Download ClockworkMod Recovery for HTC HD2

NAND Android is a 2011 New Year gift for HTC HD2 users. But that is not the only gift, we have ClockworkMod Recovery for HTC HD2 now. The main function is to flash NAND Android ROMs from SD card and no PC required. And it will flash a set partition layout on your phone before recovery mode can be used. So we can change to other ROM wherever and whenever we want now…

ClockworkMod Recovery Features

  • Flash ROMs in format
  • Backup and restore ROMs using Nandroid
  • Flash ROMs from the SD card without use of a PC
  • Easily Wipe all Data/Cache
  • Repartition SD card for use with Apps2SD
  • Full Root ADB access
  • Fix app permissions


  • Going from a DAF flashed ROM to a recovery flashed ROM will wipe all data.
  • If you flash another ROM using DAF, recovery will no longer work correctly, you will need to reflash the partitioning to use recovery again.
  • You will not be able to use an SD ROM from MAGLDR while using recovery.

Note – ROM Manager Support still has some issues.

Download ClockworkMod Recovery v1.2 here.


  1. whenever i am installing the clockworkmod and when i click on Boot AD SD, it gives an error “NAN Kernel boot failed”.

    Please help what to do?

  2. I am trying to flash clockworkmod on an existing nandroid rom HD2. Every time it comes up with: “SD kernal open failed”. How can I sort out this problem?

  3. Tried the whole of yesterday. Thinking now to reboot back to winmo and reinstalling. Still get SD kernel open failed. I am wondering if it could be SD card or magldr 1.13. Is there a way without using magldr and doing diectly with card in pc?

    • You should mention that you are using MAGLDR 1.13 earlier. Did you install ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3? And it is not using boot AD SD in MAGLDR 1.13 to boot into recovery mode. AD Recovery is the one.

    • how were u abe to fix the problem? im having the same problem you were. Rom manager were can i find that?

  4. Hee I followed ur stepts

    but when i click ” Boot at SD ”

    if gives a flash and gets back to a MAGLDR V.1.11 screen

    how can i solve this ?

  5. Finally thanks to you, i have CoreDroid NAND now in my HD2.
    You are awesome.

    I try to search your website on how i can try a different NAND, but it dont seems to have a clear step-by-step.

    i am confused as to whether i should format my SD or use a second SD, or whether need to create additional partition, etc.

    if you have a link that shows
    1) backup existing NAND using CWM
    2) format/partition SD (if necessary)
    3) install new NAND using CWM (if possible if i can install WP7).

    Previously on SD Android, it is easy, just create few directory.
    But on NAND, i am not sure.

  6. Hi Just did a search for NAND kernel open failed & got this page – wondered if you could help?

    I have installed using MAGLDR 1.13 & CWM 1.3 all installed ok but on reboot it goes into MAGLDR again. I tried option 3 Boot to NAND but get the message NAND open kernel failed. Any ideas? I’m using HSPL 2.08, 2.15 Radio, MAGLDR 1.13 & CWM 1.3.
    Thanks Junks

  7. Thank you so much!! I have been getting all sorts of errors previously when trying a few other ROM’s & the one time it would have worked I downloaded the wrong one! Thanks again πŸ™‚

  8. hi jayce i was wondering if i could have my nand rom but also have cwm? I have magldr 1.3 and i just put clockworkmod recovery 1.3 on it. if i install the nand using DAF first and then i install clockworkmod using DAF wont that erase my nand? im confuse and if so then how to keep them both.

  9. Ah just uinderstood what you said, in that case, don’t install the nand first isntal after CWM using CWM (assuming the rom you are using supports CWM)

  10. I am having the same problem. I tried the clockwork and then tried to do MAGLDR again and it worked but it keeps talking me to the amaglr screen and saying that the NAND Kernel Open Failed. What do I do?

  11. So I installed MAGLDR with no problems. Then I followed the instructions and double clicked the DAF file in my DFT_Android ROM. I got two clicks in and it said.

    Error happen
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: Config load failed.
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (712)

    Error Description: CONFIG: file not exist
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (346)

    And so I read up online and someone told me to use the task29 to clear out my phone info. So I did that no worries, and now I was told to use the clock work to recover. And then use MAGLDR to update. And now its still going to my MAGLDR screen by saying the NAND Kernel Open Failed. I have no idea what to do and I need a phone tomorrow. I thought I knew what I was doing and followed all the instructions to the T and this had to happen. Any help would be AMAZING right now.

