How to Install CWM NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video)

How to Install Android on HTC HD2? There are several type of Android for HTC HD2 like SD card Android, NAND Android in MAGLDR format, CWM format and cLK format. CWM NAND Android ROM is the most common ROM for HTC HD2. And I prefer it because I can use Nandroid to make backup and restore. There are several components needed to be installed before you can use NAND Android. But it is not hard to install them when you can follow my step by step video guides.


  • SPL-2.08.HSPL
  • Radio that support 576 MB RAM
  • DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13
  • ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3
  • EXT3 partition on SD card

Do take your time to study these guides. Then install them one by one. You need all these components in order to use CWM NAND Android with A2SD+ support.

Step by Step Guide

  1. First of all, copy the Android ROM zip file that you want to install into SD card (use SD card reader or MassStg in MAGLDR).
  2. Power on your phone and don’t let go power button.
  3. DFT MAGLDR Bootloader will be loaded.
  4. Use volume down button to go down to 8. AD Recovery.
  5. Then press call button.
  6. ClockworkMod Recovery will be loaded then.
  7. Select wipe data/factory reset. (You can skip this step if upgrade from same ROM)
  8. Then select Yes — delete all user data.
  9. Select wipe cache partition. (You can skip this step if upgrade from same ROM)
  10. Then select Yes — Wipe Cache.
  11. Go to install zip from sdcard.
  12. Then select choose zip from sdcard.
  13. Select your zip file ( in my video).
  14. Select Yes – Install your zip file.
  15. Press power button to go back.
  16. Then reboot your phone.
  17. Android OS will be loaded then.
  18. That’s all.

Note – Android OS first time boot up may take 10 to 20 minutes (but no longer than 30 minutes).

Just follow above steps again to install new Android ROM that you like. Here are some Android ROMs that you try – Top Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread NAND Android ROM for HTC HD2.


  1. Well, I currently have a DAF android ROM. I have the stock leo nand android. But my phone is hopeless now as its hangs non-stop that’s why i want to switch to a more stable rom. What do you suggest I do? Thanks for the help.

      • After I use the SD card for installation(as the android zip file must be in the SD card), will I still need it after the installation? Coz I lost my SD card and I will just borrow from someone only to install.

  2. Hi,

    I’m new to this but I want to install Android on My HD2. I already did this once, but every time I shut down the phone, I had to install all over again. Why and is there a better way?


  3. could you help me how to go to DFT MAGLDR Bootloader. it start with hold on the power bottons right? i did so, but it still run to window.. pls help

  4. Hi Jayce,
    Finally, i successfully install the NAND Android to my HD2. But i got one problem that is the email function. I setup my corporate email in my HD2, but the email format is not HTML so that some email actually very difficult to read. please advice is there any way to setup the HTML format in the email.


  5. Hi,just wondering what is wrong.
    Both NexusHD2 gingerbread and Typhoon_cm7_nand rom hangs up. I install it,reboot and goes past the gogogo,then the android and the green htc comes,and it freezes. Tried to reinstall many times.

  6. hello, can work in this video (How to Install Android on HTC NAND CWM HD2? (Video)) with any rom or only those with android 2.3.5? because I want to try the 3.3 ROM Ultimate Droid

  7. hello! good day!
    i finished using JW MIUI right now and im loving it! but the camera quality is very low than my windows htc hd2…is there a way i could run windows again but still having android as my main OS?

    hope to hear from you!
    God Bless!

  8. hi
    i cant boot loader my phone . i did ur stracture . but dont this . plz help me . i give power on bute my phon run ur os.
    thank u

  9. Hi Jayce,

    I’ve managed to solve partialy the problem. I have installed typhoonN-CM7_v3.5.4 instead of NexusHD2-Gingerbread_V2.9_NAND_(Android-2.3.5).
    And it worked.
    The Android Logo appears, asks me if I want to set up a google account and it goes to the main screen.

    But then it freezes. I’ve disconnect the batery, it goes to the main menu again and after 10-15 seconds it freezes again.

    And also doesn’t charges while connect to the PC or the main power.

    I’ve tried several times and it always freezes after a short time. Why?



      • From the few seconds that I can work with the phone, if I turn on the camera it says that I have to put an SD Card on. But it’s there. 8GB with 1024mb to android.

        Does this info gives you an idea of what it maybe?



          • Hi Jayce,

            thanks for the reply.
            Yes, within the 15 secs that I can use the phone, I managed to open the SD Card Folder with the File explorer, and the docs and folders are there.

            Should the SD Card folder be empty with only thesetup android files? And whats the name of the Ext3 folder?

            I’m having the same problem that Jinkim had and he fix it.

              • Hi Jayce,

                I’ve already installed everything again
                Custom radio

                Still the same. freezes after 10 or 15 secs.
                in the SD CARD apears:
                Folder – android secur
                Folder – android
                folder – lost.dir

                but no sd-ext

                And I’ve installed EXT3 with 2048MB.

                I have a Sandisk 8GB micro SD. I’ve have formated it and copy the typhooN zip file into it.



                  • Hi Jayce,

                    I’ve managed to install MIUI Rom and it works.
                    Doesn’t freeze, but althougt I can read the SD Card, the camera when it’s on movie doesn’t recognize the SD Card, says it’s not installed.
                    And also says that the phone storage is low, but i have installed the Ext3 file with 1024MB space.
                    And i’m having lots of messages saying that “the application browser ( stopped unexpectedly. please try again.

                    and also several diferent applications also stoped. Could it be from the “lack” of SD Card, but it’s there,



                    • Sorry, I have no idea on your SD card issue. I did not face it before.
                      As for the application closed by itself issue, this is caused by bad installation. Or maybe lack of SD card in your case.

                      Try to reinstall Android ROM again see.

                    • Hi Jayce.

                      I Did it!!!

                      I found out what i did wrong. Instead of installing 150MB Rom, i’ve installed 400MB Rom (bigger is better….). I’ve reinstalled everything and the MIUI Rom works fine, SD card, everything. But I didn’t managed to be able to work with Typhoon. It’s OK.

                      One final question: what’s the best way to synch Outlook contacts with Android?

                      Thanks for everything.


    • i have same prob with my usb charger, cant charge with pc/cant look at sd card thro usb connection, and cant flash roms with the usb????? wat should i do, they were just working fine a week ago?

  10. Hello,

    Your videos are great but, i got a problem…
    How long did you wait for the phone to start after you installed TyphooN_CM7_v3.5.4?
    Because mine is frozen withe the white little “monster” and the text below it that says “android”.

    Plz help!!

