How to Install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC HD2? (Video)

How to install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC HD2? Yes, I am sure that you will ask this question if you have HTC HD2 with older Android version like 2.3 Gingerbread. Basically, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich installation on HTC HD2 is the same as previous version which use ClockworkMod Recovery CWM method. For experience ROM flasher, you can skip this tutorial. Download Android 4.0 ICS ROM and install it now. As for new comer, please stay with me by following below step by step guide to install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC HD2.


  • SPL-2.08.HSPL
  • Radio that support 576 MB RAM
  • DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13
  • ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3

Do take your time to study these guides. Then install them one by one. You need all these components in order to use Android 4.0 ICS NAND Android.

Note – You need to use 220MB ClockworkMod Recovery partition layout for this NexusHD2 Beta10 ROM. Do refer to ROM chef for the correct CWM layout size if you install other ICS ROM.

Step by Step Guide

  1. First of all, copy the Android 4.0 ICS ROM zip file that you want to install into SD card (use SD card reader or MassStg in MAGLDR).
  2. Power on your phone and don’t let go power button.
  3. DFT MAGLDR Bootloader will be loaded.
  4. Use volume down button to go down to 8. AD Recovery.
  5. Then press call button.
  6. ClockworkMod Recovery will be loaded then.
  7. Select wipe data/factory reset. (You can skip this step if upgrade from same ROM)
  8. Then select Yes — delete all user data.
  9. Select wipe cache partition. (You can skip this step if upgrade from same ROM)
  10. Then select Yes — Wipe Cache.
  11. Go to install zip from sdcard.
  12. Then select choose zip from sdcard.
  13. Select your zip file ( in my video).
  14. Select Yes – Install your zip file.
  15. Press power button to go back.
  16. Then reboot your phone.
  17. Android 4.0 ICS OS will be loaded then.
  18. That’s all.

I was using NexusHD2 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Beta1 ROM for HTC HD2 in the video tutorial. It is a port from Nexus One’s AOSP ICS ROM. Thanks XDA Developer, tytung for the ROM. Not all functions are working due to it is still in beta stage. No worry, latest version should be better with all working functions. Do check out XDA website for latest Android 4.0 ICS ROM for HTC HD2.

Download NexusHD2 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Beta10 NAND ROM for HTC HD2 here (link broken and removed. Sorry).


  1. Finally some good news after all those games……
    Someone tested this already?
    Which languages does it support?
    Any bugs??

    Grtz. from tha lowlands.

      • I’ve also tested and it worked well. only if you have used the camera he jams and falter.
        I recommend it especially to use as replacement for Windows 6.5, first time I’ve wondered if he could, and in Dutch but it is possible.

        Grtz. DutchMan

  2. Hello,
    My HTC hd2 says after installing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC HD2. “INSTAL FROM SD CARD COMPLETE” and start, restart, and restart, and restart….. what is maybe this problem ?

    thanks Theo
    sorry for the bad langw.

  3. Hey, I have followed the whole process. However,after the last reboot, the process does not go beyond the graphical illusion. The graphics keep playing forever. What might I have done wrong?

  4. Hi jaycece
    I want to install android 4.0 on htc hd2 . I have completed all process succesfully, bu twhen I reboot the device it stuck on htc logo on the screen I have 1024 sd card partition. Please guide me what to do

  5. Hello Jayce,

    I have been able to do everything thus far besides copy the rom to the SD Card and load Android could you help by providing the link that is best for the latest verision of 4.0 for HTC HD2 and could you also advise for the last step of putting the zip on HD card?

    Many Thanks bro!

  6. Hello Jaycee, I was able to edit the flash file but I only did a 190m , this time I was able to load the graphics for about 15 minutes before the phone reset it I will try again tonight and do a 200m ,I will keep you posted thanks a lot

  7. hi
    i am trying to install beta2 i did all the steps mentioned above along with cwm partition 250 but it stuck on a black screen showing please

  8. I cant get out auf the MAGLDR. I tried everthing but if i turn it my htc hd 2 on it starts automatically in MAGLDR. what can i do?

  9. please help, im not sure how to get the process started to upload ice cream …im holding the power on and holding and holding..its just turned the device on. ;(

  10. needs to hold the volume key (up/down) at the same time with the power . MY volume control (up) is broken, is there any other way???

  11. Jaycee I was able to figured out why I wasn’t able to load ics 4.0..
    . I have cwm v3.0.0.5 but when I tried to installed the v1.3 I still have v3 version any idea what’s wrong?

