How to Install MAGLDR on HTC HD2? (Video)

In order to install NAND Android on HTC HD2, you must install DFT MAGLDR Bootloader first. And the good news ~ both LEO512 and LEO1024 are supported. This means US T-Mobile HD2, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world’s HTC HD2 are supported. Do read this post for its usage and more information about DFT MAGLDR Bootloader.

Note – by installing MAGLDR, you cannot boot into Windows Mobile 6.5 anymore. And Android on SD card is not working on MAGLDR v1.11. I tried 2 builds ~ Android booted and hang there. So everything on your phone is gone…


  • HSPL3 ~ SPL-2.08.HSPL
  • Radio that support 576 RAM

No worry, Android on NAND is working. That’s the reason we install DFT MAGLDR Bootloader on our HTC HD2, right? And we will be able to load Windows Phone 7 when the ROM comes out. Okay, let’s get started. If you don’t have HSPL3, please install it by follow the guide ~ How to Install HSPL3 on HTC HD2? (Video). And install radio ROM 2.15 with this guide ~ How to Install Custom Radio ROM on HTC HD2? (Video).

Step by Step Guide

  1. Power off your phone.
  2. Press volume down button (don’t let go) and power on your phone.
  3. It will load into bootloader.
  4. You should get ‘Red, Green, Blue and White’ screen with SPL-2.08.HSPL.
  5. Take off the battery.
  6. Power on your phone.
  7. You should have R at bottom of the screen with green HTC Logo.
  8. Connect USB cable from PC to phone after Windows Mobile loaded.
  9. Select ‘ActiveSync’ and click ‘Done’.
  10. Open DFT_LEO_MAGLDR111.rar with 7-Zip.
  11. Copy MAGLDR111 folder to desktop.
  12. Enter MAGLDR111 folder.
  13. Execute ROMUpdateUtility.
  14. Click ‘Yes’ if User Access Control prompt up.
  15. Follow onscreen instructions to install.
  16. Bootloader will be loaded with USB status during starting of installation.
  17. Phone will be rebooted after installation finished.
  18. DFT MAGLDR Bootloader will be loaded then.
  19. Disconnect USB cable from phone.
  20. That’s all.

Download DFT LEO MAGLDR Bootloader v1.11 here.

It’s not finish yet. Follow this guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2? to install NAND Android.


  1. Hey, I would like to install this, but I have the 3.14 HTC HD2 ROM that cannot install this, can you please help me find a work around?

  2. Jayce,
    Iv been following this site before and now use to be fans, bagus Jaycee,

    thumbs ups for your working, Im linking to lowyat forum 🙂

  3. hi, I have done everything as you shown in your instruction and everything is done but i am not getting the last screen on the phone which says boot room may be with numbers 1-10. and i am on stuck on the previous screen where it says in the first line ” booting android from SD” and in the last line says “123456 GO GO GO”
    PLS advise me……………………..

  4. i Have the finish not i check thit error(260) conecting


    What can i do?

  5. i am getting this error after when I try to run the DAF.exe
    Error happen
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723)

    please help

    • edit: credit goes out to guinhill he pointed me to the solution. first make sure your log in name in windows has administrator rights. then before you try to flash an android rom with magldr make sure that you disable all usb connections in active sync before you attempt to flash an android rom. i now have android running beautifully on my hd2.

  6. I need help any one im stuck in the usb mode and it doesnt load android onto the phone it gives me this error

    Error Description: USB init failed

    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723)

    im stuck in the magldr and i wanna know what i can do to go back to winmo so i can start the process all over. any suggestions?

  7. i have a question! I want to instal MAGLDR 1.11 but i have rom image version 2.13xxxxxx and the update is for 2.00.0000. should i continue??? it dosent matter or what??? please help???

  8. Error happen
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723)

    Same error, but using Windows XP sp3. Do i need to be on Vista or 7? I used HSPL3.exe. followed all and once i got to DAF.exe and went to USB flasher…I get the wait USB…USB
    then I get that error message posted above. I turned of antivirus, firewall and now Im at a loss. Please help! THanks

  9. Dear Jayce,

    I have a problem, i installed the MAGLDR, but whenever i click on the startup button, it gets stuck on the startup screen, ENZ (ENERGIZE). I am not able to get the next screen with the 1 to 10 selection screen (where i have click on flasher screen).