  12. I’ve had this three times before I got it to work with XDA & Jayce’s help. I had three ROMS that didn’t work & gave errors then I tried using CWM with Typhoon Nand & that didn’t work (mainly because I downloaded the worng Nand – see my post above). Finally downloaded the CWM/MAGDLR nand & isntalled using CWM following one of the install guides & it worked πŸ™‚

  13. Still can’t get mine to work. Trying the rom zip thing and not a whole lot of luck so far.

    Do you have a link to the once you used, the cwm/magdlr

  14. Hey guys what im trying to do is i want to keep my cyanogen 7 2.6 nand rom for my daily use. I want to be able to have that and say if i find a rom i like that i want to test. how would i be able to try that rom using clockworkmod and if i dont i want to be able to goto nand and boot into cyanogen. sorry for the cofusion. i want to know if i can have both boot option nand and clockworkmod and if so how would i go about.

    p.s. here something i found out if anyone didnt know that if you put a file like example miuirom and put to directory of sd then goto magdlr service n goto autoboot n click boot source n then click android from sd boot setting n then go back again to autoboot click on AD`SD Dir n then direc n choose mirirom you can goto the second option in magdlr 1.3 n Boot AD SD it will work n wont say kernel failed lol

    here a link if u dont understand mine sorry if ya confuse

  15. Ok NM what I said about nand. I want to keep rom from daf.exe n also be able to use cwm to test zip rom. I want to be able to go back to daf rom without losing my cwm recovery option

      • I read some article n u can by using a partion n changing the flash.cfg to match the rom of ur choice with there flash.cfg I send a link in a minute so u can c wat I’m talking about

  16. Ok, lets see if i can take a crack at this….

    As I understand, with “recovery rrecov|ro|nospr filesize recovery-raw.img” in the flash.cfg, I make CWM bootable without Files on the SD-Card. What is the difference when I flash it with “recovery ya|ro 5M”? the new rrecov partition type is designed specifically for a recovery image to be there, you may have a non functional or partially functional cwm if you use ya instead, it the same as for the new partition for boot, its specific in terms of how data is written and read there as opposed to the yaffs standard, i know when i modified the daf flasher to make the boot partition when i flashed magldr 1.13 and cwm 1.3, i forgot to change the ya to yboot and that resulted in significantly longer boot times, so that tells me its more then just a name change of the partition type..

    – Isn’t Recovery-Space missing, because I flashed the recofery-raw.img to the recovery-partition? no, its being used by the recovery img, teh daf flasher adjusts the partition to be as big as the file is automatically (or you can change that by editing teh flash.cfg)

    – What is the size of the recovery-partition with recovery-raw.img? what is the size of the recovery img? theres your answer…

    – Wouldn’t it be better to add more space to the recovery-partition with the recovery-raw.img? if you want, but thered be no point… (the command would be filesize+5M for instance)

    – For what do I need the recovery-Partition? so you have somewhere to flash clockwork recovery

    – What are the advantages / disadvantages if I create a recovery-partition with the recovery-raw.img and a system partition with e.g. 150M none?,lots?,little?, it depends on how big the rom (or zip) is your trying to flash… with daf it would adjust the system size automatically, with cwm you would have to manually adjust the size to fit it, to little and you would have data loss due to not all the rom being able to fit in teh system partition, to big and you would waste space..

    – What effect has the cache Partition-size? depends on the rom, 20-40MB is the norm, look at what the rom asks for…

    – How can I find out which Size my System Partition has to have? Is the Size of the system.img an Indicatior? e.g. the size of the System.img from Cyanogen Mod7 V2.6 from MDJ is 131.928 kb. Would the Partition Size of 150M be enouth or what would you recommend? +10% (=144M), +20%(=157M)? Yes the daf flasher looks at the system.img size to set the partition to when the filesize command is in flash.cfg. i always do filesize+10M (or +20M) dependent if i want extra space in the system partition to be able to add or modify files in the system folder (partition)

    – I have a 16 MB SD-Card. I have formated it with CWM with FAT32 + 2048 EXT + 256 Cache. Some say, Cache is not neccessary on the SD-Card. What would you recommend? depends on the rom, if it says you need a cache partition then add what it says, ask the cook..

    – When I use the Backup- and Recovery-function in CWM, is this function doing changes to the partitions? Reason for the Question: When I setup flash.cfg for creating the the system Image, do I have to choose the maximum size for the lagest system.img Image I want to use with cwm? no and no, it backs-up the data to the regular fat32 partition on the sd card

    – If I copy the whole Data from the FAT32 partition to the harddrive of my PC and flash another NAND, that is not supporting CWM – is this destroying my partitions? If I then flash again CWM with my “old” partition settings and copy the Data back from my PC to the SD-Card, can I restore my “old” NAND again with CWM?