  11. Hi, Jayce,

    would like to have your advise. After installation, everything go fine except I only get 7.25 mb internal memory, and the SD Card size reduced to 4 Gb, after I partitioned it with SWM for a ext 3 partitition. Can you help, please.

    Best regards,


  12. Hi…i installed the latest CyanogenMod. bt, im having problem with the fm radio. it requires me to on my bluetooth to listen to the, the quality is not good. this is totally diff with my previous FM radio built in. is ter any else fm radio tat can be installed that doesnt require bluetooth and better quality? thanks…

  13. hey jayce
    what about htc sense???
    i have a huge bulk of contacts n messages and i want them in my android to. any easy way 2 bring in msgs n contacts????

  14. @Nuno: Sorry, I did not sync Outlook with Android. I use Google Account instead. As far as I know, HTC Sense Android is better on syncing with Outlook compare to CM7 and MIUI builds.

    • Hi Jayce,
      It’s me again. I’ve been using the MUIU rom for a couple of weeks, and now it crashes once and a while. Looses the signal and freezes. If I try to install another ROM will I lose all the applications that I have installed so far?
      And do you have any ideia why Co piloto or Sygic can’t find GPS signal? But some other apps like compass it can.



  15. Hi… I i fallow your steps how to install and its working fine.. but after an hour my machine get hang and I apply reboot phone and now its not booting to andriod it stack to andriod logo after i reboot it…can you help me what is the problem? thanks…

  16. Hello,

    Your videos are great but, i got a problem…
    How long did you wait for the phone to start after you installed TyphooN_CM7_v3.5.4?
    Because mine is frozen withe the white little “monster” and the text below it that says “android”.

    Plz help!!

  17. hi I followed the steps above but now sound doesnt work, its not just the speaker either. when i try to play a song it stays at 0:00 but still says its playing, and even the games dont have sound, what should i do? I just did the steps above to install TyphooN_CM7_v3.2.1-MAGLDR…

  18. dear sir, now i installed cwm nand android. how i did i go back to windows 6.5. is the any way to make it as dual boot, please guide me sir…..

  19. Sir, thanx for your guideline. Before this, I only use exceller bootloader from WinMo to Android. Now, I have MAGDLR in my HD2. Running CyanogenMod 7 TyphooN v3.5.4, all every is fine. Just 1 problem that I cannot fine solution. When I shut down my HD2, even connected to laptop USB port or charging AC, my phone will ON automatic. Is that a MAGDLR function or Cyanogen?

  20. Hi Jayce! Thanks you`ve helped me a lot! CM7 is works without any problems…

    Is there a possibility to transfer my data: contacts, calender and son on (used by windows 6.5) through active sync or any other programe from my desktop to the android phone?


  21. hi jayce!

    just want to let you know that I had successfully ported from winmo 6 to Miui
    really great tutorial you have here, a wonderful blog as well
    thanks a lot man

    • Hi taufik,

      I also installed the MIUI rom on my HTC HD2. But mine crashes once in a while, and I need to remove the battery. Does yours do the same?



  22. never mind about my first post, i got it!!! (the one at sep 3, 2011 11:07 pm)
    now i have another issue: when i get into magldr, and then i go to # 8 : ad recovery for clockwork mod, the screen stays/freezes on 123456
    go go go, it doesnt load into clockwork mod recovery?? then i take out battery to reboot,
    what should i do?????

  23. ok nvm bout all that, iam sorry to bother you, but when one more issue: i installed typhoon cyanogenmod 3.6.2 (new one,i used to have v. 3.5.8) with clockworkmod recovery, i got to the part where i wiped the cache, and did hard reset, but when it rebooted, it got stuck in that page that loads: 123456, go go go, it said in red letters: nand open kernel fail and it brought me to the magldr page again, wat do i pick?

  24. anything about partioning the sd card??? or do i already have it on my phone?? bcuz currently i have typhoon cyanogen mod 3.5.8, and i wanna upgrade, as i told u i did all ur steps u showed in video until i came to booting up where it says 123456 go go go,a nd it says nans=d kernel fail or somethin? what can i do?

  25. yes i went through evrything, step thro step!!!! and i ended up at ur step #16-17 that u describe, i told u b4 in the top post, that i have the message in red letter when it loads (123456 go go go): nand open kernel fail!! so it brings me back to the magldr page, which #or option do i choose for this????

    or do i need to wipe the sd, and reinstall the typhoon cyanogenmod 3.6.2? or do i need to re-install the android 2.3.5 rom all from the beginning? which one ?

    • I don’t think that you are using the same components and versions as mine in the video. Please do so. Else it is hard for me to help you if you are not using the same things as mine.

  26. i mean after all the follow step
    How to Install HSPL4 on HTC HD2? (Video)
    How to Install Custom Radio v2.15 ROM on HTC HD2? (Video)
    How to Install MAGLDR v1.13 on HTC HD2? (Video)
    How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 on HTC HD2? (Video)
    How to create EXT3 partition on SD card with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

    then how to copy “” to ext3 SD card to flash the HD2?

  27. ABSOLUTELY the best best best website i have EVER seen. Im so sorry for capslock but im so happy about this rom and about the perfect guides from jayceooi. Just wanna say thx u so much.U r the best. I’m looking forward to the next videos from you. WIsh the best for you and again…THANKs!

  28. Please help Jayce. I have done everything but cannot copy Android ROM to SD card. I tried to use MassStg in MAGLDR, but it doesn’t copy completely and gives error message. What should i do?

  29. I’ve got a problem, I can’t copy the android zipfile to the sd card because the computer doesn’t see it, and I don’t know how MassStg in MAGLDR works… any suggestions??

  30. Thanks!! I’ve install MIUI and it works great.
    I’ve just one problem, sometimes the hd2 freezes, reboot automatically and then the white screen with ‘HTC’ in green appears, buzzer 3 times and then I’ve to take out the battery, wait a few seconds, and then I can put the battery in and move on.
    I really don’t know how but it’s weard:S

    • Hello,

      I have them same problem with MIUI in HD2. It works fine for a while and then it freezes, goes back to the install menu “123456 Go Go Go”, shows the MIUI Logo and waves and it starts.

      what can it be?


  31. hi jayce, i have installed typhoon CM7 android 2.3.5 on my htc hd2 by your method but now i want this version of android. What should i do now?

    and which sync software will sync my phone now? HTC Sync doesnt detect my phone.

    and also i want to know- does changing android versions on my phone utilize more phone memory??

    please answer my three questions .
    i will be very thankful to you.

    • Just skip those part which were installed. Then install the Android ROM.

      Only HTC Sense ROM can work with HTC Sync software. CM7 and MIUI builds cannot.

      CWM ROM internal storage space is depended on the CWM partition layout that you installed.