  12. i did android ice cream sandwich on my htc hd2 yesterday by flashing, it looks really cool, faster than windows but i have got some problems on it.. there is no camera button as on your video.. i cant run camera, i tried to install camera button and camera360 from the market but it gave some errors and didnt work.. the other problem on it, youtube is not working.. i can browse all mobile youtube pages, videos start to play but only voice is coming, i cant see the videos.. and i dont know what i need to do now..

      • Hi again Jayce, i want you to ask another question.. i installed android 2.3.7 and working good but i forgot to get my backup file as a .csv file that I have just a back up that is an .exe file (Backup_20100611.exe) which includes my all contact numbers on previous windows mobile 6.5 version.

        And is there any ways to see my contacts in this file or to convert it to csv file or any files I will be able to use it on my new android system..?

        thanks so much in advance.. i’ll be waiting for your reply..

  13. Hi, Jayce, i am currently running Android 2.3.7 on my htc hd2, having problem to install version 4.0.
    after selection of item 8 AD RECOVERY, the screen prompt me “ERROR, ERROR, INVALID BOOT IMAGE READER”

    Why ? pls guide.


  14. I am unable to use my 16 GB micro sdhc card.
    I am unable to use camera, gallery.
    Please help me. I install BETA 3 version and I did 250 CMW Partition.

  15. Hi, Jayce, okay, will try. However, found that your link of downloading of ICE CREAM SANDWICH is linked to, use this ICS_V1.1.MAG.ZIP is better on beta2 file ?
    Pls advise.

  16. Hi, Jayce, one more thing would like to check, currently i am having ROM manager, which has a function is “TO INSTALL ROM FROM SD CARD” can i use this function?

  17. Hi Jayce,
    Thanks for the newest version ROM for HD2 (! I installed according to your manual above. Before I was running Gingerbread 2.3.7 (Nand) on my HD2.
    But after installing this new rom HD2 refuses to start! Each time it starts it shows HTC logo, loads amagldr 1.3, background goes blue for about 0.2 second and loads the green HTC logo and goes off! Then it starts up again, and repeats the whole process!

    Any idea?


  18. Hi Jay,thanks for the link for sandwich icecream,now I did installed it but the thing is that after I install it get stuck on the black HTC please help jayce

  19. I have successfully installed ICS4 on my HTC HD2. However, I can’t connect to WIFI because it is not showing available accounts. I tried to add it manually, but saying active accounts not available. I followed each steps correctly . please help.

  20. Hi Jayce,

    I have installed on my HD2 (from WM) the latest Android ICS based on your description
    (which is by the way very good. Detailed, Easy, Understandable)

    Unfortunately the camera does not work.
    What could be the problem? Is there a fix for it?

    Thank you

  21. Hi Jayce, i followed your video instruction 100%, even wipe out cache and personal data using CMW before installation of the ics bet5 version.
    the ics running okay, except the known problem on the camera. BUT found that the internal storage only total 150MB and now used 109MB, left only 42MB free.
    Can you please guide me how to expend the original 150MB to higher? as this HD2 should have total 448MB RAM with 512MB ROM.
    thank you.

    • Use 200MB CWM partition layout.

      We can’t use all 512MB ROM because system and other stuffs use it too. The CWM partition layout size is reserved for system use. So the bigger the system size, the smaller the user size.

  22. Hi, Jayce, but how to do to use 200MB CWM Partition layout. pls advise the procedure (and link if possible).

    it is new for me to on using xxxMB CWM Partition layout.


  23. Hi, Jayce,
    1) how to open flash.cfg ? any video guide ?
    2) install CWM Layout and Android ROM means re-install CWM version 1.3 and Android 2.3.7, right ?
    Pls advise your professionalism.

  24. the work you do is amazing!!! i am having an issue with using the marketplace, it simply will not open. thanks for the help in advance

  25. Hi, Jayce, when using GB 237, the sms for previous day message only showing date, and the itming disapprear, how to fix it ? pls advise in details.

  26. need help, when i enter into clockwork and wipe data/factory, its says at the bottom E; failed to find “cache” partition to mount at “cache”

  27. hi how load do i have to wait for my htc hd2 to come up……………………….

    How to Install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC HD2?


  29. Hey Jayce,

    I was running CorDroid 2.2.1 then tried to upgrade to ICS 4.0 using your instructions as above.

    It all works but as some users have already stated, ICS 4.0 it just hangs in the animation screen forever…

    I have all the the Prerequisites as you’ve mentioned but tried to check the partition MAGLDR Boot Menu:

    2. Boot AD SD its keep saying “SD kernel Open failed” and when i check 3. Boot AD NAND it keeps saying “NAND kernel open failed”

    Does this mean I will have to partition my SD card again?

    Many Thanks

  30. Hi,

    I just completed al the described steps, and successfully installed ICS on my HTC HD2.
    Thanks a lot for your easy to understand tutorials, since i am not very experienced on these things.

