DigiMate III – digital photo storage review

A crazy photographer like me must have this gear – DigiMate III – digital photo storage. You can have any type of digital photo storage you like. It will be a great tool when you travel as you might not have enough memory cards to store all your photographs. However, you can store up to 160GB of photograph by using it. πŸ˜€

DigiMate III – digital photo storage

Why it is important to have it? You might have 1 or 2 memory cards (2 to 4GB each card) with you when you travel. However, you can store up to 160GB (or more) with digital photo storage. All you need to do is transfer files from memory card into the digital photo storage. It has build-in battery and 2.5″ hard drive. Therefore, you can copy your files wherever you like. Just delete the memory card content after copied. You will have a blank memory card to take more photos again and again… It is a must bring along when I go out to take photograph.

Act as memory card reader and portable hard drive too…

Besides being digital photo storage, it is a memory card reader and portable hard drive too. I brought it from Shenzhen, China. Therefore, I suspect it is a China version of DigiMate III. Anyway, as long as it can perform its tasks == I am happy.

Support HDD : 20GB – 160GB
Weight : 145g, 245 with 2.5″ HDD
Power supply : Internal 3.7V lithium-ion battery (1350mAh), External 100-240V AC adapter
Files system : FAT16/32, support Unicode
USB transfer rate : UDMA mode, 24.5MBps using Samsung 5400rpm/8M HDD
Data transfer rate : memory card to HDD = 2 to 5.5MBps (card dependence)
Supporting memory card : CF, SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro, xD, SDHC, MicroSD, MiniSD, MS Duo and more…
Supporting OS : Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Linux ver 2.4, MAC OS 9.0 or above

Package contents

The package includes DigiMate III, user guide, CD-ROM disk with Windows 98SE device drive, USB cable, AC adapter, Soft Carrying Case, screws and screw driver.

Made in China

I did not get the exact transfer rate as per specification. I used Transcend CompatFlash 2GB 120X memory card, my old 10GB 2.5″ HDD and 500MB files as benchmark. I got only 4.8MB/s when transfer from memory card to DigiMate III, 6.3MB/s from HDD to PC and 5.7MB/s from memory card to PC.

9.28GB left… πŸ˜›

As a result, I am happy with DigiMate III as it does its task properly. πŸ™‚


  1. Oh… I forgot to mention. The digital photo storage did not come with HDD. You need to purchase yourself.
    I brought DigiMate III for RM90 and I use my old 10GB HDD. So save some money on the HDD part.
    160GB HDD should be less than RM200 nowadays. πŸ˜€

    Canon M80 storage is better with photo viewing fuction. But I don’t need it. And it really too expensive lo. πŸ˜›

  2. Seriously, these are great things to travel with. I back up all my critical data from home on one of these and just take it with me. In case I need anything on the road, I have it. Also, I am safe from fire, flood or theft. Just be sure to encrypt critical stuff folks.

  3. I wonder, why my DigimateIII use the power from battery only. When i need to backup all data on my DigimateIII to HDD on notebook. I think that, it will take a long time (about 1 hours). So, I plug the power adapter while the data transfer to the notebook. When the data transfer to 30 mins. The DigimateIII is turn-off. Is this normaly issue? Please advice.

  4. No worry. Same here. It is powered by battery only. The power adapter is used to charge the battery.
    If you take out the battery, this DigiMate III cannot work even with power adapter, right? πŸ˜›

  5. Unfortunately, I don’t find it that great. It didn’t really do the job for me. I installed a 160GB SATA HD in it. I have few issues with it.

    First, I have had issue with it not working well with the HD.

    Second, after the backup completed, it’s not showing me the accurate total free space. For instance, before backup, it’s show 124GB free space, and after backup of a 4GB CF card (full), it’s still showing me 124GB. Thus, I am skeptical in erasing my data in the CF card.

    Conclusion, it’s not that reliable.

  6. Hi Jayce

    I have a similar Digimate III, but the battery ran flat after 2 years. I am having difficulty finding a battery replacement. Computer shops or electronic shops don’t sell them. Do you have an idea where I can find a replacement battery?

    Another thing, yours is IDE connection right?

  7. Nice piece of sh*t!!!

    I’ve already had two of them. The first one just broke in a few months (no tough use) and the second one just didn’t work ever! but I bought them on ebay (cheap but… warranty…)

    just make yourself a favor and spend a bit more in something decent

  8. Hello,
    I had bought a digimate III from Thailand and have ever since moved back to Canada. I cannot find the battery anywhere! can you help? Thanks so much. All my precious photos are in there…

  9. Can you take out the hard drive out of Digimate III casing and connect it with regular SATA harddisk casing with USB port to access the files ?
    Are the files stored is some other file format ?

    Please Please – i am not being able to access the files with digimate casing
    only the drive is displayed and its a RAW partition


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