  32. Hi Jayce,
    I followed every single steps you showed here and successfully installed Typhoon CM7 on my HTC HD2. Instructions were very clear and videos were very helpful. Thank you for all those hard work.

    I have few questions…. if I want to install different NAND Android ROM (SENSE3.0 PYRAMID BASED V6.0) [ ], where would I start?

    Can I still use ROM zip on SD card and ClockworkMod Recovery mode to install? Instructions on the XDA forum is not clear… It uses different format and tool.

    Greatly appreciate if you can show steps to install Pyramid ROM.

  33. Hi Jayce, and thanks heaps!
    I’ve installed as per your instructions. Worked brilliantly.
    BUT, when I do a CWM backup, followed by a CWM restore, I get open kernel fail. If I just restore /boot I get the same error. The only way I can recover is to re-install NAND from the same zip.
    I’ve tried CWM, CWM and CWM all with the same results.
    I’ve checked the boot source in MAGLDR and it looks sensible.
    Any ideas?

      • Thanks mate. The restore is working well (the system is back to the point of backup after I make random changes then restore) but I cannot boot into AD NAND until I re-install the original .zip. After that everything is very fine indeed. So that’s reasonably usable I guess.

  34. hallo Jace.. i succesfully installes nand android but the everything is on a small scale.. is there a way the make it bigger (resolution or something?) .. many thanks

  35. my phone freeze at the htc quietly brilliant image, when I was installing “HTC Runnymede Sense 3.5 NAND Android A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2”..

    1-)what can i do?? it has been more than 30 mins. how can I restart the process?
    2-) since it is frozen in the middle, can I install another ROM like Typhoon? if so how?

    thank you

  36. and i have to copy files from ClockworkMod-Recovery-v1.2 like “copy_to_sd_root”
    or i have extract the roms files on sd card or just copy zip file to sd

  37. Hi Jayce, before installing new version of same rom do we need to uninstall apps from sd card
    as i am upgrading from v1.1 to v1.2 ie from DHD_3.06.405.1_Sense_3.0_v1.1 to v1.2

  38. hi,could you please give link for the2.2 or 2.3 android ROM for htc hd 2,the best and the latest one.i am already using one gvn by u but i cnt download nethng from the market,so wana try another one now.

  39. Thanks a lot
    MIUI ROM is working now on my HD2, but I need ur help first how to make read Arabic correctly??, second I cannot configure my exchange account, how to do??

  40. my htc hd2 stuck on booting ROM..i’ve already used nand android 2.3.4 on my phone by following the steps but now i want to switch on android 2.3.3 but it stucks and android icon is blinking n i’ve waited for more than 30minutes so what should i do in this case..em tryin to install CM7 2.3.3 using ur site! do reply thanx

  41. Hi Jayce,

    Can you please upload instructions on how to do a hack on the HTC HD2 (which has Android 2.2 on it) to make apps get saved on to the SD card by default?

    The internal memory is rubbish and some apps that can be moved to SD get saved by default on to the phone at first when you are downloading. But the problem is I can’t download even a small app without having to delete an essential app like Whatsapp.

  42. 5.2.21913 (21913.5.0.94)
    Manila version: 2.5.20181424.0
    ROM version: 3.14.513.1 (04666) WWE
    ROM date: 09/29/10
    Radio version: a question is not how to change the ROM version: 3.14.513.1 this D 1.66.76641

  43. Hey Jayce….just wondering I installed tis was working fine,bt now whenever I received a call or make a call I can hear a electronic sound of the speaker voice.kinda advice. Thnx

  44. Please Where fdo I get the ROM,

    My HTC HD2 is hanged after reboot … it stay on the HTC white screen.

    Please Help.


      • Hi,

        my hd2 hang after the reboot on the HTC white screen, i had Adrion Gingerbread on it before and it was working OK but from SD card, and know i tried your way but i messed up. i do not know I think its the RoM wrong or what.

        Please Help..

        Many thanks


  45. Hello Jayce,

    I’ve did all the thinks said above. And the ROMS of your top ten are working. I tryed them but i personally don;t like them. Now i wanted a drifferent kind of ROM on my HD2 but that doesn’t work. I went to wipe partition/ cache etc. and then installed it through ad recovery -> choose zip. It says it completed the installation succesfully but after reboot it freezes on the homescreen of the ROM… I tryed to install core droid latest version (from there website). And Rafdroid latest version (from xda developers
    How can i get this working? Maybe its a really stupid question but i cant find my answer on the internet!

    Hope you can help me! 🙂

  46. Hoi Jayce, what can i do if the android .zip extract but wil not start after instellation?.
    I only see the android figur
    I follow all you instuctions.

    Gr Michel (netherlands)

  47. NEED HELP PLEASE I have been trying to install a clockwork mod Rom on my HD2 I installed clockwork mod wiped all the data I transferred the Rom to my SD card went back to install from SD card then it says Aborted every time I select the Rom in clockwork mod it never installs. I followed your video to a tee. Its probably a small step I’m missing. Thanks

  48. Hi , i did all the steps you mentioned , and i’m trying to put zip to sd card with masstrg. and when i’m copying it gives me an error smth. like where is no more file with this name .. i have a feeling that pc can’t see sd card at the middle of this process , i don’t have a card reader maybe with this won’t see any problems ? pls help me

  49. YEAHHH ! , it worked , thank you man , i’d put you a beer if you leave here 😀 , and last question which android should i put ? ’cause i’m doing this for the 1st time before that a had only windows.. i’ve copied 2.3.7. typhoon , is it good ?

  50. nice, greetings from Moldova ( eastern Europe ) ;)…. if battery level is about 20-30 % this booting isn’t in a risk for system and for the phone , ’cause i’m waiting and i see only this android robot ))

    • It should take only 10-20 minutes on CM7 ROM installation. You do all the prerequisites installed, right?
      Turn off your phone, then wipe data and cache in CWM. Reinstall Android ROM again. And plug in power this time.

  51. Im right now using android 2.3.1, but I find it very byggy. Sometimes my phone crashes and I get error’s. Now im going to install this new android. I will post here again if I install this correctly.

    Btw.. my windows device center wont work.. sadly, that’s why im using windows XP to install all the programs.

  52. Jayce hi , i just want to ask you what additional stuff (soft) do i need after that to make all this easier , for example activesync is not running anymore i thought maybe ;cause it’s not windows mobile anymore or why .. and what suggestions can u give me , thank you again )

    • Oh, Android does not talk to Windows well. Unless you are using HTC Android ROM which has HTC Sync that talk to Outlook. Or using 3rd party sync apps.