    It seems that the is VERY stable (a lot more than Win6,5) and i don’t care there are some things that aren’t working. now i at least have a phone that can call, text, email….

    However i do have a question:
    Is it possible to use the android market?
    I seem to have some problems, when i want to download an application, i select download > accept and Download, thereafter the phone says:
    ” Fout ‘appx’ kan niet worden gedownload wegens een fout”
    “‘appx’ can’t be downloaded due to a fault…”

    I did every step described, and was connected to 3g + wifi….

    Maybe its a not so smart question, but i appreciate your help!


  31. Jayce hi,
    First of all thanks for this post. its very useful and android is working nice except the camera..
    do you know how can i solve this?


  32. Hey Jayce I installed beta5 and using it now. When I want to go in MAGLDR to update beta 7 it says unable to connect because of USB. When I connect it to my computer, I can see USB instead of Serial when I power on and press volume down button…
    Please help me with it.
    Even I am unable to get win 6.5 back…

  33. I install the 4.0, beta7, 500mb.

    All the steps, one by one. All fine. But now Im stock here in the grafic stuff after 1 hour, WTF???

  34. Hi,

    Great work on the Icecream Sandwich. i downloaded your froyo before and it was fantastic. i’ve successfully downloaded and upload the Icecream Sandwich but its lagging. How do i make it faster? i mean the graphics and functions are all lagging. not as smooth as i wish it would be. how do i resolve it?

    also my data connection through my local mobile service provider is not working. just to let you know, i’ve download the Beta1 version. if i download Beta2 would it make things faster?

  35. Hello! I’ve installed many Android Versions allready an my HTC HD2 and they all where great. now i have followed your steps and installed Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Now my BIG QUESTION is: Can i do something to have “more memory” on the phone? because i just keep getting those >full memory< messages. I've allready tried (more than once) to partition my sd card (16 gb micro sd hc) but everytime it has not worked. the memory of the card will be shown as 13 gb free but the memory phone stays the same.. can you PLEASE!! help me on this one?!


      • Hi Jayce, you mean you have no idea how to make a partition on a sd card or if its possible to make one with this ROM? Can’t you help me and tell me what I’m doing wrong and why my disk space always stays the same although the partition has been made?


  36. So i installed it from sd card and rebooted it, and the only thing its doing is going on and off…does anybody know why? after magldr its shows another HTC screen and then keeps restarting…help please?

  37. Please when will be camera ok? Because i cant making fotos, videos…. nothing. I am using it in slovak and all is ok, but camera not. Sorry for bad english i am 13 years old slovak.

  38. I installed 4.0.1 from the phone, especially of the variance that is not going teme I waited 30-40 minutes is not going
    Waiting to help respond to emergencies is a good idea, no matter

  39. helo..first of all thanx alot for these easy steps dat made us install android so easily on our hd2…i just have one problem my camera is not working the camera application shows the error ”cannot connect to camera” can you hel me out with this please?

  40. Hi jayce, i installed beta7, it’s working great. but if i suppose to play HD VIDEOS (1080&720Pixels) not playing properly in any video player(mob player,etc), video streaming not properly.. any idea….

  41. Thanks for all your videos they have been a lot of help to me. I have jusr one quick question… how do I know what kind of radio, Magldr and Hspl versions i have? Thank again have a good day 🙂

  42. Hi,

    last week i installed ICS on my HD2, which was great! However, a few days ago my touch screen didn’t work anymore. but after a few hours it started working again. i experienced this a couple of times, and now the touch screen doesn’t work anymore.

    I figured, i needed to reinstall the ROM. So i started your guide at step 11.
    But the problem didn’t disappear.

    My question is:
    How do i completely reinstall your guide, including the prerequisites (which i completed via your guide)?

    Thanks in advance,

  43. Hi there,

    I have a small problem:
    Everything works untill I have to reboot it (when the screen gives some weird colours).
    I waited the whole day, but it remains at this screen!

    do you know what’s wrong?


  44. Hey this is a great update, but whenever i plug in my usb i dont know how to turn into disk drive anymore =\
    Also camera doesnt work ^.^

  45. When do u think this will be done? like the camera problem etc .. so i can use it as an everyday OS ,… its really awesome btw. good job 🙂

  46. I was looking at the video and planned to port the rom over, but i still want to keep my current custom rom also, is there a way to dual boot?

  47. Hey beta 8 works the best it even boots up faster thanks for posting this my brother gave me his HD2 he was just gonna throw it away wait till he see this.

