Download Copes CyanogenMod 7 SD MAGLDR Android ROM for HTC HD2

SD card Android is not finished yet. Thanks to several xda-developers like copenhagen. They are still making Android ROM for SD card. Copes CyanogenMod 7 SD MAGLDR Android ROM is one of them. It is based on Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread and using AmeriCanAndroid HK853+ Kernel. And good news ~ it is runnable on MAGLDR. Perfect combination with Windows Phone 7 (for those still use it).

Copes CyanogenMod 7 on HTC HD2

ADW Launcher
Software information

Finally, I managed to get Copes CyanogenMod 7 running smoothly on my HTC HD2. Tried previous version but got some issues. This one is almost perfect after I installed ‘LED me know’ to fix the LED light always on issue.

Installation guide ~ How to Install MAGLDR on HTC HD2? (Video)

How to install it on SD MAGLDR?

  1. Copy Android folder to your SD card root level.
  2. In SDMAGLDR folder, rename rootfs.img.sdmagldr to just rootfs.img.
  3. Copy rootfs.img and startup.txt to Android folder to replace the existing ones.
  4. In 240buildprop folder, copy root folder to Android folder from if you want to have normal screen resolution.
  5. Put SD card into your phone.
  6. Power on it (don’t let go power button).
  7. It will load into MAGLDR bootloader.
  8. Go to ‘Services’.
  9. Select ‘BootSettings’.
  10. Select ‘AD SD Dir’.
  11. Select ‘Android’ directory.
  12. Finally, select ‘Boot AD SD’.
  13. It will boot into Android.
  14. Check the default selection for setup.
  15. Shutdown the phone after setup everything.
  16. Delete 240buildprop, AndroidApps, SDMAGLDR, update and root folders. Leave cache and data folders alone.
  17. Leave cache and data folders alone.
  18. That’s all.

First boot need around 10 minutes because it needs to create 1GB data.img file. You can copy your empty copy of data.img to speed up the process. By the way, be sure to refer back to XDA website for latest version. Enjoy…

Download Copes CyanogenMod 7 v 02/04/11 [Kernel: AmeriCanAndroid HK853+] SD MAGLDR ROM here.