      Android syncs with Google Account. 😉

  53. I’m gonna switch rom WP 7.5 to this , which things don’t I need to install and will all the files overwrite my Wp 7.5 files or do i need to do something else ?

  54. Dear jayce,
    last question before i start,
    Do i get the same SD problem with android like the thing you get with your sd card when youve installed WP 7?

  55. I did all the steps one by one, I selected 150mb size and made 1024 mb partition put the Desire_S_sense3.5_Android.2.3.4_v1.1_EU on the sd card everything worked fine all the way but when finnished installing it frezes at the HTC logo what to do?
    Tried to get back in to magldr but not possible

  56. You posted it in august, but no worries I tried again as you said from scratch with new image and works perfectly 🙂

    Thank you for great work I really apreciate it 🙂

  57. привет Jayce.у миня уже есть НАНД АНДРОИД 2,2.скажы как я могу установить CWM NAND Android на HTC HД2?
    извини за мой английский

      • Skip those components that you already have like SPL-2.08.HSPL and radio 2.15. Install MAGLDR v1.13 if you are using the old version. Then continue install other components and follow the guide to install Android ROM.

  58. Jayce, videos and instructions were pefect. I now have my HTC HD2 running Android and working perfectly 🙂 Thank you. I don’t kow why I stuck with WinMob 6.5 for so long!

  59. hi,,pls solve my prblem..i have completed all the steps as mentioned above…bt finally when i put my sd card inside my htc hd2 with the zip file it shows blank…and in boot mode it shows file nt found…what shud i do…i tried many android roms bt everytime it shows blank..
    replay asap…thanx

  60. and how do i copy the zip file i have downloaded Typhoon cm7…but every tim i put my sd card inside my fone it does nt shows any file in it…every thing goes perfect but in the end installation zip file is not present in the card..even i copied it…

  61. just 1 thing wanna know…tell me that when to copy zip file after process or before..i mean first i copy the android rom file in sd card and then strt with hsdl and then cwm etc…or shud i insert the card after all the process…?

  62. Hi there,

    I have the NexusHD2-Gingerbread_V3.1a_NAND_(Android-2.3.6) on my HTC HD2 and I downloaded the TyphooN_CM7_v3.6.8-MAGLDR ROM so I installed it following your video tutorial (thank you) but there was a slight problem, everything went well up until the moment when the phone boot up which it stayed on the android figure for ever, i have waited maybe 20+ minutes for it to load/boot but there was nothing. I re-flash twice but still nothing was happening, it kept locking at the boot up android figure screen. Do you have any ideas why or any other suggestions? Please if you could help that would be most appreciated. I have followed your video tutorial to the exact word.


  63. I need the help, I did every step exactly as described but when I go to choose a zip file with sdčartice there’s nothing I can not choose to run android says no file found me what I am doing wrong please help I have repeated this process several times and constantly the same

  64. Hi Jayce; I boldly tried to convert to android from my HTC HD2; I got past the clockworkmode recovery download. After re-booting, I got to the “Boot Menu” where I chose #8 (AD Recovery). I then got a message in the upper left hand corner saying “no boot soruces.” Where did I go wrong?

  65. Hi again Jayce; I did get everything installed, however when I re-boot I get a message in red saying “NAND Kernel open failed,” and the Boot Menu comes back up. Should I continue with the next step?

      • Hi Jayce, hopefully this is the last time I bother you. But, I back tracked and found out that when I select “choose zip from sdcard” I got a “no file found.” What “zip” file is it referring to, where do I get this zip file, and how do I get it on the sdcard?

          • Mr. Jayce; I know that it is very annoying to have to answer the same questions over and over and over again. I apologize. If you can point me in the right direction as to how I can get back to my Windows 6.5 OS, I would be very appreciative. Thanks again.

  66. First of all, millions of thanks 2 u.

    Because of your extremely clear instructions I’ve managed to install android on my HTC HD2.

    Im using TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 v2.1.3 NAND Android and i have installed it by following all the steps on your website.

    Since im getting a new phone soon, I want to upgrade the Cyanogenmod ROM to a newer version (i saw it on xda forum) before i give my HTC to my bro. So, I don’t need to keep the contacts/apps/data.

    Which step do i begin? and which step should i skip?


  67. Finally, per instruction of step by step, i managed to change my HTC HD2 to run on Android 2.3.7, the performance is much better than the original OS. Only the setback is i can find any chinese language can be used in the sms and email.
    Appreciated if you can guide me further how to activicate the chinese language (Pinyin) to be used in sms and email.
    Thanks a lot.

  68. Hi, Jayce,

    1.Thanks for your promp reply. will check out the web details.

    2.just discovered one thing that my notebook cannot open the SD card while the SD card is in the hd2, because i want to input the photo folder, and video folder, how to do it ?

    3.If i unmout the sd card and take out from the hd2 to my notebook slot card, will the sd card be spoil, and cannot be used on the HD2 android 2.3.7 ?

    pls advise your guidence.

  69. Hi, Jace,
    thank you so much. i managed to transfer video and mp3 into the sd card, and it work smoothly.
    Appreciated for your professional advice.

  70. Hi.
    I have a problem with copying the “Typhoon CM” on the SD Card, i successfully created the partition, but when i try to copy it (i’m using mass storage of MAGLDR) it uploads 150mb and then tells me the item is not anymore in the system; try again or cancel (if i press try again it keep popin the same window). I need help please i followed carefully all the steps. >:

  71. Correction:

    Hi, Jayce,
    Need your help again. I already using the current 2.3.7 as above subject, very smooth and
    just want to check with you how to sychronize the contact from our Window Network server as i am now can sychronize the email and my contact from my Microsoft outlook to my HTC HD2 contact, but not at server level. Can you please assist on step by step on how go about it ?

  72. Hi, Jayce,
    Good morning,
    i am having problem on my HTC HD Mini. After pressed the call bottom to make outgoing call or Press “Call” bottom to receive incoming call. the handphone screen will turn to black and all the 8 keys including the volume up and down be no response at all, but the incoming and outgoing call is still working.

    The LCD Screen will restore back to normal with responsive bottoms immediately after the call finished. The current handphone is using window mobile 6.5, thus i am having the following query:

    1. Anyway to turn off the proximity sensor to stop the light turn black (off) ? this to be applied for Windows mobile 6.5 and android.

    2. If i want to convert HTC HD Mini from WM 6.5 to Android, any version, link, procedure and download firmware website for me to follow step by step ? pls assist to provide. I prefer to use Android and currently can run Android on SD card (android 26.08.2011 R169.rar) but battery consumption is very fast, and the back plastic cover is always hot, believe due to running wm 6.5 and android at same time,

    Pls assist.


