary remove root access.

      Triangle Away reset counter only. You need to restore stock firmware yourself.

      • Melvin

        So meaning Jayce TA will just reset the counter so I can and retain root access of the device? Sounds good BUT all guides I read have this BOLD RED COMMENTS “THIS IS A DANGEROUS OPERATION AND COULD POTENTIALLY BRICK YOUR DEVICE.”

        How many % that I might brick the device if I do TA?


        • No need to run Triangle Away if you are not going to send it back for warranty. As having root access, your system is still under modified.

          % is very very low. So far I did not hear people brick their SGS3 while running Triangle Away.

          • melvin

            Got it! Thanks a lot Jayce! You’re the best!

  • Babar

    bro i need ur help whenever i start play store it ask for sign in noe or exsistin i have acount in gmail it works 2 days ago on my galaxy s3 but now it shows signing in but it cant not sign in i did wait for 3 hour contiuosly nothing happen den i make an another acount on gmail thats also not workin please help me out.
    Waiting for your possitive response.

    • Is the Internet connection working?

  • Babar

    yes its workin full signals

    • Hmm… You can try to factory reset in this case.

      • Babar

        i did but nothing happened bro wot can i do please need ur help

        • Please consult Samsung / Google Support then.

  • Hisham

    Hello there..I have a problem with copying text on my galaxy s3…the program crashes if I try to copy e.g. a text message, and it will cause the messaging program to stop…my phone also gets slower when I exit any app, takes time to get to the home screen..Please help if there’s any solution to this? Does rooting helps with this?

    • No Hisham, rooting does not help here. You can try to factory reset.

  • Rick

    Hi Jayce bro,

    I was followed everything step given.

    1. Go to Settings. -done
    2. Click on About device. -done
    3. Find out your SGS3 Model number. Make sure that it’s GT-I9300 or GT-I9300T. -done
    4. Then power off your phone. -done
    5. Press and hold down Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time. -done
    6. Press Volume Up button when warning prompt. -done
    7. Odin download mode will be loaded. >>is this means just open the Odin?<< -if ya,done
    8. Connect USB cable to your phone. -done
    9. At PC, extract CF-Root .tar file that you downloaded to CF-Root folder. -done
    10. Then bring up Odin3. -what this mean?
    11. Click on PDA. -done
    12. Select the .tar at CF-Root folder. -done
    13. Click Start then. -done
    14. Remove USB cable from your phone when you see green PASS! at Odin3. -done
    !!!!15. After Android loaded, you should see CWM Manager and SuperSU installed. -NO CWM AND SUPERSU INSTALLED!!

    so do I consider rooted or?

    Pls help… new to rooting and flash stuffs… =/

    • Rick

      It’s okay bro.. Finally i did it!! I re-do again and finally I saw supersu and cwm…
      next, finding a suitable flash/stock firmware. May I know which firmware you using, Jayce bro? =D

      oh ya! a million thanks to you. appreciate!!

      • I am using CheckROM EvoHD ROM currently.

  • Simon

    My Reader’s Hub isn’t working. It says “root detected” then quits when I press “ok”

    Annoying, I’ve paid for quite a few books and magazines.

    Anyone know a way around this?


  • HuChi

    Hi Jayce,

    I want to root my S3 but my model is T999. Does that make a difference? If so do you have another guide onto how to root this model? Thanks.

  • Jon

    Hi Jayce,
    Great website, im new at android and cant whait to enjoy all the good stuff that comes with rooting my Galaxy s3, however I have 2 questions.
    1. I have insurance trough my carrier, if i ever need it (breaking the phone or needing service) can i restore the phone to the original state?
    2.- My s3 is locked to Telenor sweden, will the rooting process work?

  • vick

    Hello Jayce. I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S2 locked on ‘3’ network from the UK. Firmware version is 2.3.5 Gingerbread. I need some help to unlock it to be able to use any SIM. Thanks.

  • Damian

    Hi Jayce,
    So I rooted my phone just like in your video and it seems to have worked perfectly. However, I still can’t find a way to access my phone’s system files, from either the phone, or my PC. Specifically, I’m after a way to replace the lock/unlock/touching an application/back key sounds. I know they’re in the system files, and that the lock/unlock files are called “lock.ogg” and “unlock.ogg” respectively, and that they should be located at “/system/media/audio/ui”, but I can’t for the life of me work out how to navigate here so I can edit the files themselves.
    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Damian, you need to use file explorer with root access like ES File Explorer. Enable root access in settings.

      • Damian

        Hi Jayce,
        Thanks for that! I can access the files now. Just one more question; can I replace the files with .mp3 files, or will I have to convert them to .ogg files first? If so, do you know of a good file converter I could use to do this?
        Thanks again for your help.