    Please help because my phone is switched off and i can’t get it to work. And if possible, give me any other solution to get it to work.

    • Do you mean that your phone cannot be charged when turn off? I don’t have this issue. The charging orange light is on. But the light won’t turn off even I pull out the USB cable and I cannot turn on my phone. Problem solved after took battery out and put back on. The phone powered on and was charged. 😉

      • My phone can be charged and when i insert the usb cable, the orange light is also turned on.
        My issue is that when i installed MAGLDR and after it rebooted and went to the start screen, it gets stuck (hanged) on the main boot screen. What can i do reinstall the rom again or any other rom so i can atleast make my phone to work?.

        Please help…..

          • i have tried that as well, i have kept holding the power button for about more than 1 minute but still it is working, as it is still stuck on the GO GO GO.

            please advice.

            • BTW i am fed up as its been 4 days as my phone is switched off, so today i tried hard reseting the htc hd 2, and whenever it reboots, it gets stuck on the first HTC startup screen. What to do?

                  • it can be solve by installing back the original official ROM. plug in the usb, hold volume down + end call til you see the three colours and at the bottom USB. Then just run the original ROM from your computer. you will able to operate it back as normal.

                    • I used MAGLDR 1.13, and got stuck at the HTC white screen after running ‘ROM update Utility’. I could go to the red/green/blue with the following text:-
                      PB81100 HX-BC
                      SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE
                      CotullaHSPL 0x40

                      But when I hooked the HD2 USB cable, the PC can’t read/connect to HD2. So how to run the original ROM? Pls help. Thanks.

  10. When I use MAGLDR111 romupdateutility.exe after following your steps my phone stays on the black and grey HTC screen with the status bar at 0% and i get the error 262

  11. i am having ROM 1.66 version i tried to upgrade to 3.14 error occur and now whenever i start up my phone it just stuck (hanged) on htc main screen nd nothing happen at all .
    i tried this method ..
    i kept power on nd dnt let it go still nothing happen sir plz help me .
    em so much worried .. 🙁
    give me a solution ..

    another suppose i installed magldr in my phone upgration is still not completed occur occur and only htc start page occur nd then hang up venever i start on the phone .. will i get win 6.5 boot again if yes den how ,..?

    ans both the ques sir plz … need your help

  12. Hi Jayce,

    I did all the procces. Format SD, install hpsl 2.08, radio2.15.50.14, magldr 1.11, download a clockwordmod recory file with 250mb partition and copy the intrd and zimage file to the sd root. When i trya boot ad sd in magldr everthing freeze at go go go… Can you helo me? I would like to try a cwm instalation from a zip fil in the sd card… I chose a motoman desire pcb nand

  13. when i hold the vol. down key and power my phone up it says spl 2.10.0000 hspl i notice that it should say spl 2.08. hspl when i try to download magldr im getting the 262 error how can i fix this? 🙁

  14. Help please Jayce – i followed your steps for HSPL and MAGLDR, used all the links for downloads you supplied and rom
    after the last step before installing the rom i cant get past the ”HTC” screen – thats the only thing visible no numbers etc 😕
    Grateful for any help

  15. Hey there Jayce. After looking for ways to solve my problem i think you can help. You see i have a Htc Hd2 and i really want android on it. I was looking into this video and i did everything right. But as soon as i started to upgrade my Rom with the MAGLDR utility update, it got stuck at 0% and couldnt get it to work. So i researched and came to this site. So my question is,,, To make the upgrade work must i first install HSPL3? If so after i install it should i then follow the directions on the video normally or should i need to add something else to my device to make it work properly with android?? Please get back to me ASAP. I would really appreciate it man. Thank you for your time.

    • Sorry, I did not look through the video. But you can try my guide here. 😛

      Yes, you need HSPL3 ~ SPL-2.08.HSPL and radio that support 576 RAM in order to install NAND Android.

