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I have been a Touch ‘n Go user for quite a long time. However, I do not have a SmartTAG since then. However, I just brought a Touch ‘n Go SmartTAG recently. Why? This is part of my department effort – “Move KM” which everyone can have one free. I can claim the purchasing fee from my department. :)

Touch ‘n Go ~ SmartTAG


WW38 weekly contest winners

The WW38 weekly contest is ended. We have 2 lucky winners which are Chin Wei and flowerhorn. Only 2 people participated in this contest and all of them got the answer correct. All of them will receive one RM10 KFC / Pizza Hut voucher or RM10 (US$3) cash. Hmm… Why no other people join the contest? Do you all know there is a contest going on here? :?

Here is the answer for WW38 weekly contest…

I am Qool ~ Compaq stickman

The name ~ Qool comes from the looks of Compaq new logo Q and the ‘cool’ feeling of Compaq product. Is the name nice? :D

Conversion failed when converting the varchar value ’1,2,3′ to data type smallint. I got this error message on SQL Stored Procedure. So what is going on here?

I try to put variable @factory_id ’1,2,3′ into “SELECT * FROM tempTable WHERE F.Factory_id in (@factory_id )“. But system rejected this code. So what is the solution?

By changing the code to be like this should do the work.

EXEC(‘SELECT * FROM tempTable WHERE F.Factory_id in (‘ + @factory_id +’ )’)

Hope this will help. :D

Yeah… My favourite TV series – Heroes season 3 is finally shown. Woo… So what are you waiting for? I am downloading Heroes season 3 right now. You can also start to watch Heroes season 3 on NBC online. My Internet connection is too slow for me to watch Heroes season 3 online.

Heroes season 3 – Villains

Oh… I cannot wait until the video clip to be downloaded. Time to watch Heroes season 3. :D

Did you receive “Update Your My Sony Details and Stand to Win a Walkman!” email from Sony Malaysia? I did. And I want to win Sony MP3 Walkman. However, when I tried to update my profile by using the link given. I got this… :(


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