        • no camera is still not working but seems that everything else is,it automatically downloaded all the apps I have on my photon 4g as well as all my contacts and they all seem to work except the one that work with camera,even Netflix works you tube etc…. out side of the camera I feel like I have a new phone,I wasn’t bold enough to try this on my Photon,but like I said before my brother was gonna trash it so I gave it a shot glad i did. don’t have a sim card to play with since I’m with Sprint at the moment so I cant comment on how the phone calls work. But if your gonna do it use beta 8! that’s the latest one.

  48. Hi Jayce,

    Is there a way to update from beta to beta instead of clean install? so I can keep all my setting and apps.

    What are some of the common skin pack for android? icons and theme wise.

    Thanks, love your site.

  49. Hello,
    i would like to install your rom but it isn’t work
    i have

    HTC HD2 Radio Leo
    DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13
    ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3

    i install the rom and after I reboot but its fix to the HTC in green

    you have a solution ?

    ps: sorry for my english

  50. 1 question sir…
    When should i do the ext sd partition for a2sd..After installing rom or before installing the rom..
    bdw i had downloaded ics beta 10,, and will be using 2024mb sd partition..

  51. Hi
    i did all your steps but it freezed at the green htc logo …
    I use:

    HTC HD2 Radio Leo
    DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13
    ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3

    I changed the CWM 250mb to 200MB as you said but it changed nothing
    I tried Beta9 … I will be trying Beta10 now … let´s see

    Oh one more:
    I´ve got a 16gb sdhc card (if it´s important)

  52. IT WORKS WITH BETA 10!!!!!
    But .. the background is a little bit moved to the right side .. how to move it back?
    Camera is working … quality is OK 😀
    The whole System is working smooth … *PUH*
    Thanks for the Tutorials

  53. Hi Jayce,

    Thanks a lot its really a nice guide to. Thanks a lot. You are really wise.

    Take care have good future ahead.


  54. Jayce,

    Thx for the guides and videos. I followed the same instructions.
    Audio and Camera , both are not working. Please advice.
    I tried the voice calls, music and youtube.. no audio at all.

    Model: Nexus HD2
    Android : 4.0.1
    Build” ITL 41D Alpha1

    Please advice. Thx in advance. Raj

      • Sanders, Thx for the quick update. I tried..
        But now I started getting “Software Update Failed:.Please try again” screen all the time
        Reboot, restart.. all same..
        Any advice please. Thx

          • Jayce, Thx..
            I wiped off the data.
            Now Magldr/CWM/Recovery/task29 is not able to launch with USB connection.

            HD2 shows Red/Green/Blue Screen with the following message:
            PB81120 HX-B3
            SPL-2.08.0000 8G XE
            MicroP(LED) 0x05
            MicroP(TOUCH) 0x50

            When I connect USB, HD2 changes to USB.

            But from PC,DAF/ROMUpdateUtility/CustomRUU all shows as launching but HD2 stops at 0% .

            Please help. Sincere Thank you in advance. Regards – Raj.

  55. May be one of the downloads I had might have got installed accidentally.
    How can I wipe/cache and apply the new Android 4.0 please. Thx

  56. hi jayce, before install this ICS 4.0, may i ask about:

    can USB Mass Storage, camera , and hardware accelerator working well??

  57. I have beta 10 installed sucessful. Most everything runs well except im not able to play games an gallery is buggy. Doesnt want to load sometimes an force closes! Is there a fix for this yet?

  58. Pls guide me how to check my hd2 (CURRENTLY running GB 2.3.7) :
    (1) How Much of System Partition (2) how much on the current cache ? (3) how to increase the item 1 and 2 if i need to in order to fit for the ICS 4.0.3 (beta10) version installation.

    Pls assist.


  59. Hi, Jayce,
    I booted my HTC HD2 (currenly under GB 2.3.7) item 8 – AD RECOVERY but failed. so i went to flash DFT, but it prompted “README.TXT FOR THIS RELEASE MISSING”, after clicked “NEXT” it showed error description: CONFIG: CAN’T OPEN CONFIG FILE, INFO: /RSPL/RSPL.cpp(304)”.
    finally had to click icon “Finish”

    Pls guide me how to reflash it sucessfully ?


  60. Hi, Jayce,
    I installed Beta10 onto my HTC HD2, running ok, but the battery draining a bite fast, 100% only for 4-5 hours, any thing can be done to avoid the draining as i already terminated the unnecessary application, such as wifi, google locaton, google searching, and gps, etc. secondly, what is the difference between ASOP Beta10 vs CM9 both from tytung ? i am confused and would like to know which one is better ? pls adv.

  61. how to update the following FILE into the AOSP BETA10 ?


    Just copy to sd card and use 8. AD RECOVERY to run on zip open from sd card or update zip ?

    Pls guide.


