Do you overclock smartphone GPU?

Samsung was caught cheating on Samsung Galaxy S4 GPU benchmark? Well, I don’t care if its PowerVR SGX544MP3 GPU (GT-I9500) can handle higher clock speed. As long as it does not overheat, I am fine since I get better 3D performance. Right? Wow… Galaxy S4 GPU really can run at higher clock speed than the default 480 MHz compare to previous generations. Galaxy S2 and S3 GPU can’t overclock much. Here are 3DMark benchmarks that I ran on Galaxy S4 – both Ice Storm normal and extreme mode. CPU stays on default setting while GPU overclocks at 700 MHz.

Want to do so too? Check out this guide – How to overclock Galaxy S4 GPU? Just make sure that it does not overheat. And enjoy faster and better gaming performance…


  1. I am not sure of that but regardless it seems a bit of diappointment that android 4.3 Jbs one main feature support for open gles 3.0 isnt going to be for gt i9500


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