Canon EOS 400D Firmware Hack

Yeah… I am thinking of selling my precious Canon EOS 400D lately. And started involve actively in photography forum to find out the best selling price for it. Then found this Canon EOS 400D Firmware Hack that interested me. Huh? What are the benefits for hacking the old 400D?

Spot metering with ISO 3200

New hacked functions

  • Additional ISO Values
  • Spot Metering
  • New Focus Frame pattern
  • Factory Menu
  • View shutter actuation count

I love the additional ISO values. I can select from ISO 16 to ISO 3200 in 0.3 or 1.0 EV increments. Yup. Even Canon top end model like Canon EOS 1D series cannot go that low ISO. But the low ISO 16 is barely usable. Besides, the new focus frame pattern is even most advanced than Canon latest best 1.6x crop camera ~ Canon EOS 7D. You can play around all the custom AF points that you want. By the way, many of us have been complaining the useless of print button. However, with this hack. The print button becomes the hero. You will need it to select all the new features.

Interested with this Canon EOS 400D firmware hack? Head to 400D CHDK Wiki to get more info.


  1. Even with access to 16 to 3200 ISO . . as you mentioned, I don’t think the sensor would be capabale of getting usable images. 3200 would be very grainy I imagine.

  2. From my findings, with this hack, ISOs lower than 100 don’t really work. It’s just a software trick.

    If you are on Av and normally have ISO 100 f2.8 1/60, when you switch to ISO 50 you should have f2.8 1/30, right? Well, yes, that’s what the camera tells you.
    When you compare the two images, they should have the same level of exposure, as well. But they don’t. One is correctly exposed (ISO 100) and the other one is badly burned (ISO 50).

    The ISO 50 will actually be ISO 100 with more exposure, with the camera trying to pull back detail from burned areas. You can do that in your RAW editor just as well, has nothing to do with actual sensitivity.

    My 2 cents.

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  4. How about hacking the focus confirmation issue?
    I would like to use other lenses (manual M42) but without adapter with focus confirmation chip that fools camera into believing it is dealing with original Canon lens.

  5. Is their anyway that you can make the 400d show the image in the display before making a photo? I do space shots and to insure focus with my telescope I have to take pic and check results for focus. The view finder doesnt work well at night in space.


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