How to overclock Galaxy S4 GPU?

Yeah… As a hardcore gamer, I always want to get the best gaming performance. Overclock Samsung Galaxy S4 GPU should be able to bring me that, right? Yes, it does improve overall 3D graphics speed of PowerVR SGX544MP3 GPU (for GT-I9500). Of course, it also increase the overheat chances. So perform this task carefully, don’t burn your precious Galaxy S4. So far I did not encounter Android games that require more GPU power that Galaxy S4 can output. So GPU overclocking is once again as a show off only. Until the need of speed in the future…

Overclock GPU with STweaks

How to overclock Samsung Galaxy S4 GPU?
As usual, you can’t overclock with stock kernel. Install custom kernel for Galaxy S4 I9500 is the very first step. Then launch STweaks and go to GPU tab. Set the GPU max frequency that you prefer (up to 700 MHz in Perseus Kernel). That’s all. Note – perform at your own risk…

Default @ 480 MHz
Overclock @ 600 MHz

Yup, 3DMark – The Gamer’s Benchmark scores do improve after overclock. Both 3DMark Ice Storm and Extreme get better scores. Does it worth to overclock GPU? You tell me.


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