      • Haha. No worries man i will. Thanks for replying so fast its really helpful. So in order all i need is
        1. HSPL3 (SPL-2.08)
        2. Custom Radio (576 RAM)
        3. Install NAND Android
        On a sidenote, do you have a guide of how to install android here. If you can give me the link that would be helpful. Thanks again!! 😀

  16. Wow dude, seriously, thanks for all your help i will give it a try and if i have questions ill let you know. Thank you so much JAYCE!!!!! 🙂

  17. Hi Jayce,

    First of all, I’m new at this. I bought a 2nd hand HD2 (unit is from Manila Philippines) and is running winmo and been using just a week now and decided to install android. So here’s what I did (basing it from another forum):

    I download:
    — HSPL3_PKG.exe
    — DFT_LEO_MAGDLR111.rar
    — DFT Android

    1. I installed HSPL3_PKG.exe, my phone reboots
    2. Then installed MAGDLR1111, however it got stucked at 0% and got an error EROR 262

    What should I do next?

    So I searched for answers which would be easy to understand and found yours. In your post you mentioned of a Radio, do I have to install this to make it work? Is my phone bricked? Hope not.


    • When I tried reinstalling ROMUpdateUtility.exe, Image version is now blank. Really confused on what to do next. I still get the ERROR 262. Im running windows 7.

        • Thanks Jayce for the quick reply. I’m a bit scared i might get the wrong file to install. Would you mid sending me the direct link to which Radio I should get. I see a lot in google/forums. Thanks!

      • Hello there! To help answer ur question u need to do the following. Install HSPL 3 which u did already. now u must install custom radio (576 Ram). You can find that update on this site you just need to look. Once u got that downloaded install it, jayce has a guide here as well to help u out. Once the radio is installed then u add MAGLDR 1.11 and once thats there ur ready to add the Android Rom DTF. Jayce has all the guides here. All u have to do is look. if u neeed furthur help look thru the comments they help too! Good luck!!!!

          • Ok, I downloaded the Radio. Followed the video on how to install Radio.

            1. Hold down volume and start button
            2. It went to the tri color screen with correct SPL.
            3. Connected the Phone to computer (Serial —>> USB)
            4. Extracted the files on desktop. Run CustomRUU

            I noticed that after I clicked CustomRUU, the version on my mobile is blank. After clicking next, it reboots but gets stucked at 0% for the quite sometime then gets the ERROR 262 Update Error.

            It’s odd that I have connection problem since I was able to successfully installed HSPL3 the first time.

            Any thoughts? Thanks

        • After u check ur slp make sure u remove ur battery, and restart ur phone normally. Once its loaded up plug in usb cable and connect it in Active Sync mode this is very important, then drag both files from folder to desktop and it shud work just fine. thats how i did it 🙂 Good luck dude!

          • Thanks Hugo. But when I did start the phone normally, it did not boot all the way to Active Sync Mode. It stopped at HTC text (waited for about 10 minutes..but did not boot up).

            Should I revert back to original winmo? Problem is i do not know how to either.

  18. Hi Jayce –

    HELP!!!!!!! Im trying to get WM7 on my HD2. Everything worked fine until i tired to boot from AD NAND. Once I’m in MAGLDR, I select Boot AD NAND and i get an meesage that “NAND yaffs2 boot mount failed”. What do I do!!!!

    Guess it wasn’t smart to try to flash WM7 on the phone i use for business purposes right?

      • Yes I installed WP7, but all the instructions I’ve seen say to boot AD NAND to finalize installation. I can’t get past the MAGDLR menu. Below are instructions i followed:

