Digi 150 Infinite Fast.com Benchmark (Video)

Wow… Time flied. It is almost 2 months since I subscribed to Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite plan. Is it still performing great as before? Nope, I am still facing Digi 150 Infinite YouTube buffering issue until now. And Digi can only solve it by end of 2018. Yes, that’s another 1 year to wait. So basically I cannot replace Streamyx 8mpbs with Digi 150 Infinite. And wasted 2 months subscription then. Getting a great 4G LTE coverage does not promise you a decent connection speed. See my Fast.com benchmark video to know more…

Yes, this is the streaming performance based on Netflix that I have while using Digi Broadband at my home. It has full bar coverage on 4G LTE but can’t provide stable high speed connection. No wonder some of my Facebook friends always complaint about Digi whenever I posted something about Digi. Be sure to think twice before subscribe to Digi. Cheer…


  1. Hi Jayce, have been reading all your posts about digi infinite ever since i plan to upgrade my current digi postpaid 110 to the infinite. I am a heavy downloader and am wondering if this is a good plan to feed my hobby. My current plan offers like 1.5mbs when i download through my laptop and the i read about digi p2p download capped at 64kps for the infinite plan. Do you think it is worth for me to change plan? what is the average download speed of digi infinite. Greatly need your advise. Thanks

    • Hi Lemon, Digi speed at my area failed as you knew. If your place performs well, you can use VPN to bypass P2P download capped. Note – infinite plan has hard cap at 1TB per month.


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