        • Sorry Damian, no idea on this…

          • Damian

            That’s okay, thanks anyway for all your help. πŸ™‚

  • ashton

    I just bought my first Android phone and was wondering how do i root a SGH-I747? And what else do i need to know bout rooting or any tips bout androids? I’m really interested in modifying my phone but I’m a little bit scared of screwing it up. Thanks

  • treryan

    hi Jayce, i had previously rooted my GS3 GTI9300 using your method. However i recently updated it to Jellybean using kies and that unrooted the phone. so i tied to root it again using ur method but it did not work successfully as i cant run any apps that need root access. Is there a different method to rooting GS3 running jellybean? Please tell me what i can do to root it.
    Thanks in advance for your help

  • vikram

    HI jayce,
    Nice guide on rooting and good answers to the questions.
    I am from INDIA with S3 on baseband version: I9300DDLH1,Kernel version:3.0.15-928452-userse.infra@SEP-107#1.
    I need to know if this version can be rooted or if so with CF root file should be used.I saw the latest version is 6.4,is anything more recent than that.Also which Odin version should i use?


    • Hi vikram, CF-Root should work on every I9300.

      • vikram

        Thanks Jayce for the reply.
        Which will be the version of CF root should i use?
        Is CF Root better or any other root is better?

        • You can use the latest one.
          So far I only use CF-Root on SGS3, no idea about other rooting method.

          • vikram

            Thanks again very quick reply.
            The latest version is 6.4.
            Am I right?

  • Amerr

    hi jayce….
    may i ask u something??..
    something went wrong on my s3 when i was updated my android to jellybean…
    until now,i still can’t open messaging after upgraded to jellybean..
    should i reset my device back again???
    do u have any suggestions??…
    thanx 4 advance..really appreciated..

    • Yes Amerr, factory reset should help.

  • Hi Jayce, is there a method to remove root and reset binary counter should I root the phone using this method?

    Btw, are you from Malaysia? I’ve heard Samsung Msia doesn’t really bother if you modified your phone before and will still fix your phone should you claim warranty?

    Thanks bro!

  • Timo

    Hey, awesome video.

    But would you be so kind, that add subtitles on these?

    As being deaf, I’m not exactly sure what to do in every case, even they are
    written on that below video.

    Thanx a lot!

    • No worry, Timo. There is no void tutorial in that video. Just background music.

      Please watch the video. Then follow this step by step guide. You can do it too. πŸ˜‰

  • Norman

    My SGS3 model number is SPH-L710. Will your root instructions work on it.
    Thanks much.

  • Eason47

    Great Guide!
    I just follow your “step-by-step” guide as I’m currently stuck in somewhere that cannot view youtube videos…

    But, the step 7 “Odin download mode will be loaded.”
    – The word “Odin” made me confused…
    I thought prior to this step, there was something need to install that’s not explained in the guide…

    • Hi Eason47, what is the issue? There is no need to install anything before this.

  • Karim


    How r u?
    I updated my S3 via kies to JB, rooted my phone. Everything seems ok nevertheless some apps keep on crashing and the phone reboots alone few times but it is not a big deal.

    the problem is I went to software update and it gave me “Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available”.

    Any suggestions? is that due to rooting the phone?

    Please help.


    • Yes Karim. Rooted SGS3 can’t use OTA update. But you can still upgrade firmware using Samsung Kies.

      • Karim

        Hey Jayce,

        Happy new year first and I hope you are in a good shape.

        I have upgraded my S3 to Android 4.1.2 and I want to root it also.

        I read in several forums that CF-Root for SGS3 v6.4 can be used to root jelly bean 4.1.2.

        Waiting your suggestions.

        Regards and thanks for your help in advance.

  • karl

    hi jayce, how come whenever i click start it just says All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)
    please help

    • Hi karl, anything different between yours and mine in the video?

      • Karl

        Hi jayce thanks for immediate reply, i notice that when you open odin, you already have a message like added and on the bar below id:com theres 0:(comm) but i dont have any, and i do have kies air will that be enough?

  • Karl

    And isnt it the only file in cf root folder is cf-root-sgs3-v6.4?

  • Karl

    Sorry for the bother again jayce but is samsung kies and kies air works the same?

  • Mono

    hi jaycee, CF-ROOT is updated? thanks

  • Mono

    hi jaycee, does it work with JB 4.1.2?

  • Mono

    the CWM app actually does it work too? sorrym asking too many quest. πŸ˜€

    • Should be.

      • Mono

        it must be in usb debugging mode right?

  • Alex

    Hi Jayce,

    After rooting the phone, if i do a factory reset, will it unroot it?

    • No, Alex.

      • Alex

        Thanks for your reply. I’ve rooted my S3, is it safe to do a factory reset? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  • James

    Jayce, after I rooted my S3, where can I get good custom rom, and what are custom rom for by the way. Thanks

  • ike

    Below is the output I got when I tried to root my S3;

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    CF-Auto-Root-m0-m0xx-gti9300.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)

    • Hi ike, try to consult developer at XDA Forum. No idea on this one. Sorry…

  • James

    Jayce Ooi, why I can’t set my superuser speed. It is fix at min 200 and max 1400.

    • Superuser speed? What do you mean?

      • James

        The phone max processor speed.

        • Did you install custom kernel that support overclock?

          • James

            I have install liquid smooth v2.9. But still can’t adjust the overclock.

            • Please consult liquid smooth developer then.

  • James

    Jayce Ooi, what is CM 10.1 for? And what is kernel for again? Which one come first? Thank you… forget already

    • CM 10.1 is a ROM. Kernel is the heart of Android ROM. Both come together.

  • henry

    Hola gracias por el articulo, consulta tambien funcionara en un galaxy S3 i9305?