        Download the Windows Phone 7 ROM from here and extract its contents to your computer.
        Confirmed that you have HARDSPL 2.08 installed as it is an prerequisite before you can install MAGLDR. Also your radio needs to be 2.**.50.**. A recommended radio can be downloaded from here.
        Connect your HTC HD2 to your computer via USB and run ‘ROMUpdateUtility.exe’ from the MAGLDR 1.2 folder which you have extracted earlier.
        Follow on-screen instructions to install MAGLDR on HTC HD2 and reboot your phone. Your phone should boot into MAGLDR now.
        Navigate to the option which says ‘USB Flasher’ using the volume-down key and press the green ‘call’ key to enter it.
        Now run DWI.exe from extracted ROM folder
        Read the information carefully and follow the on-screen instructions to flash HTC HD3 to Windows Phone 7 ROM.
        After the installation is complete, your phone will reboot into MAGDLR again. Use the volume-down button to the Boot AD NAND option and press the green ‘call’ button.
        Your phone will now boot into the newly installed Windows Phone 7. The first boot may take a while. Follow the on-screen instructions to setup your Windows Phone 7 installation for the first time.
        To get Windows live service working, follow this guide.

  19. HELP!!!!

    I successfully installed HSPL2 and magldr 111

    now when i switch on all I get is white screen with the green htc logo no buttons work or any thing pls tell there’s help for me arrrrrrgggg!!!!!

  20. Hey,

    i have t-mobile hd2. the is rom 2.10.531.1.. i want to know do i need to upgrade or downgrade the rome to install the NAND android??

  21. Jayce, i just install android to my hd2 today , everything look find until i notice my bluetooth not working n the auto-rotate screen not working too . any solution for me ? thanks

  22. Hi Jayce, I’ve been using my HD2 with NAND for 3 weeks now and everything is working so far (wifi, etc.). I downloaded a couple of games and some wallpaper apps via wifi connection. However, the next day, I connected successfully to my wifi but this time could not load Market or browse the internet using different internet browsers. I am definite that my wifi signl is working as I am able to browse on my desktop. Also, it says on my hd2 notification bar that I am connected to wifi (excellent signal).

    So I thought the apps I downloaded from Market caused the connection issue, so I uninstalled them, but still the problem exist.

    Any suggestion what i should do next? Thanks!

  23. While was doing this my phone disconnected. And now everytime i turn on my phone it shows the MAGLDR menu. I have restarted my phone over 5 times and still nothing. Can you please help?

  24. Jayce, right after I do this I get a quick screen with a red code line that says something about a bad kernel. I’m thinking this is keeping me from finishing the flashing process successfully. Any ideas?

  25. Hi!

    I am using HD2 in India and have got spl 3.03 with ROM 3.14.
    I could not falsh ROM using MGLDR as probably I need to downgrade rom to 2.08.
    I did attempted stack rom but they were not compatable.
    Need link so that I can get downgrade my rom to 2.08 please.


          • Today I installed HSPL4 and could get hspl 2.08 successfully
            but when installed mgldr1.1….I am stuck at black screen (after selecting option 4 USB Flasher)
            It is saying Android flasher mode
            wait usb…usb

            and not moving ahead….please help

              • 1. Installed HSPL4 and downgraded spl 3.03 to HSPl 2.08
                2. Saved MGLDR1.1 on desktop (extracted file)
                3. Runutlity.exe file to flash ROM (probably this is where I did mistake, because on white screen below green HTC logo the ROM was reading 3.14 still, and I flashed my rom with mgldr 1.1)
                4. Tried step to flash ROM (option4) but everytime got stuck with black screen saying Android falsher mode
                wait USB…USB.

                Now phone is not getting active syncwith PC as PC is not identifying mobile.
                and when trying to run original rom in Red, Blue, green, white screen
                the error message is
                CRTICAL Error
                Flow: 00000001
                Error code: 00000002
                Description: USB connection failed

                pls help….

  26. Hey Jayce,

    I have a problem with installing MAGDLR 1.11 on my phone. If I want to instal it, it stays on 0% and after a while I get an error (ERROR 262). My radioversion is and my ROM version is 3.14 and my SPL version is 3.03.0000 (something like that) please help, I want android on this phone!!

  27. Hey Jayce,

    I just installed the MAGLDR on my phone, and the installation went well. However. At the end of the installation I should see the black screen, BUT that didn’t came. It stopt on the HTC screen. Now my phone doesn’t get past that screen anymore!! Please help!

