Synology Drive – Your Must-Have Private Cloud Storage

Synology NAS is your own private cloud storage. That’s one of the reasons that you get a NAS, right? Synology Drive is a must installed on your NAS then. It helps to synchronise and backup all your important files. Lets you access files 24/7 from desktop and mobile platforms. You can also collaborate with your team members through full Synology Office integration. Alright, let’s have a closer look now…

Synology Drive Server is the very first thing you need to install on your NAS. In short, it is the heart of this file storage and management. You can control and configure it through admin console. Monitor the performance and usage there as well.

Synology Drive Client is the application to be installed at the user end. It is the one that talks to the server. In short, there are 2 main tasks that you can do. Sync files between your device and NAS continuously. Or just backup files from your device to NAS. 1 way or 2 ways direction. Just select the one that suits you most. Or both also can.

For my case, I have 4 PCs connected to Synology DS1522+ in the office for the moment. All of them are using backup task. Basically, I want to have all the important files backup. Have at least a copy in the NAS. So I didn’t use the sync task here.

Basically, you just need to select the folders that you want to backup. You can also set the backup rules. For example, the one that I need – keep a copy in the NAS even when local copy was deleted. So I still can find the file in the future even it is not available on local PC anymore. That’s not all. You can set the backup mode too – continues when files changed, manual backup and scheduled backup.

After setup everything, you don’t need to do anything from your end anymore. Synology Drive will take care of your important data from now on. Everything is done automatically. Yup, no more interaction from you unless you need to find files from the NAS. As you can see from the log, Synology Drive Client will copy those files to the NAS for you automatically. Mine is set to continues backup. Therefore, Synology Drive Client will monitor from time to time. And upload new or modified files to the NAS in real-time.

Copy file is simple. And most of the applications can do so too. It will just copy and replace the existing file if found, right? But with Synology Drive, there is versioning control. You can keep multiple versions of the very same file. Up to 32 versions maximum. And you can set to delete those extra versions after certain days (7 to 120 days). So not to worry that it will take up more of your NAS storage space while still being able to keep copies of those important files.

Of course, Synology Drive does not limit to office or business only. You can also use it at home on your mobile devices. It is available on both iOS and Android. It may not have full functions like desktop client but the important ones are there.

Keep your important files always up-to-date and protected! Access them anytime, anywhere! Better do it now or regret it later. Wait no more and get your Synology NAS at Shopee, Lazada or Amazon.


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