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Finally, a better online web version Android Market is out from Google officially. I don’t like the previous one as it does not have much detail about the applications. But the new one looks great (if don’t have any bugs). Yup, it is launched now but it is still not fully functional. All the categories and sub-categories are not working for me. As least the search function is working.

Android Market


ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 for HTC HD2 is another Chinese New Year Gift to me. Thanks xda-developer, RaiderX303. It is a must installed application for MAGLDR v1.13. ClockworkMod Recovery is now booting from NAND instead of the old SD Card boot method. Download the recovery with the partition layout you require to flash the ROM. Then flash it like standard NAND ROM using DAF and MAGLDR USB Flasher. Finally, select AD Recovery to load into ClockworkMod Recovery.

ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 Change Log

  • Supports AD Recovery in MAGLDR
  • 400MB Partition layout now works with 512MB LEO for ROM with Data2SD


Yeah… Another version of DFT LEO MAGLDR Bootloader was released by Cotulla. And this brings it up to version 1.13 now. It is like a Chinese New Year Gift to me. Thanks Cotulla.

What’s New in MAGLDR v1.13?

  • Added support for Android Recovery (AD Recovery)
  • Added support for raw boot partition format (like in native android devices)
  • Fixed USBMassStorage data lost on big transfers
  • Fixed Power-Off-Cable-Plug-Stop. Phone now detects this situation and reboots. Battery controller inside LEO needs runtime control during charge, it implemented in OS.
  • v1.13 still compatible with 1.10 1.11 1.12. Future version maybe not compatible with previous, be warned.
  • Added option “ClearSD MBR”. which erase MBR, so card can be formatted via any program after WP7 boot (“200 Mb problem”).


Welcome to JayceOoi.com new web hosting!

Congratulation. If you are reading this, then you are at JayceOoi.com new web hosting. It is powered by HostGator VPS and should be better than previous HostMonster shared web hosting. The whole migration is considered smooth as I do expect some issues after migrated. The very big issue ~ PHP Mail cannot work. All the comments’ reply will not get email notification and contact page is not working too. Luckily, I managed to get it solved. Still very new to VPS environment, and will learn more to improve the blog performance and response.

Enjoy the new JayceOoi.com. :)

Yeah… This is the second time that JayceOoi.com moves house. The current shared web hosting ~ HostMonster cannot support JayceOoi.com traffic anymore. And its database server is way too slow when replying comment. Therefore, I made up my mind to move it to a better hosting. With the new hosting ~ HostGator VPS, you will get faster page load and response from JayceOoi.com. But the whole migration will take few days for the domain transfer process to be completed. It is due to virtual private server (VPS) is using private name server, and JayceOoi.com needs to change to new domain registrar in order to use it.

For the time being, JayceOoi.com will be in ‘read‘ only mode. The comment section is closed. This will ease the database transfer process so that I won’t miss out anything. See you in the new hosting… :)

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