      • hey thanks a lot…one more thing im concerned with. You said open the folder by right clicking and using zip 7 right? my computer does not have that option. is that something to do with windows 7? or would it work either way? thanks again, thanks for the help im almost there : )

          • hey thanks for that info it helped…so i got the hspl on my phone, but when i tried to install the windows 7, i cannot open the dft leo70 with the 7 zip like you said…it tells me that is not a valid archive…can you help me ? what can i do ? thanks agian for your help and time

              • hey i did download the file again and it worked…but now i have another issue hopefully u can guide me thru….i did all the steps and everything went thru but at the last step were the blue letters come up at the end an your supposed to get the 1234 and hold the volume buttons, mine didnt do that it went just to the boot menu and im stuck here it wont do anything or i cant go anywhere pls help.. thanks in advance..

  28. hey one more thing that might help you understand my problem….i did two downloads of the dft leo, i first started using the magldr 111 but it didnt have one of the items required in the steps. so i did the download of magdlr 112 and i finished the process with that, everything when well it just did reboot with dft and windows 7 like on your tutorial…i hope you can assist me thanks again

  29. welll you know how at the end you get a message saying “congratualions installation succesfully been completed”, then the phone restarts on its own on it goes to the boot menu and blue letters saying “booting wph” comes up but the phone never starts to windows 7 like it does on your tutorial im just stuck on the boot menu, i cant do anything ive tried several times but dont work.

  30. i did the hspl3 but i didnt do the radio upgrade, but i think my phone already had that. or do i still needed to do that? im in the USA and have Tmobile. another thing i noticed is that usb flasher on my phone is option 4. thats not a problem is it?

  31. yea it did, so i didnt do that step…ok so magldr v1.12, do i just start from that step or what should i do? im stuck in the boot menu

  32. yea but im stuck on that boot menu screen…should i just try it like that? i did everythin like your video, but at the end i didnt get the 1234 go go go…it just went to the boot menu again…ill go ahead and try again thanks

  33. Jayce, did u ever try change it back to wm6.5?
    because when i try to change it back it always come out with
    check the following
    1) pda is connected to the usb cradle/cable
    2)the usb cradle/cable is connected to the pc .

    everything is connected already but it always ask me to check the cable.
    my cable is fine too , i use it to copy photo n mp3.

  34. i have tried everything.installed hspl no problem. installed radio but everyone i try still says 512 in hardware.loaded madldr 1.12 and 1.13 but when boots up says kernel failure on htchd2.tried installing rom through flasher but nothing. can anyone help or will i have to sell and buy a windows mobile 7

      • have tried custom rom and different rom to the vodafone 3.14 and still no different.loads it all and when magldr boots up with white writing it then says in red kernel failure but still allows me to go to index.tried no5 usb flasher and ran win 7 rom on pc but all i get is error message.2,08 hspl on phone as is radio.its when the magldr is put on.

  35. tried again downloaded 1.66 and then put on radio as per your video. installed magldr again and went to flasher. however when i get to installing on leo rom it just says bootloader error.this is the same whether usb lead is plugged in or not ???

  36. thanks for your efforts but i think its alost cause.tried with andrid but still no good.just cannot see what i’m doing wrong

  37. this is the mesage i get
    An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (1198)

    Error Description: EnterBootloader missing
    Info: .\RSPL\BootLoader.cpp (176)

  38. hello jaycy

    I tried to install MAGLDR and now my phone has locked up and won’t go past the HTC start screen
    hspl 4 installed.
    can you please tell me what’s the problem?


  39. YOU ARE THE MAN!!! I just installed the near stock NAND Android ROM and it’s looking great so far. One side effect I hadn’t anticipated on is the fact that the accelerometer gets stuck when you calibrate it. Luckily, I still had the PC on so I simply reflashed the ROM…problem solved!

    I can’t wait to try out your Ultimate Android ROM once I get used to the stock Desire ROM.

    Seriously, you should consider setting up a donations link; I can’t even imagine the countless hours or months of code that you and other talented ROM chefs endure just to create Android ROMS for dissapointed users of WINMO 6.5.

    I’ll keep you posted if I find any more “side effects” lol.