  73. HI ! i have a htc hd2 dual sim (colone) and wen i was downloading a aplication widout knowing i format the sd memory card . Now is showing i have no card . But wen i conect to computer with disc drive shows that i have a M.card and i can download but i can acess it on phone .i can conect with sync and show me the phone softwaer disc.Watt can i do to get storage memory card to funtcion? ( the card is not removebal is internal) I will very please if you can help me . Thank you

  74. Hi Jayce, is there a way to merge 2 calls. When I am 2 separate calls at same time, clicking merge calls on screen shows a error message saying ‘Unable to merge calls. Any tips you can provide to make it work. I am using 3.1.1 Android installed using CWM on HTC HD2.
    Thanks in advance,

  75. Hi, Jayce,
    My HD2 running Android 2.3.7 very smooth. Only thing is the battery consumption is very fast, an hour took up 10% without using other function, i only used for Facebook, email, sms, only.

  76. currently my hd2 running android 2.3.7 but i can’t find anyway to use my mp3 or mp4 to use it as rington.

    Pls guide me how to do it of using mp3 and mp4 to be as ringtons.


  77. on my hd2, on and off it will prompt a message “sorry, the application adw.launcher( has stop unexpectedly pls try again. there is a button showing “Force close”

    why does it happen and how to resolve it ?

    pls help.


  78. Hi Jaycee , don’t know if you remeber me .. , now i have a bigger problem not with andr. system , my
    phone fell on the ground and after that appeared issues with screen ,
    its simple not working when i try to slide or press smth.– nothing , few days ago when i
    was pressing widows – home – back buttons except power button screen was
    working , but now even that trick doesn’t work , i;m upset i;m about to
    throw it into the wall .. i saw some comments on different sites that
    might be digitizer , motherboard or touchscreen …., if you know what
    could be please help . thank you Jayce .

  79. Hi, one question: if its possible to install android on “HTC HD 2” without “Windows 6.xx” installed before? I mean if you have only the bootloader by starting the phone? As i try to copy the nbh file to sd card, the HTC HD 2 gives to vibrations and i’ve lost the Vodafone Windows from before. Now if i start the phone only the three colors is possible. Otherwise i’ve seen the HTC white screen but nothing happens. May be you can give me a short hint what i can trx to do? Thanks! (Sorry for my english, is it not the best!) Kindly regards Thomas

  80. A little of topic but dont know who else to ask.
    Changed battery to a 2400mah and it stops charging at 1230 the original maks then current goesa to 30mah when charging. Is there a file I can modify to get it to chare to full 2400mah?

  81. So basically i tried to flash android this was my first time doing any of this & it stuffed up badly now all my phone does is boot up into the white htc logo screen & won’t get past there. It use to have 3 sets of numbers on the side but now it doesn’t. I tried to go into the recovery boot loader screen. I use to be able to get into it but it never did any thing. I took it to a phone shop & they said i had water damage I never put the phone near water what so ever but they said it because my friend pressed the red button on the back which tells you have water damage. If anyone could help i would be so appreciative the phone i have now seems to be a pile of crap compared to the HTC!
    Thanks in advance.

  82. Jayce, question please! what happens if I procede without having EXT 3 partition on my SD card.
    I mean all other components are installed just I don’t have EXT 3. Will rom be installed correctly or not?

    thanks in advance

  83. Hi Jayce,
    Can you (or anyone else) tell me is there any difference between android you install in video and android that is installed in factory (eg. HTC Desire)
    and wich version is better, CWM or DFT?
    Thank you

      • how you can put the zip file after doing the EXT3 partition? should I reformat the SD card or cause i can open the storage to copy the zip file.

        if you can explain more step by step.

        • There should still be FAT32 partition left after you create EXT3 partition. Don’t use up all SD card storage for EXT3 partition. Put Android ROM zip in FAT32.

          • i am still unable to do this sometimes when i am making the ext3 partition the zip file will be deleted. i am installing Desire_S_sense3.5_Android.2.3.4_v1.1_EU.

            i think andriod should be started not only giving me htc starting screen.

            system partition MAGLDR 200/45
            1- Formatting the FAT32 SD Card and copy the zip file to SD Card.
            2- Go to &. AD Recovery
            3- Go to advanced
            4-Go to Partition SD Card and make 1024 partition. (what will happen here?)
            5- back to install zip file chose file and install.
            6- reboot ( is there any file should be along with zip file in SD card or after rebooting the files will be created?)
            if i missed any step kindly guide me


  84. Hi, Jayce,
    Need your guidence, can i follow the above procedure and load ANDROID CMW7.1 TYPHOON CM7 VERSION 3.6.8 (GB 2.3.7) to my HTC DESIRE ? or else, if there is any link, pls advise.
    thank you.

  85. HI Jayce
    thank you very much for this hard job.
    I have install it on my HTC HD2 it works perfectly I am waiting for you to fixing that issue with camera. hope you will find time to fix it soon.
    Adi From Finland

  86. I made a mistake. I’m not sure how big this problem is yet maybe you can help me out. I followed you instructions to the tee on the “How to Install CWM NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video)” posting. My problem was one unfortunate oversight on my part I didn’t chose and install a version of Android OS on my SD as directed on the first/last tutorial. Every other step went perfectly, step for step my installation was the same as all the videos you provided. I didn’t want to do anymore damage as I am not sure what to do from here. To explain further I have completed the data wiping step, I then wiped the cache, and then I realized I missed something important. When I attempted to apply the OS update I was informed that no files found. What Can I do to fix this? Is there a way to add the OS now? Do I have to start over? What do I need to do? Any help you can provide would be most appreciated.

      • Thanks I’ve tried that. I can’t figure out whats wrong b/c its still not working. I’ve downloaded the CM7 android build. I’ve attempted to move the file to the Mass storage drive in aMAGLDR v1.13. my pc has prompted me with the following error message, “Cannot copy HyperDroid-CM7-Killer-Koala-v5.5.2-magldr-signed” I’ve also attempted to unzip the cm7 file and save to mass storage as well but that is not working either. Do you have any other suggestions. I’m running win XP sp3 and the 7zipap (to unzip files) Let me know what you think. Thanks

  87. Hi, Jayce,
    I want to install ICS Beta8 version as currently i am using GB 237. do i need to install to wipe up all the cache and personal data before installation of the ics beta8 ? pls advise soonest.

  88. i install and it was working perfect but in a dew days the screen touch stopped function but the other buttons in the HTC HD2 is working perfect!!1 any ideas what i should do ??