  62. Hi Jayce,
    I just finished downloading and installing the process as in your video and website. I used the beta 10 version and 400mb partition CWM. What is the normal booting time because i already waited for 2 hours for the booting to finish. I think i have problem somewhere. Need your help to resolve the problem. Appreciate for your feedback.

  63. I already have cyanogenmod 2.3.7 on my HD2 and I just want to update it to the current version. I copied the zip to my SD card and extracted to the SD card as well but I left the .zip too just in case. When I select 8. AD Recovery, it says no boot sources…what am I doing wrong?

  64. Hi Jayce!
    You did a great job!
    I have one question: How can I extend the storage space of 250 mb? I downloaded 5-6 app from market and now it says there is no space available for downloading other apps…

  65. i’ll compelety install ics on my hd2,but its hang on boot page and restar again and reapeat this over and over.please help me!!!

  66. I brought my HD2 already rooted, and running gingerbread. I wanna upgrade it to ics now. Is it safe to say that I have the radio, magldr and everything already and i just need to follow your instructions. Btw when i use rom manager to back up my current rom, it just reboots skipping the actual process. And when I do it manually i go to my bootloader (magldr 1.13) and i go to recovery it says” Cannot read ramdisk image” Please any help, IM dying to do this.

      • Well to tell you the truth I dont know. I didnt hack it myself so I dont know what the man did to the HD2. It originally a windows phone and he put gingerbread on so I assume he did the prerequisites. If I have to redo them I will, but if I were to do them twice would damage anything?

          • Yes, but youre not understanding I dont know which I do and which I dont have. If somebody already put a custom rom on my phone does that mean I have them? My gingerbread is on nand does that help?
            Btw when i bootload it and try to go to ac recovery it gives me an error saying “caanot read ramdisk image” and when i try to backup in rom manager it just reboots without saving anything. Please try to answer all my questions.

              • I think I just understood something. I clicked the videos for the prerequisites, and if you want to put magldr you need the custom radio and SPL-2.08.HSPL. Well I have magldr 1.13 so I must have those two as well. My only question now is how come when i try to back up from rom manager or magldr, it says cannot read ramdisk image. If you could answer that you would be more super then you already are. Thanks in advance.

  67. Hello Jayce,

    I used:
    – HSPL4
    – and later
    – magldr 1.13
    – recovery 150mb and later 250mb
    – beta 10

    I f*cked up i think. Id did all the steps (my win7-laptop would not open CustumRUU so i did that on my winXP-pc) and the other steps on my win7-laptop). When i installed beta 10 it went oke till the startup of the phone. The HTC-letters in green kept standing on the screen.

    Since then i tried the and the 250mb. The problem is now that what ever i install, i dont get the black screen with the choices where you can scroll with the vol-button.
    – it starts to the green HTC en then does nothing
    – when vol-down & power:
    PB81100 SS-BC
    SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE
    CotullaHSPL 0x50

    what to do now??

  68. i am unable to connect my htc hd2 (windows 6.5) with my pc having windows7 ultimate. i wnt to install cynogenmod 7 on HD2 how i do it please suggest

  69. Hello
    thank u very much.
    I have my HD2 with windows mobile 6.5
    I have 2 Qs:
    1- Is installing this android 4 safe or i should try the older versions first
    2- Can i go back to windows mobile 6.5 (just in case!) and is it safer to install it on SD or NAND

    Waiting ur response

  70. hey,

    i’ve tried to install the program, but its not working, because its starting up every time again,
    does anyone know whats the problem ? and can someone tell me how to fix it?

  71. Now i am using HTC HD2 MIUI Android v 2.2 and i want to upgrade it on v 4.0 and i follow your rule and when i turn on Mobile at first …..i didnot see on Number 8.AD Recovery…….
    in my Mobile there were on Number 8 is Service. so how can i upgrade to v 4.0???

      • thanx a lot Jayce for your Reply,,
        About My PHone”
        Model Number : HTC HD2
        Android Version ” 2.2.1
        Baseband Version :
        Kernel Version :
        gm@ubuntu #1
        Build Number : Jaws-MIUI

        when i power on moblie with pressing volume key there were appear :
        PB81120 HX-B3
        SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE
        CotullaHSPL 0*50

        & when i power on mobile with pressing Red(END) key until disappear MAGLDR there were :
        aMAGLDR V1.11
        Build:Dec 31 2010 05:30:51
        by cotulla 2010
        Boot menu :
        1. Boot AD SD
        2. Boot AD NAND
        3. USB MassStg
        4. USB Flasher
        5. USB TTY
        6. AD Hardreset
        7. Tetris
        8. Services
        9. Reset
        10. PowerDown

        I install this version according to your self by watching video and download all files on your download link……….so please help me…..its really work me with out any side effect…my all function worked properly as windows 6.5 till now………but now i want to upgrade it on Version 4.0…..can i re-install it again? or any short procedure???waiting for your repply….what to do on next step???can i upgrade it with our 8. AD Recovery???

        uday from INDIA……….