  40. this is what i’ve done
    1) installed vodafone 3.14
    2)installed hspl3 making sure i have 2.08hspl loaded
    3) installed different radio version but still .50 type
    4) installed magldr 1.13.once installed held down power button and got main menu.went to option 5 usb flasher.
    5) ran dwi in adminstator but get usb error.

    will installing hspl4 using 2.08 make any difference

  41. already tried out radio 2.15 50.14 and still no there a setting on the htc hd2 phone or on windows 7 as i’m completely baffled.get same message

    • Weird, you should not get USB issue since you can flash 2.15 radio. I really suspect your downloaded WP7 ROM zip file is corrupted. Try to download it then try it again.

  42. i’ve come to conclusion that it impossible on my device and i do not know why. will now sell my hd2 and get hd7 instead. thank you for taking the time to try and help me

  43. hey men… lets say that i have MAGLDR 1.10 with ANDROID, but i want to update it to MAGLDR 1.13…. how can i do that???

  44. Mr Ooi,

    I made a mistake… I installed DFT MAGLDR Bootloader before install radio ROM 2.15…
    During MAGLDR installation I had radio ROM 1.66
    Now the phone got stuck at HTC bright screen.
    Is there anyway I can revert/fix the wrong installation?
    I already tried to hard reset but didn’t work.

    Thank you,


  45. Mr Ooi,

    I already have Ultimate Droid 3.3 installed and working well.
    I migrated from WM 6.5 and would like to know if there is anyway to sync or at least copy my MS Outlook with Android.


    THANK YOU!!!


  46. hello mat,

    after install MAGLDR it restart until htc logo ans nothing happend?
    rom versie: artemis
    can you tell me what the problem is?


  47. Nand android
    I wanted to install nand android and I couldn’t install magldr than so I installed SD android en it works very goed but I want nand android.


  48. after installing MAGLDR it restart until logo HTC and nothing happend.
    I cannot install NAND android without MAGLDR
    I tried to install MAGLDR 3 times with radio 2.15 but the same problem restart until logo HTC.
    so I installed sd android and it works but nand androis failed
    I hope you can follow me


  49. Hey jayce, ive already installed MAGLDR and gone through all the prerequisities and already have android froyo but i cannot get to the MAGDLR menu?? :S

  50. Hi Jayce

    I got WP7 installed (using MAGLDR) on my HD2. Not too happy – want to switch back to WM6.5.

    I have seen you SD card revival guide – somehow not working for me.

    Is it not possible to (without SD card in the phone) just use MAGLDR USB flasher mode to flash it with HD2 WM6.5 ROM?


  51. Hey, I have tried to load magdlr and now all i get is the white screen with the green logo and nothing else on it,

    I can also get into the red green and blue screen,

    I have tried holding down the power button but get nothing,

    I followed all the steps to the magdlr except the radio as i already had 2.15!

    Can you help?

    • ROM: 3.14.405.0 (04666) WWE
      Radio Ver:
      SPL: 3.03

      thats the spec of what my phone was before
      I installed ythe hspl 4

          • I am also don’t know what went wrong if you had installed SPL-2.08.HSPL and radio 2.15. Maybe you can try to reinstall Windows Mobile back. Then try again.

            • Wow! Got MAGLDR installed finally… after several cycles of different installations.
              Here is what I found:
              My original SPL was 3.00-0000, so previously I tried installing 3.00-HSPL. That didn’t work.
              Now I installed exactly 2.08-HSPL version and here we go – I see MAGLDR menu now!
              Good luck everyone! I hope this will help others with the same problem. I think we all need to read carefully (about 2.08) )))

  52. hi~joyce thanks for u all help…my phone is active ..but run froyo 2.2…next time i hope u can teach me upgrade to 2.3….anyway today thanks so much …..

  53. My sister stupidly attempted to put android on her HD2, so when she turns it on all that shows is the boot menu aMAGDLR boot menu.

    Which has the following..

