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Best Android 2.2 Froyo Kernel for HTC HD2

Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2 cannot be done without help from the developers. Thanks to them. We are able to use Android on our lovely HTC HD2. Kernel is the heart of operating system, so getting the right one is very important. There are 2 main kernels ~ Hastarin and MDJ Kernels. Both of them are great and you can’t be wrong to use anyone of them.


How to switch between Android input methods? This is the question that you will ask when you install other Android input method like Google Pingyin IME (谷歌拼音输入法) for Android. You already enabled it in Language & keyboard at settings. But still can’t use it…

Android input method


Chinese is supported natively in Android as it has simplified and traditional Chinese locale support, which gives you Chinese fonts and the option to change the entire interface into Chinese. But not every Android ROMs has Chinese input method by default. Therefore, Google comes out its own Google Pingyin IME (谷歌拼音输入法) for Android. It is only support Pingyin and Stroke but it is enough to get you started to write Chinese now. Most of all, it is from Google Inc and FREE…

Google Pingyin IME (谷歌拼音输入法)


HTC Desire HD is one of the best Android phones. Here is its Android ROM for HTC HD2 developed by xda-developer, Sergio76. The ROM has customized theme by Sergio76 himself. Besides, it is loaded with lot of application like XDA App, 3DGallery, spare parts, TitaniumBackup, Dual Folder View, Street, Superuser, TalkBack, XDA. And includes ‘flying’ animation too. By the way, it is overclocked by default. Do take note…

Core Droid HD on HTC HD2


Finally, I tested HTC Desire Z Android ROM for HTC HD2. I don’t care much about it because why we need to have hardware keyboard ROM on HTC HD2. Based on xda-developer, dandiest, HTC Desire Z has exactly the same features, but in some sense, lighter than Desire HD, which is more suitable for HD2. The build is based on latest Desire Z v1.72.466.4, Cedesmith new Initrd and Hastarin r8.6 kernel. And running Android 2.2.1. No harm to try it out, right?

dandiest Desire Z on HTC HD2


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