BlitzWolf VP6 vs Wanbo X1 – Battle of the Best Budget 1080p Projector vs 720p Projector

Hi guys, welcome back. I am Jayce. And I will be comparing the best budget 1080p vs 720p projector today – BlitzWolf VP6 vs Wanbo X1. Why I always recommend going for Full HD projector directly. By the way, please watch my full in-depth review of them if you haven’t. I won’t cover it here again.

In short, both of them are great budget projectors. You can’t go wrong with either one of them. Go for BlitzWolf VP6 if you have more budget, else Wanbo X1 will do just fine. By the way, Mi Smart Compact Projector is selling at the lowest price too with below discount coupon. Don’t miss it.


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