How to test Samsung Galaxy S II hardware functions?

Want to get a perfect working Samsung Galaxy S II? Be sure to test all Samsung Galaxy S2 hardware functions before you pay for it. Otherwise, you might end like me and got a SUPER AMOLED Plus display issue SGS2. Luckily, all the functions are working fine on my 2nd SGS2.

Samsung Galaxy S II hardware test

Note – Don’t try this on US T-Mobile Galaxy S II. Users reported got issue after test it.

How to test Samsung Galaxy S2 hardware functions? Just bring up dialpad. Then key in *#0*#. LCD TEST application will be loaded. You can test SUPER AMOLED Plus display in red, green, blue, white and black colour. Make sure that your AMOLED screen has a perfect colour. You can also test the front and back camera. And test sensors like accelerometer, proximity, lights, gyroscope and magnetic sensors. Test your touch screen sensitiveness…

Okay, does your SGS2 pass all the hardware test?