Download Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich AOSP ROM for HTC HD2

Google denied Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade on old Nexus One officially. But that does not stop developers from create Android 4.0 ICS ROM for Nexus One. And ported to HTC HD2. Since the porting is just started few days after Google released Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich source code to Android Open Source Project (AOSP), it is consider beta version to me as not all the functions are working well and smoothly. But it sure looks good for early build and no soft buttons like Galaxy Nexus. So you have extra space on screen and use hardware buttons instead. And I am looking forward for the main stuff that I want in Android 4.0 to be working ~ 2D hardware acceleration with GPU.

Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich AOSP ROM for HTC HD2

Android 4.0 AOSP stock launcher
Software information

Thanks to XDA Developer, sportsstar89 for Android 4.0.1 ICS ROM for HTC HD2. And thanks Tytung for the kernel (and other developers that missed out). We can’t enjoy Android 4.0.1 ICS on HTC HD2 without them. Based on ROM chef, ROM v1.1 has SMS, sound, SD card mounts, data, accelerometer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, phone, multi-touch and gallery working. Those still cannot work are camera, USB mass storage and 2D hardware acceleration. So be sure to go to XDA website to get the latest better build.

Installation guide ~ How to Install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich NAND ROM v1.1 for HTC HD2 here.


  1. Dear all,
    follow these steps or try installing it on a new sd i tried it on my old one there were some working…gud

    Select wipe data/factory reset. (You can skip this step if upgrade from same ROM)
    Then select Yes — delete all user data.
    Select wipe cache partition. (You can skip this step if upgrade from same ROM)
    Then select Yes — Wipe Cache.

  2. hello, im a big follower i have a question regarding the installating of 4.0.1 … after installing ics i rebbot the phone but it doesnt get past the htc logo after that the phone shuts off can you tell me what i am doing wrong?

  3. Hi Jayce,

    Nice Video.. Can I ask now that you’ve used up 200MB for the installation, you have about 20-30MB for apps. Is this ROM compatible with A2SD+ or do you install the A2SD+ yourself?

  4. dear brother i installed beta 1 but it is showing graphical display more than one hour how much time it will take to boot after installing from sd card

  5. hi,i can’t write & speak English well so sorry if i wrote something wrong 🙂
    i have htc hd2 and i want too install android 4.0 ICS on my HD2,i never have installed a an os on a phone so this is the firs time that i want do this,i need more help than the others,i want ask you to sent a full help to my email address( & the software i will have to use to install android 4.0 on my HD2 an the links where i can download them for free,& i can’t see your help video as it not supported in my country:(
    so i need a download link for your help video!
    i want to have both wp7 & android 4.0 on my hd2,is it possible to install wp7.5 on hd2?by the way!
    i want to boot both of these os on my hd2 now there is windows mobile 6.5 on my phone!
    i need help for the installation of wp7 like android 4.0 on SD card
    this is my phone futures :
    os version:5.2.21913(21913.5.0.94)
    manila version:2.5.20181527.0
    ROM version:3.14.707.3(04666)WWE
    ROM date:11/10/10
    radio version:
    protocol version:
    cpu:1024 MHz
    RAM size:448MB
    Flash memory size:512 MB
    Data bus:32 bits
    display:4.3″ 480*800
    microsoft windows phone 6.5 professional
    i really need your help!
    tnx a lot………………………………………………………………………………………

  6. Dear Jayce,
    Im using gingerbread on hd2 but recently it started become slow and not responding well. I have freedup 36 mb internal memory and also removed AVG and ran fix from rom manager but yet nothing improved. Many desktop icons show android symbol instead the program icon. Screen sliding, typing all get stuck very often.. Can u please tell what could be causing the slowdown??? I dont want to install Sandwich until everything works fine..thanks a load in advance Jayce.

  7. its working for me but im trying to update it and i cant follow the steps again coz i cnt get into the MAGLDR menu again
    is there anything i can do?????/

  8. Hi jayce,
    is there any software for andriod in which i can put user name and password for proxy for internet use? paid or unpaid. as i am looking for one and i couldnt find. there are many who are allowing me to put proxy but i need a user name password as well for the proxy.


  9. hey jayce…..=)

    thanks for ur support through out my bootin….

    bt i have a SERIOUS PROBLEM…..
    my mobile is stuck on “ANDROID” screen….while first startup…….:((

    plzzz help me…………….

    i have installed 4 icecream sandwich v 1.1……

  10. btw……i have a problem if u cud help me……….:-\\

    after installation i have only 50 mb left in my internal memory…..:((

    i can’t install more apps in my hd2……..

    wht can i do to increase my internal memory

    plzzzzz help…………..’___’

    • before flashing the rom, partition your SD card (512,1024, or 2048mb) in recovery.

      then flash ICS rom, flash

      wait for ICS load for the first time. at the welcome page, set your language, set time zone.
      DO NOT sign in your account, just select SKIP.
      then wait until ICS completely loaded.

      then reboot your phone, enter recovery again, then flash

      then reboot your phone.

      check your internal storage after load into ICS, the internal memory should be what did you set at SD partition size.

      enjoy …. 🙂

  11. dear jaycee
    I’m in search of workong downloading link for darkstone super ram froyo v 1.5. sd version I hv tried almost all link here bt….I wl b thnkful if u plz .sry 4 my bad english

  12. I just tried to flash this rom with cwm using magldr and its not working. I also tried a few other roms and they wont work either. I keep getting a error message “cant open ……zip (Bad) installation aborted” Any help?

  13. I have installed Android 4.0.3 ICS on my HTC HD2. Now, the problem is touchscreen not working or not responding. Can you help me, please? thanks before.

  14. Hello,i’ve completed all the steps but now im stuck on cwm everytime i open my phone it says “NAND kernel open failed”,i havent installed 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich NAND ROM v1.1 for HTC HD2 because everytime i try to move the ZIP from my pc to my phone the transfer crashes,i’ve tried redownloading the file still get the same result,actually i can’t put ANY file into my phone right now through Mass storage..any help?


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