  72. Dear Jayce…
    here i install all thing….but i thing i have getting problem now……i don’t know where i did mistake….i thing i am confused on ClockworkMod Recovery Partition Size….after finished install DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13 then i installed 150 MB Partition….is it suitable for my MIUI v 2.2?
    and i did not do any thing at that time. have i install anything other in SD card?or have to partition on my SD card???? then i put NexusHD2-IceCreamSandwich_Beta10 on SD card and do as your video….and on formatting process i saw there were :
    No app2sd partition found. skipping format of /sd-ext
    so i think i have to Partition for my SD?
    and anything have to copy on SD???
    please help me…….

  73. im trying to get my contacts imported but it is not working . i need help!!!!!!asap. i have tried to import them through google gmail account

  74. From your video it seems kinda laggy. But in other video (which uses the same distro) its really snappy. what’s ur personal scale? From 1-5, 1 being freaking laggy and 5 being silky smooth.

  75. Hello. i have installed android 4.0 on my htc hd2 and everything working. (i think i installed it on phone memory so the WP 6.5 is whole gone.
    So now i only have android 4.0 and an empty SD-card.

    But now i would change to WP7 or newer version of android.
    But how can i come to boot menu ?
    When i start the phone it will boot to android 4.0 directly and i can’t come to boot menu there i can clear cache and so on..

    Can i delete everything and start over the installation ?

    (sorry my bad english) Best regards..

  76. Hey man, first of all, GREAT work… i install android 4.0 in my htc hd2, i love it… but my cam recorder didn’t work…
    my friend tell me to install android 2.3.4 or someting like that…

    i try to unistal or delete or put wm 6.5 again on my hd2…
    now, even my android work…

    how can i reset my hd2, instal Wm 6.5 again… already do a hard reset, didn’t work…
    i just get stuck… please, some help xD

  77. Hi Jayce,

    I tried to follow the instructions on how to installa ice cream 4.0
    Everythings seemed ok untill the final reboot, i keep on starring at the startup icon (just like in the video) but it stays like that.
    The partitions i chose for the 2nd option.

    Do you maybe know what im doing wrong?

    Thank you in advance!

  78. Plz Help Me !! ,, I made all above steps ,starting from installing HSPL4 till clockworkmod , then i made the other steps of installing android ice sandwich and reached the final step when i press power button to go back and reboot the phone,, but it rebooted with green htc logo and it didn’t make the blue waves like the video and android didn’t open,,,, plz help

  79. Hi, Jayce, How are you ? trouble you again. i am using HTC hd2 under CM9.1 of ICS 4.0.3 from ttyung. noted that the time stamp went missing after passing 12:01am and then only showing the date only. is there any where can change it to show the date and time stamp receiving for previous day / days for all sms.

  80. dude i have htc hd2 windows phone 6.5 but now i want latest android in it …….and m afraid to follow these steps becozzz i don’t wana lose my phone , in INDIA i dont have anyone to help me (in this case)

    So plzzzzz can u help me ????

  81. i have a htc hd2 t8585.

    i have followed the instruction on xda forum to get andriod 4.0.3 on it every stap is going wel
    after the last stap you need to reboot thats works i get even the moving shit on it. butt after waiting an hour is still on the moving shit. what to do?

  82. When i first plug in my hd2 with the usb cable i go to MASS STRG and on my computer a scan and fix window pops up and i click continue without fixing. when i drag the ROM to the SD(removable disk f) it starts the process of copying but then stops half way through and says the file cannot be found??

  83. hey,
    so I Install
    1.HSPL4 on my htc from SPL-3.03.0000 to SPL-2.08.HSPL
    2. Install Custom Radio v2.15 ROM
    3. Install MAGLDR v1.13
    4. Install ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 n problems
    but then i used 400MB Partition my htc hd2 i want to reboot my phone and there is only the white screen with the green logo then it is something written black screen something with booting and then is the black screen green htc log and the system is starting too boot, the screen is getting ths colored symbols but after 20 min nothing is happening!!!!
    now i want to change the Partition to a smaller one but how ??? my pc is not identify the mobile!!!
    Help me!