  89. Hi Jayce,
    Pls clarify whether the following can be installed to HTC DESIRE per your above video ?
    How to Install HSPL4 on HTC HD2? (Video)
    How to Install Custom Radio v2.15 ROM on HTC HD2? (Video)
    How to Install MAGLDR v1.13 on HTC HD2? (Video)
    How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 on HTC HD2? (Video)
    How to create EXT3 partition on SD card with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

    Pls adv. tks.

  90. Hi, Jayce,
    currently my HTC HD2 is using GB 2.3.7, any latest version can be downloaded and video link for installation ?
    Pls advise.

  91. hey jayce i installed cwm and but i mistakly chose the flash.cfg file to open with notepad as default application for it (in open with optio).. does this affect system the partition for nand android.. as i tried to install ics Aosp.. and its stuck on Bootanimation For About 30-40 mins..

  92. i get error after opening package like this

    finding update package
    opening update package
    installing update
    installation aborted.

  93. Hello,
    I did everything in this tutorial along with the other tutriols posted above the video. Everything works fine and I thank you for everything that is here. Right now the memory card I am using is 4gb and I am looking to upgrade to a 32gb card. what would I have to do to get android on this card? Thanks for reading

  94. hi…I have all the above steps done but im having a problem with putting CM7 on the SD carder. Is there a video for this? I cant use Sd MassStg because I cant do anything thru the PC to the phone

  95. So hold the volume and power button down then connect the USB ? Is that what you mean? I can only use the red green and white screen…cell goes strait into magloader when turned on. No recognition of phone to PC unless I use the multi. Colored screen

  96. hi jayce,

    i installed nand sensation xl rom eu in htc hd2 its working well but ocassionally it freezes when i receive a call and video recording is very poor. how to fix all these glitches.

    • Hi ali, please consult ROM chef on these issues. I have no idea how to fix them too. Try to upgrade to the latest ROM. The latest one usually fix most of the bugs and issues.

  97. My phone is UK O2 HTC HD2 i have followed the process as you mentioned above.After starting up, it is just showing the HTC screen. Not is not going further. Please advice

  98. hey , i did the ext 3 partition with 1024 mb and i dont know if its right and i dont know how to edit the document flash.cfg because there is no 250mb there written in the document please help

  99. Dear Jayce..i already follow ur instruction and install all requirement needed to convert my HD2 to android..after selecting typoon zip file, my phone only shown android images and freeze indication of loading as shown in ur video..does my installation goes wrong?i select EXT partition 1024mb for my SD Card..really need ur help here..thanks

  100. thanks a lot jayce
    i had install ics successfully with you help..but the problem i am facing is flash light not working
    and camera and gallery getting hang again n again
    can u help me with tht
    but rest is beautiful and really the worst hd2 becomes so handy now.

  101. Hi!!Jayce

    why when i click 8. AD Recovery to make EXT3 partition on SD card error will come out,
    saying ERROR CANNOT READ RAMDISK IMAGE…pls. help if you dont mind..Thanks

  102. hi jayce
    i have install
    NexusHD2-ICS-4.0.3-CM9 V1.3 to HD2 sucessfully
    camera and everything working fine
    but in setting there are so many option where can i get a guide for tht

  103. you wassup bro .. I have 2 question to ask..

    1st – are you from penang?? lolz just curious..

    2nd – I’ve done all the following step except the last part partition sd. i was able to load to CWM and flash a ROM ( from miui official ) but after successfully flashed it doesnt boot and stuck at HTC logo as long as i can remember.. any advice?? or should i try your JW MIUI ROM?

    Thanks a bunch man! love your site ; )

    – How to Install HSPL4 on HTC HD2? (Video)
    – How to Install Custom Radio v2.15 ROM on HTC HD2? (Video)
    – How to Install MAGLDR v1.13 on HTC HD2? (Video)
    – How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 on HTC HD2? (Video)
    – How to create EXT3 partition on SD card with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

  104. i hv done all the step from the guide…. the phone reboot n show the htc logo with a human face logo then htc green logo n hang…. please advice…..

  105. i successfully using android now…. but now i hv another pro…. i hv a low internal storage pro…. only 148kb available….. but i not yet install anything yet….

  106. i install the rom with clockworkmod and when it reboots it reboots to the magldr not the rom ?? i have clockworkmod1.13 installed magldr v1.13…can u please help me with this ?….thx

  107. hi jayce
    i am about to put one of these android roms on my htc hd2 but every multiupload etc… link i find has been removed, i want to put the on my phone but the link doesnt work.
    the only roms i managed to download are:
    hyperdroid cm7 madmamba v5.7.0 magdlr
    which one of these do you think i should try
    (great site by the way, shame about the android links)

  108. Hi I Cannot install Clockwork Recovery At the moment because i have the amagldr v1.11 how can i upgrade that please thanks to v1.13 since i cannot get into wm6.5 to do it through the pc??

  109. hi jayce,
    i am using htc hd2 currently running on android 2.2… and i want to upgrade it. i am thinking to install cyanogenmod 7.1.0. And pls suggest me a best ROM for my phone.. and while installing process is it neccessary to create EXT3 partition because i will be changing memory card. and what wil happen if i restart the phone without SD card after installing? pls help me

  110. hai jayce..
    i completed installing MAGLDR v1.13.. but as it is written my phones OS(android 2.2) didnt get deleted at all. still i can boot to android 2.2.. is this any pro or can i continue to next step

      • hai Jayces.. I had installed android 2.3.7 on my HTC hd2. but at first time I installed I was not at all able to charge the battery with the 6 percent battery left I somehow managed to reinstall the android and then at first the battery didn’t went down to 1%, and then finally started charging.. after it got recharged to around 40% I reinstalled the android again but then I am facing pro abt setup I.e., the first thing to set up an
        Google account right after signing in with my account, the market app gets on and a pop up window appears, I clicked okay and then downloaded gmail app from market, after that the screen again went back to setup and then force closes.. please help me man I am getting totally mad. plz reply fast as possible.

  111. thanks Jayce.. please suggest a best rom for my HTC hd2 phone and if possible give the link too.. now again I installed android after wiping data and cache still it had that SETUP pro but now it is charging.. and now I am thinking to change to another rom if I get any another problem. and I heard a rom called honeycomb. is it good for my mobile. please help me with this.. all I would bother is about performance not the looks. please suggest one.

