How to test Samsung Galaxy S II hardware functions?

Want to get a perfect working Samsung Galaxy S II? Be sure to test all Samsung Galaxy S2 hardware functions before you pay for it. Otherwise, you might end like me and got a SUPER AMOLED Plus display issue SGS2. Luckily, all the functions are working fine on my 2nd SGS2.

Samsung Galaxy S II hardware test

Note – Don’t try this on US T-Mobile Galaxy S II. Users reported got issue after test it.

How to test Samsung Galaxy S2 hardware functions? Just bring up dialpad. Then key in *#0*#. LCD TEST application will be loaded. You can test SUPER AMOLED Plus display in red, green, blue, white and black colour. Make sure that your AMOLED screen has a perfect colour. You can also test the front and back camera. And test sensors like accelerometer, proximity, lights, gyroscope and magnetic sensors. Test your touch screen sensitiveness…

Okay, does your SGS2 pass all the hardware test?


  1. Hi! thanks for posting this, very usefull! Do you know what should be seen under “Proximity”?
    I have “Null” and my proximity sensor does not work anymore! Worked just for a few days and now I can’t get it working at all…. Any ideas? thnx

  2. Hi. Thanks for your reply. It does not work, that’s the thing! When I’m in a call (phone against my chick), the proximity sensor does not turn the screen off as it used to do.
    In the hardware test page, if I block the sensor with my finger, it doesn’t turn the screen green, it does nothing.

  3. Hi Jayce, thanks for the post. Need some help from you.. MY SGS2’s display stopped working after 3 weeks. I took it to service center, they replaced the screen. But this replaced screen had some visible engraved scratches. I refused to take it they said they’ll replace it again.
    My Question:
    Q1> How can one verify that authorised service center is replacing with a brand spare part?
    Q2> Is there any way to run diagnostic on phone to obtain the spare part number / ids, date of manufacture, etc?

    Quick responses will be appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

    • 1. Not sure how Samsung Support work in your country. But in Malaysia, Samsung Service Center is the one that handle all the services and hardware replacements. They should use the original parts.
      2. I don’t think that we can check it from user stand point unless you open up your SGS2.

  4. Just wanted to let you guys know that this will mess up your lockscreen (unable to use) and you won’t get it back. I have the galaxy s ii from T-mobile USA and I tried this test the first time and the lockscreen went away. I wasn’t sure what happened to the lockscreen, but it was gone, no matter what settings I put in (pin, pass, pattern, immediately, 5 seconds, etc…).

    I did a factory reset and tried the test again, and after the test (most likely the sleepmode test), the lockscreen went away.

  5. I have the same loss of lock screen and noticed its absence right after I ran the *#0*# test that danny ran. Is there a way of fixing this issue without a hard reset?

  6. Another update…
    I think the test for the lcd is fine when you look at the different colors, but beyond that, it will mess up the lockscreen. I tried it without doing the sleep mode test and still the lockscreen went away. So now I believe it’s the the camera tests or the functions tests.

  7. Hey all,

    Does anyone have a solution to fix the lock screen issue. I tried resetting my device all three ways available and still the lock screen bug persists.
    Any help will be much appreciated.


  8. Hello Mr. Jayce πŸ™‚

    I am using a Samsung Dart (SGH-T499) running Android version 2.2.2.
    I tried out the LCD TEST by typing *#0*# on the number pad.

    Everything worked out fine, but after exiting the Test, I am encountering a serious problem.
    My screen does not lock at all πŸ™

    when I press the lock button, it just turns off the screen, but does not lock it.
    Also Screen Timeout turns off the display properly, but even that does not lock the screen.

    Please help suggest how I can rectify this.

    Eagerly waiting for your reply.

  9. I am facing problem that there is no screen lock, power menu, shut down and restart option so that I can apply these. Can anyone help me in this matter?
    i have tried everything but still same problem
    i am using s2 android v : 4.0.3

  10. Hello Jayce, I’m wondering after testing megacam and front cam with the pictures taken, are they stored in the device’s storage or sd card?

  11. Hi Jayce,

    Thank you for your response.
    How can I test Samsung Galaxy S2 hardware functions?
    How can I bring up the dialpad?
    Please help me.
    Thank you,

  12. Hi Jayce.
    Have a Samsung Galxay S2 and my camera doesn’t focus properly.
    have tried general resets but not a full factory reset.
    Do you reccomend a full reset.


  13. HI I have GT-I9100 running on ICS. Lately I seem that my touchscreen become less sensitive. Sometimes i have touch twice phone does not register the touches but i dont know i an issue with my phone or with my mind. How can know is there a problem.

  14. my android fallen from 1ft heightthis morning, but so far i check it still working awesome and not even a scratch… fuuuuuuuhhhh,, any comment?

  15. Hi my s2 came with ginger bread 2.3.3 some upgraded my phone to icream sandwich 4.0.4 whicj made some applications non functional dowloaded from play store. i got icream sandwitch reinstalled by samsung service centre but since then it is running slow. i think they have either changed the processor or motherboard of the phone. Is there any way to check hardware info installed on my phone.

  16. Whenever i asked samsung service centre for software upgrade they replied that they will do that but the phone become dead incase the installation stucks somewhere. how can installation stuck if factory reset completes successfully.
    Is there any harm in changing the operating system in galaxy s2 GT-I9100
    Can we do that using our own computer at home.

  17. i have a sammy gs2 and nexus s and both proximity sensors both work but for some reason on calls they both dont respond when moving away from face and back to settings on the sammy gs2 i have it ticked so do not know why.any suggestions regards

  18. i have a samsung galaxy S1.But suddenly its Sim singnal is droping .i want to chack samsung hardware office but i dont know where i go and chack these fault ???are you know where in samsung factory in lahore ,Pakistan …Any Suggestion Regards


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