  84. Hi Jayce! U helped me a lot with changing ROMs on my hd2, but I just gave out my hd2 and i bought a htc sensation xe.
    U haven’t posted anything on the xe…
    I want to install ICS on my new sensation xe… Please could u give me suggestions/link on how to install the best ICS for my phone?
    thanks man

  85. So whenever I try to put the .zip file in it randomly stops and says to specify area to which you want to place file. I’m putting it in my SD card using MassStg, am I doing something wrong? Help appreciated.

  86. hi jayce,

    thanks for making this tutorial, the first part of this work is so much easier thanks to you.
    now here’s my problem: at step 14 i select the and press call. however instead of starting to install things my phone goes right back to the clockworkmod recovery screen. i’ve installed the 250mb version.

    what should i do?

  87. Hello,

    I have used and instald this rom.
    But i cant come in android.
    When i shut the phone on it sais : SD kernel open failed.
    And then i come in the aMAGLDR menu.
    I have delete the rom and install it again but it doesn’t help.
    Do you now how to fix this?
    I am using the ROM in your link.

    Best regards,


  88. I pre-excuse myself for maybe not reading the instructions enough. But before I update I’d like to know if my phone is able to being turned into an android. Here is its information:

    OS: 5.2.21869
    ROM-version: 1.66.413.2 (76641) SVE

    (Not sure about the translations, essentially swedish)

    I know, for example, that the radio version may have to be updated. But I’m uncertain that my OS or even my phone can simply be turned into an android without any issues.

    Can anyone please give me some input? I want to learn, so please bother!

  89. hi Jayce,
    thanks for all the excellent tutorials,,ive been following ur site quite long,
    Now i have installed (Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on my HTC HD2)by following ur i have :android ver:4.0.3.
    i understand that it is still beta version.cos my camera and gallery hungs sometimes,(any solution).can u pls suggest me whether i can use the same until the stable version is released or do u want me to install any stable version rom..if yes ple recommend one for me..
    thanks a lot.
    ur site is awsome

  90. Hay Jayce,

    i followed all the steps to install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on my hd2 but it stucks on the screen before the android start ( which you did fast forward on the video )
    Does it take a very long time or maybe there is a problem

  91. i opened flash.cfg file by notepad and find the following information :

    recovery rrecov|ro|nospr filesize recovery-raw.img
    boot yboot|ro 8M
    system ya 400M
    cache ya 8M
    userdata ya|asize|hr all size so i think it’s 400 M and the CWM only need 250 M right ??

  92. Hi, I am a newbie to this. I have a Tmobile HD2. I wanted to know if doing the above steps to install ICS will wipe out windows 6.5? I am looking for something like a dual boot where I can have my windows 6.5 and ICS on the phone. I dont want to wipe out windows 6.5 and the data in the as this is my main phone.
    Appreciate if anyone can let me know if it is possible to have both.

    thanks in advance.

  93. Hi Jayceooi i tried the icecream 4 on my htc hd2..then i had follow all the instruction, but after reboot i’m stucked at htc display, am i need to wait for long time?

  94. My phone before this android 2.3.5 and i try to upgrade to Ice Cream 4 and i,ve install the HSPL4 on HTC HD2, Custom Radio v2.15 ROM ,but failed to install MAGLDR v1.13 because its already in my device and then ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3. after i install the Android 4.0 ICS ROM zip file in stucked on htc display..then i check boot the WPH is not installed, SD kernel open failed,
    can i do anything reset or else..i donno..

  95. i got it…finally i got back my phone with Ice Cream Sandwich, Thanks a lot Mr.Jayce..then my brother told me there is 3D UI..what is that?

  96. flashed my 2year old HD2 with ICS 4.0.3… it works so well… thank you for a very detailed step-by-step Guide… but I have a small issue…
    I used the below values…
    boot yboot|ro 10M
    system ya 200M
    cache ya 10M

    and I feel its a little slow… is there any changes I need to do to make it faster??? and if so what are the steps I need to redo to change these settings???

  97. Hi i own a HTCHD2 with 6.5 windows, and i am a IT professional. since i am new to all this . i was very much interested in installing the android 4.0.1 ICS. could you provide me the detailed links to take a complete backup of the existing windows on my original ROM on my phone so also to install the new 4.0.1 ICS .
    I would also need to know whether it would affect my carrier Zain (kuwait) for any issues. etc.
    when is the final release expected for the android 4.0.1 since it is still on beta.


  98. dear Jayce ,
    Hey, I have followed the whole process. However,after the last reboot, the process does not go beyond the graphical illusion. The graphics keep playing forever. What might I have done wrong?

    I installed 220Mb CWM

    but problem same can any one help pl

  99. steps followed

    1.HSPL4 selected 2.08.HSPL
    2.custom radio Radio+Leo+
    4.Recovery_250M_system_10M_cache[v3.0.2.4] but edited to 220m
    ROM: NexusHD2-IceCreamSandwich Beta10

    and all the steps as recommended where i miss

  100. i have followed the stepwise procedure on my HTC HD2 and andorid 4.0 is running fine but i cannot access 3G services. The 3G sim is not working on my device. can you help me with the problem please.