  112. hai jayce
    which is the latest version of android for HTC hd2.? is cyanogenmod 7.1 is nothing but android 2.3.7.. I got totally confused in this.. I have installed ROM present in this page.. is this is cyanogenmod 7.1.0.. which is the latest version of cyanogenmod for HTC hd2

          • hi jayce..
            pls help me i am in bring trouble. i installed android 2.3.7 in my htc hd2. after three days i installed “market enabler” from android market(google play now right) to get paid apps but when i went to download a paid app “titanium back up pro key” an error occured saying “ force close”. i cleared data and cache and reinstalled android but then too i am getting the same error.. what should i do now.. and the memory card which i partitioned to 1024MB, i kept in my system and the system showed 6.44gb of free space and i tried to format it but a error reproted saying that windows is unable to format.. and so then i kept memory card in my phone and i again did partitioned to 1024MB and then i kept it in my system but now it showing 7.40 of free space. i dont know what happened.. actually it is an 8gb memory card. now what shall i do? pls tell me..

  113. Dear Jayce:
    I reconsidered, I think it is better if i do a nand version sd on the phone with the cw7, I found a TyphooN_CM7_v3.8.0-MAGLDR on the xda site, do you think with my t-mobile HTC HD2 where I already got the spl2.08-HSPL, and the 3.14 t-mobile rom raido, can i still follow the instructions from this website, and i have a sd card of 8GB, this will work perfectly if i follow the instructions here rite? THaank you very much for your time!! Thanks a lot for this post!!!

  114. hello Jayce: urgent problem, I followed every single step the same way it was on the instruction, but during the step where i need to get the ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 i used 400mb instead of a 150mb, But i htought it will be ok, and I continued to the instruciton on this website, at the end I do see the android animation, but ia hve been waiting for 40 mins, but nothing happens, I try to go back to the step with the clockworkmod recovery to get the 150 mb one, but it doesnt let me shut off the phone, I go back to the tri-color screen to use the RUU from the MAGLDR v1.13, i thought i could start over by doing that, but after i redo the RUU from the MAGLDR v1.13, it just loads back to the white android animation waht should i do now??? Please help me! thank you very much!!!

      • I waited 50 mins for the white android animation to finish, but nothing happend, and i shut off the phone and turn on and it does load to DFT MAGLDR Bootloader but, it jsut goes to “123456,GO GO GO!” and the android animation starts again, i cant install the 150 CWM if i cant load to bootloader, what did i do wrong, or there is another way i can get to install the 150MB cwm? thanks in advance, I was really worreid thanks a lot!

  115. Thank you very much!!! I got it to work, but the cm7 rom I installed freezes quite often when i use the camera or the pudding camera app from android market any solustions to that? or any other rom that could be compatible with almost everything? thank you very much for the information It helps a lot!! thank you!

      • thank you very much, I finally get to have the android, everything works perfectly except the camera and it freezes a few times and just turn off on its own. but i still like it. I HAVE two questions: 1. how do i turn it off with the normal way. 2. is there other stable rom that doesnt freeze and quit on its own? thank you very much!!!

  116. Hi Jayce!

    Thank you very much for your step-by-step tutorial on installing android on HTC HD2!
    It was really easy and smooth! Now I have a whole new experience with my phone.

    Best regards!

    Peter (Slovakia)

  117. 🙁 hey i think i bricked my phone because of magldr i went to cmw to flash a rom but it sed boot source not found so i downloaded hd2 toolkit and tried to update magdlr but it just froze when it went to the black screen and then i tried downloading clr (similar to magdlr) but then it was successful then when i turned on phone just white screen with htc can u help me plz

  118. i have android 2.2 and my battery never lasts ,since i have to be up by 6am i listen to music on my way to school and battery goes down and does the clockworlmod recovery battery never goes down like android 2.2? and my android thing is whenever i turn my off it goes back to htc hd2 mode and i have to re-install it to android by going to my SD card and restarting it but the my question is if i download this to my htc will i be able to sends it back to htc or not ? please answer this when you get it !

  119. Dear Jayce,
    Use volume down button to go down to 8. AD Recovery.

    But “AD Recovery” not shown in MAGLDR………….
    Pls. help me.

    • I Installed “DFT_LEO_MAGLDR111.rar” And then Installed Android
      “JawsMIUIrec1.0.7z” and it is ok. But I want to another android version
      that is why i’m asking about “AD recovery” not found in MAGLDR. Can I
      install another MAGLDR. Now i used JawsMIUI android in my HTC HD2.
      Waiting for your nice reply.

  120. I have hd2 with rom 3.14, radio 2.15, and spl 3.03
    i want to make my phone running android.
    what should i do sir? give steps. I have followed ur steps given above but confused. give some idea.

  121. here i am again jayce ;D i did all five steps before, everything look normal, but when i’m trying to do this “How to Install CWM NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video)” i don’t have this file on my screen. shoud i put in storage card manualy?

  122. hi Jayce
    All my respect for your work.grate! i got a problem.i followed all steps…but most of roms dosnt start,remain stuck on animation for hours.when finaly i found this who work, told me “No sim card”.what can i do? please help me.I tryed all kind of roms since 3 days ago. Thx

  123. hi, i followed all the steps but now im stuck in a boot loop. i went back and deleted all the data and cache but my hd2 is still boot looping. what do i do to fix this. thanks -JJC

  124. Dear JAYCE,
    “CWM NAND Android on HTC HD2” video is shown. But software is where ? Pls. pls. send me a link, thats why i can download.
    Looking forward.

  125. Dear jayce..
    kindly help and assist me how restock rom (window mobile) into my HD2.. latelty my HTC HD2 hang too long and cannot loading magldr..then i try to install back the leoimg.nbh rom into the phone.on the first place, the display show loading, then it stucked (update fail) on Radio.. extremely need ur help…thank you so much..

      • Hi jayce, thanks for not sure which region i download the ROM.. can u provide the correct link to get the ROM..really need ur help..thanks you so much..

          • Dear Jayce, i had managed to reinstall the HSPL4 and hacked again my HD2..then i try to install radio with image version into my HD2.. the ROM updating run up to 100%, but at the end it said that ERROR [290] : INVALID COMMAND – This Update Utility cannot be used for your PDA Phone. Please check your Update Utility.. can u guide me to settle this problem..thanks

              • Hi Jayce, i already installed the HSPL.. the screen shown 4 colour (Red,Green,Blue and White). the text shown:
                PB81100 HX-BC
                SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE
                CotullaHSPL 0x50

                then, i try to install the Radio ROM Radio_2_12_50_02_2 which is the Leo_radio.nbh rename to RUU_Signed.nbh

                after installation complete to 100%, the screen back to normal ( shown 4 colour (Red,Green,Blue and White).

                the computer screen shown: ERROR [290] : INVALID COMMAND – This Update Utility cannot be used for your PDA Phone. Please check your Update Utility.

                is there any missing part??? thanks

                  • hi jayce, i already install the MAGLDR.the screen shown:
                    aMAGLDR V1.13
                    Build: Feb 1 2011 03:46:07
                    by Cotulla 2011

                    then it hang on this page with some vibrate..i cannot perform CWM Recovery..