    1. Boot WPH
    2. Boot AD SD
    3. Boot AD NAND
    4. USB MassSTG
    5. USB Flasher
    6. USB TTY
    7. AD Hardreset
    8. AD Recovery
    9. Tetris (… idk why this is on there?)
    10. Services
    11. Reset
    12. PowerDown

    I’ve messed around with it a little, just to get familiar… I’ve had to toggle down to #4 USB MassSTG in order for my PC to reecognize it. I’ve attempted to try and install aMAGDLR v1.13 on the phone myself but there’s an error in the process. During the ROM Utility Update it says there is an error in the connection and to check if the phone is connected to the USB cable/cradle (which it is) OR check if the USB cable/cradle is connected to the PC (which it is…)… My guess is that I can not establish a ActiveSync because the phone no longer has Windows. I TRIEEEEDDDDD to install aMAGDLR on the phone following your exact steps… I’m lost and confused! help!

  54. I’m not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but I really really need help fixing my flashed hd2… Just recently my phone has been going crazy, answering calls and trying to make calls by itself, I never drop the phone, this just happened on its own… does anyone know a fix? Please help me, I have no insurance and this phone is my life line…

  55. hello, i’ve been using android on my htc hd2 since last year after finding out about your website and i’ve been loving it. however, recently, i downloaded the wrong type of rom(CLK) and installed it, hence removing my magldr. is there anyway i can get magldr back?

  56. than you so much for your help,, please i request you to help understand the process to uninstall MAGDLR and please tell me how do i go back to my default win 6.5…thank u

  57. Hello Jayce,

    I did everything that had to be done to install Android on my HD2. I did HSPL 2.08 and i installed the new radio (with Custom_RUU). Now i did MAGLDR and it went quit well till it was finished after 100% loading. After that the white HTC screen turnsup (on my phone) again and stays there. Even after resetting it, it got stuck on this screen! I doen’t react on anything…
    PLEASE help me!!

  58. I did some extra reading on XDA- develepers. I think a maybe didn’t got the right radio.. I installed it from this site: Because the people who are having this kind of problem often got the wrong version of the radio… I followed the instructions on: because i’m a noob, but really wanted Android on my phone!! 🙂 But how do i change this radio? Because my phone won’t connect to the pc anymore and doesn’t react on any of my efforts!

    Every suggestion or idea is welcome!!
    Please help!!!

  59. Hi Jayce,

    I’m also getting a hang on the white HTC screen. I installed the 2.15 radio, then MADLDR but it just hangs.

    I tried re-installing the radio, then MAGLDR again, but it still hangs on reboot and I can’t get the MAGLDR screen up by holding the power button.

    What should I try next?

  60. I really enjoy your site. I have one question, I have flashed my T-Mos HD2 with Android on the NAND, now how do I update my rom without formatting the phone. I have used MAGLDR and not CLK. The reason I want to update is that the ROM version has been updated and is more stable. Please advice, thanks in advance.

  61. Dear Jayce,
    Thanks for the great tutorials. I followed your instructions step by step on my htc hd2 & after final installation of rebooted the mobile.. the Boot stage appears.. at the end Go Go Go & then HTC on the black background appears… & just stays for ever.. it does not change or come to the configuration screen of andriod.. i reinstalled again the Jaws.. but did not work.. by the way is it necessary to use a blank SD card or it is ok if it has some other folders etc ? please advise dear as currently my phone is totally stucke..

  62. I have installed magldr and have done the rom appropriately but i keep getting a “no boot source” this is the 3rd hd2 i’ve flashed and the first one to have these problems. Is there a solution to this? sorry if this is a repeat.

  63. Hi Joice

    Greetings from Madrid. I’m new with this smartphones games and enjoing a lot . I choose HTC HD2 after miss one iPhone. Ejoyed the “HTC sense” stuff at work and at home. I did install MAGLDR and WM7 is working and Android is on his own way.
    I like to ask a simple question. May I?. is there some way to have again WM 6.5 on my HTT HD2?.

    Thanks anyway

  64. hi jayce,

    I have following your steps though its quiet tricky for me, since then I have install hspl 4, then install radio, but on the next step for installing MAGLR v.1.13 there is problem like here I just copy from the DFT: “Readme.txt for this release is missing.” then I just to try forward and I found a statement like this:

    An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: Config load failed.
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (725)

    Error Description: CONFIG: can’t open config file
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (304)

    could you give me an idea? Readme.txt for this release is missing, where it is could be found??