  101. Hi! Jayce, so listen i installed every thing and did everything follwed by the videos and instructions. now im a little stuck. i dont know if i was suppose to download the android zip to my sd card before all this? but now i cant even get into my sd card because windows mobile is wiped from my device. how can i find a way to get to my sd card so i can install it?

    thanks! 🙂

      • ok thanks…now i have another problem lol sry =/. i did that and i downloaded the android zip for 4.0.3 and for some reason it wont fully download onto my 16gb sd card. ive been trying everything. even “clearSD MBR” thinking i had to format my sd card. and when i did still nothing. what am i doing wrong?

  102. Hey, i did everything and it did it fine. But now i have trouble, after reboot it. it doesent start the phone (4.0) but it goes back to the Magldr menu. What do i have to do?

    Thanks so much for helping me!

  103. Hey, my phone is rebooting now. But it doesent seem to go further that the text HTC. It doesent seem to reboot fully like on the video and it is like this for an hour now!

    What do i have to do???


  104. can i install this directly to the hd2 hard drive or do i need to use the sd card! i prefer not to use the sd card for it but if its the only way then i guess not a big deal

  105. on the final part when i copy the beta nand rom it says this is no longer location i got it from and says verifiy the items location and try again

  106. ear Jayce,
    installed beta 10 but touch not working stuck @ android logo can u pl helpme , before that it is working fine in windows6.5 (touch).

    touch screen not working pl kindly help-me out.

  107. Plz i Need a fast help i have install of the things i need to get ICS but when i reboot my phone there come a loding sceen (as normal) but it just stay on that it not come to the next step i have try to reboot the phone but that not help plz help me :S

  108. Hi, why my phone htc hd2 wont start, only stops on magldr boot screen and dont show the option list and vibrates only 3-4 times and that is it?

  109. Hi Jayce,

    From MAGLDR v1.13 Bootloader to go down to 8. AD Recovery, when I press call button… there is no ClockworkMod Recovery loaded but this NO BOOT SOURCES appear… why??

  110. Just installed beta 10. Everything works well except wifi. I live in the student hall and we have a very very long password for wifi. My laptop and my samsung galaxy ace have no problem with the password. But my HTC HD2 give no respond to the password. It just like I press cancel instead. Help!! Thanks in advance.

  111. Hi.

    Hi.i have install HSPL 2.08, Custom radio v 2.15, MAGLDR v 1.13 and Cloackworkmod recoyery 1.3 but i took 400MB and that don’t work so i wanted to try agien so i use taks 29 and it help me to clean MAGLDR and Cloackworkmod so i do it alle agian but this time i try whit 150MB to be sure i work but when i reboot my phone as step 16 is just freeze in the black backgrund whit htc logo
    i got no idea how to fix it so i want to ask this website there have help me alot how to fix it
    plz help 🙂

  112. dude how the fk i dont have AD recovery when i boot the phone???? can u tell me how to enable that option,i thnik its coz i have maldgr 1,11 and the rom requies 1.13, pls reply!

  113. when i use sd card reader to copy and paste it says this disc is write protected remove the write protection or use another disc. what do i do

  114. hey…how long does the last part take..? mines been doing that design thing for like 2 hours now?? please help..! 🙂

  115. i don’t what i have done wrong, but my ICS is showing the first boot and then nothing else ie just showing the flashing colours and nothing else, pls help

  116. Hi Jayce,
    Thanks you very much for your important inform.
    re-download the nexushd2-android-4-0-3-ics-cm9-rom and run into my HD2 , will the camera / video / contact able to do import / export ….Wifi is will function , yet link up with BT ….
    thanks you so much…..

    please update if that any new coming update.

  117. “I’m completely flashing android 4.0.1 ICS on my hd2 but even when it says installation complete it is not starting…it just stays with android symbol on the center…I have waited for 20 minutes and still same…what is the problem…???”

    I saw someone on Youtube installing it on a HD2 but not from T-mobile. Is there something else I need to do to install it on my cel? I have MAGLDR 1.13 and ClockworkMod Recovery v3.0.0.5. Please tell me which is the best ROM for this cel… Thanks!

  118. Hi Jayce,
    I have htc hd2 with win mobile 5.5. I have never tried android and I want to. Do you recomend me to try this or no. I am not experienced with this kind of stuff, but i hate winmobile. I also use camera a lot. If i install this, can i use wind also or this will be permanent.
    Best regards