                    • Hmm… Sorry aRiff, I ran out of idea for the moment. Try to consult others at XDA website. Will update you if I come out of something.

  126. hello jayce, can you please help me? i followed your steps, but now my phone remains at black screen with htc green logo, and doesnt go any further, please help me thnx ~~

  127. Hi Jaycee, 1st of all, thank you for your great blog. i wish to check with you about the stability of the Android 2.3.7 CM7 NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM. is it the rom in your hd2? if yes, so far, any crashes and bugs for your daily usage?

    Thank you for your feedback.

  128. please tell me , I have windows mobile 6.5 system on my htc HD2 if I loaded android software like yours , can I return back to the original windows mobile if I wanted, thanks,

  129. hi, i just instal the new rom, i followed at ur steps line by line and even btw lines 🙂
    but am freezed with the small monsters (outlined in white) under which is writen ANDROID.
    i’ve waited for more than half and hour, but still….
    can u help me pls,
    thx in advance.

    waiting for a quick response.. 🙂

      • yes Jayce,
        i did install the which i dowload from ur site,
        humm for cwm, it used 1024
        i waited since this morning but it was still showinf the small monster.
        humm i remove the battery and put it again, and switch it on and the mobile was oki,
        am just trying it, hope no bugs will occur,
        i will revert back to u, tonight,
        thnk u in advance.
        kind regards,

  130. ok i flashed this rom to my htc hd2 and now all of sudden after like two my phone turns off without me turning it off and its full charged so what can i do to make it stop turning off.

  131. hi jayce im back to my hd2 again i wajt to try ics on it but when im on boot menu on mgdlr im on no 8 ad recovery it says eror its color red i cant wipe and flash it i think its corupt maybe it will be good if i will reset the data if i do it will i start all over again? even i try to 2 3 error is coming out

  132. hi jayce i try to install cwm but my laptop are not reading it my 2 lptops are not responding to mgdlr what do you think is th solution do i need to install on my laptop ?

    • Hi rich, make sure that you have Windows Mobile Device Center installed on Windows Vista / Windows 7 or ActiveSync installed on Windows XP.

  133. hey jayce is the android animation suppose to show on the first time boot?? mine took more than 30 minutes and never started plus i did not see the animation as i saw in your video, any ideas?? thanks in advance.

  134. Hi Jayce,

    I bought a new SD card (samsung 32gb) but when I put the zip-file on the card and put the card in my phone and click install zip file from sd. he says there is no file on my card.
    can u help me?

    groeten uit nederland

  135. U SAID: “first of all, copy the Android ROM zip file that you want to install into SD card (use SD card reader or MassStg in MAGLDR”
    Dont Need To extract It to p.c????
    if i copy this zip file before clockwork mode, will it l be deleted??

  136. i had done all the steps but i get the android logo then the phone just freezes
    i have waited for an hour and tried to reboot it still the same-thing over and ever again
    so please tell me what can i do now
    i cant accesses the windows OS or the android OS i am just stuck
    help plz

  137. hi Jayce, I am trying to find TyphooN_CM7_v3.5.4-MAGLDR. But i cudnt seek it instead of that i found TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 v3.6.8. Are both of these are same.

  138. I followed your guide and installed magldr and cwm successfully but after i flash a rom and reboot i keep getting boot loops. I have tried about 5 different roms (which include paranoidandroid, cm9, and miui 4) but with all these roms i get the same problem. Any idea’s on how i can fix this?

  139. Hi dude i installed on my htc hd2 it works very well & with good battery life but only one thing i want to know that i can’t access my sim card contact numbers.Please tell me how can i find my sim contact numbers on htc hd2

  140. hi there,first of all i want to thank you for your great effort…i did everything as shown here but after i rebooted my phon it just got stuck with the andriod logo more than 20 minutes..i’m starting to panic XD

    • I created 1024M EXT3 partition size on my SD card, and as far as i knew reading the comments,its something with the partition size..well how can i get out from the rebooting process so i can choose a new partition size?

  141. okay thanx i panicked and removed the battery and it went to the 2nd phase of the reboot XD i’ll inform you if anything happens WaHAHAHA

  142. After copying the zip file toSD card and choosing AD Recovery there is a message (NO boot sources)
    What shall I do to avoid this error?

  143. I have a problem with my applications. I have them all instaled at my sd card, but i had to delete all the data from sd card so u backuped it at my laptop and then after the instalation of android it dont see them, but i have them instaled on my sd card, what can i do, my android don’t see them. Thanks for help!

  144. hi jayce, ive have install this since 6 month so far, and am seeing that my htc HD 2 is working a bit slower nowadays, humm i was asking if there is not another way of installing the android, instead of installing it on my SD. Is there no other version to install like directly on the mobile instead of installing it on the SD,
    It also takes time to boot, like 3-4min, please help.
    thank u in advance,

  145. i have htc hd2 with installed android OS 2.3.7 but now that has been corupted can i install it again ? and how can i insyall it ? plz ans me fast
    problems in old android OS:
    imges are not shown in gallery
    google play i not opening
    notifications are not shown

    please give me some solution 🙁

  146. Hi Jayce,

    Today suddenly my HTC HD2 WM6.5 turned to arabic, all my phone contacts were not visble. And after a while it just keep flashing the white HTC screen. I tried a soft reset but didnt help. I have removed the battery and kept aside the phone to try after some time. Any chance the contacts will still be there in the phone or any ways to get these contacts ??

    I also was planning to switch over to Android and had downloaded all above prerequisites in above message. So b4 starting out i wanted to confirm if the above version is stable or there are any better and more stable versions which can be used ?

    Await your soonest reply
    Thx / Dollar

  147. Hola amigos alguien sabe como instalar Android en Aspen m1a esque esta con windows mobile 6.5 y no puedo instalarle muchas aplicaciones

  148. Hi Jayce!
    I recently got myself an HTC HD2 (512Mb) version. Now I’m wondering, how would i know which rom is made for my International version of the phone, since there are different roms? What is the most easiest way to install custom android rom to my HD2? Do I have to partition my phone’s internal memory again every time I want to install different rom and how can I check what partitions there are now (since I didn’t made them myself)?

  149. hi jayce i install wp7 and the sd card is not working too i don’t know wht to do anymore and i just bought the phone not quiet long brown new and everything was working…is their no body that can help me fix this problem of sd….i’m sure it’s not hardware cos the first time i install android 2.2 it was working…..and later it stop…… it can’t mount sd card and i don’t know why……please someone should help me…!