  17. Ok on to a new question. I want to partition my SD on my 16 gig SD card I read about how to do it on clockwork mod but I’m confuse on wat size it should be? I running Mdj cyanogen 7 2.6 a2sd zip wat size should I be using n how many partition can I have? I read you can have ext1,ext2,ext3 or something like that. Any help plz would appreciate it sorry bout the other post if ya got confused lol

  18. Hi,

    I am now making my first step in migrating from DFT Android 2.2 to TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 ( Here is my current setup:

    magldr 1.11
    PB8100 HX-BC
    spl 2.08 HSPL

    The way I understand the order of steps is:

    1. Install Clockworkmod recovery
    2. Create ext3 partition on SD card with ClockworkMod Recovery
    3. Install NAND choice (TyphooN CyanogenMod 7)

    Now looking at the video (how to Install Clockworkmod recovery), I see that the SD in the video is empty. Do I need to delete the contents of my SD prior to installing Clockworkmod. Note that I’m currently running DFT’s android 2.2 version.


    BTW, I’m not really a techy guy, so please be gentle. thanks

  19. I downloaded the Nan droid yesterday (DFT Android 2.2) BUT i WANT TO TRY a diffretn bulid maybe gingerbread 2.3.4. Will i need clock mod recoveryu to change the build ?


  20. Jayce,

    I read a lot of your threads and articles. I don’t want to ask you anything or seek your help. But I have noticed that you helped and continue to help a lot of people. For this I tip my hat. THANK YOU for helping less knowledgable people.


  21. Hi,
    My hd2 freezes everytime my phone starts up with a rom. do you know it continues to freeze and then i have to restart the process to reboot the phone.

  22. hi
    i did all the steps found but when i press ad recovery it writes no boot souces and when i press boot AD SD it writes no kernel found so plz help

  23. hi,after long time,how r u.?
    ok,now a days i try android sd i don’t understand one sd roms rom is flashed through sd card. we make ext 4 partition in sd card.put android folder in root of sd in htc hd2 we require MAGLDR 1.3 .ok.recovery partition-150-250-400.have we to install this or some other recovery for sd rom.?as rom is installed in sd card,internal partition is needed or not. if some other recovery has to be used,which & how to install.
    pl .guide me as i can’t get detail of this anywhere.

  24. hi
    sorry to bother you since i wasn’t using this guide but i hope you can help me to at least get my phone back to its original state. after DFT bootloader was loaded i selected USB flasher to load android flasher mode and now am stuck with a screen that says:
    ClockworkMod Recovery v3.0.0.5
    E: Cant find misc
    E: failed to find “cache” partition to mount at “/cache”
    E: Cant mount /cache/recovery/command
    E: failed to find “cache”partition to mount at”/cache
    E: Cant mount/ cache / recover/log
    E: Cant open / cache/recovery?log
    E: failed to find “cache” partition to mount at /”cache”
    E: Cant mount/cache/recovery/last_log
    E: Cant open?cache/recovery/last_log
    E: Cant find misc
    E: failed to find “cache” partition to mount at/cache
    I cant go back to magldr bootloader, or anywhere else for that matter am only stuck with this screen and i can only put the phone off by taking out the battery.
    please help me

  25. Hi Jayce
    thanks for replying so quickly really appreciate it.sorry am being a noob. but please help me.i am able to boot into magdlr after i formatted my sd card and am wondering which CWM i should use.
    av got aMagldr v1.13
    SPL – 2.08
    HSPL 8G X E
    Was using a DAF guideline i found on xda forum. Now i get the error “readme.text for this release is missing” when i click yes at the user access control prompt on my pc.
    Can u please advise me on what to do now and the direct links to what to download. Please help i need my phone to work before the weeknd.please…

  26. hi jayce
    i have successfully installed cwm. i have read through your guide but am still stuck.sorry if am annoying you with these questions but i have tried to download in your video and i got ilivid.exe file.i tried another and i ended up with another site with no clue as to what to do i tried to search for the file but couldnt find it. please help been at this for like a week.
    could i have a direct link to the download the file without install more applications on my pc?please?or what to do with this ilivid. exe? thanks.

  27. hi jayce
    i have successfully installed Nexus Hd2 JellybeanCM10.1 on my htc hd2 phone before th weekend. well on Saturday but it is working fine.thank you. you have been really helpful and i found the ROM on Google since i was getting other things with the links.thanks.


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