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When SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON, identifiers can be delimited by double quotation ” marks, and literals must be delimited by single quotation ‘ marks. However, when SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER OFF, identifiers cannot be quoted and must follow all Transact-SQL rules for identifiers. Hmm… So what this mean?

For example,


– You cannot use reserved keyword, it will fail
CREATE TABLE “select” (“identity” INT IDENTITY NOT NULL, “order” INT NOT NULL)


– When is ON, you can use reserved keyword. It will pass.
CREATE TABLE “select” (“identity” INT IDENTITY NOT NULL, “order” INT NOT NULL)

Another example,


– Literal strings can be in single or double quotation marks.
INSERT INTO dbo.Test VALUES (1, “‘Text in single quotes’”)
INSERT INTO dbo.Test VALUES (2, ‘”Text in double quotes”‘)

When SET ANSI_WARNINGS ON, warning message will be returned. On the other hand, SET ANSI_WARNINGS OFF will turn off the warning message.

WW36 weekly contest winners

Yeah… The WW36 weekly contest is finally ended. And we have 2 lucky winners, Chin Wei and Mr Soleh. Only 2 people participated in this contest and both of them got the answers correct. Both of them will receive one RM10 KFC / Pizza Hut voucher. And I will keep one for myself. HeHe… :)

Here are the answers for WW36 weekly contest…

1. Who is the owner of JayceOoi.com?
Jayce Ooi
2. When is the birthday of JayceOoi.com?
30 March (2007)

Were the questions easy? HeHe… Too bad that most of the people just drop by and left without participate the contest. Wondering why? Never mind, there is another contest coming out this weekend. ;)

Why Some People Have All the Luck?

I received this email. It caught my eyes. Sharing it out for all of you to enjoy…

Why Some People Have All the Luck? By Professor Richard Wiseman, University of Hertfordshire

Why do some people get all the luck while others never get the breaks they deserve?


Last day for WW36 weekly contest

Hurry up!!! WW36 weekly contest is due tonight 8pm. 3 FREE KFC / Pizza Hut vouchers will be given. For those don’t like the voucher, you can opt for RM10 cash / US$ 3 PayPal. :)

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