    Second points, On installing Radio ROm I do not see and HTC logo upper the horizontal line that showing percentage, moreover on reboot too I do not see any notify that indicate any information on the left down while the white-whole screen with logo appear, rather almost it shows a battery. is there any problems??? could you explain me. many thanks Joice.


  65. also i followed all of the steps you mentioned in an attempt to install nand android, but i got stuck on 12456 GoGoGo! I either want to change to android or go back to wm6.5, but i’m currently stuck on magdlr, think you can help me out? (:

  66. Dear Jayce

    I face a problem with MAGLDR v11.1 after finish and restart the mobile it stuck in HTC white screen so i don’t know what to do please hel.


  67. Hey Jayce, I need your help.

    First time trying to flash nand, and i’m stuck at the magldr 1.13 where it won’t update because my imager version (2.13) is higher than the one they offer. At the end of the 5 minute wait it comes up with a error [262] with an update error. Any idea how to get around it? Thans btw.

  68. I have installed HSPL4 succesfully then custom radio rom succesfully but by MAGLDR it says it installed succesfully but i’m stuck at the htc screen… PLEASE HELP ME!!! ‘PLEASE REPLY AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!

  69. I have done this fro the first step but all that is happening now is it stuck on the O2 loading screen and has been for hours. I think its bricked but just not sure what to do. any help?

  70. i am new to this but I followed your instructions but when i go to download the pda out errors (260) Connection failure with my pda phone is a htc HD2 RADIO ROM 2.10.531.1.mi question is whether these parametreos is mandatory to go through the step MADGLDR ROM or install directly LEO70? please help me

  71. Hi Jayce,

    I have got a HTC HD2 phone with Windows Mobile 6.5 and I wanted to give it a try to you tutorial in here.

    So, downloaded the MAGLDR113 (which I think is the latest one)
    and downloaded radio 2.15… and HSPL.

    After a while I decided to start installing everything, but installed the MAGLDR113 before anything else (basically, jumped to step 11 and at the end, when the phone restarted got stuck on the white screen with HTC logo on it (without displaying any other details).

    Is it possible to recover the phone or getting it to boot so I could continue installing the image? Or did I totally screw the phone?

    Thanks in advance

  72. I can instal radio rom and magldr and it pops error *246* device not responding! i have 3.14.xxxxxxxx rom version and i cant instal radio rom and magldr! please help

      • thanks. i have don it! i installed it from bootloader , but then i had problems with android instal ERROR 723 and turnig off usb concition did not help! at last i foun som thred on xda and dowloaded some missing files for dft and now i am on android! THANKS AGAIN

  73. Hey Jayce. I have a question… I bought a hard bricked hd2 for $20… it was in perfect condition. Then I sent it to MobileTechVideos for JTAG service. I also payed extra so he can do the MAGLDR and android nand. etc. Now I just want to try WP7 and every ROM page I visit says I need Radio “ (576mb)” something like that. I have now I don’t know if I can install WP7.. so please respond. I need help. I don’t know how to update the Radio. I am scared to update the RADIO due to it being possible, that it can brick my device… Thanks, if you you can help me out..please do

    by the way I’m not a noob at flashing android roms though… Just WP7

      • THANKS for repling, every whereelse I went told me to jstnsearch the forums.. Which i have like 50 times..So do you think you can test it? If not.. if i try ,and the radio doent work.. What would happen? wouldit brick my phone or just go to magldr and notboot wp7 , can i just go bacck to androidif i wanted to ifit doesnt work_? ??

        • Sorry, I cannot test it for you as my HTC HD2 is not with me right now.
          If WP7 cannot work, it just won’t boot. You should be able to load MAGLDR then install Android back.

          • Okay cool thanks. Wait so the boot of wp7 will fail right and that fomes after magldr right. So it doest boot stright into wp7 it goes through mgldr regardless right. Sorry about all the misplellings im still getting used to touchtyping on my tablet

            • It will load WP7 directly even fail to boot into it. But you can load MAGLDR manually. Just power on your phone while holding power button (don’t let go). It will load into MAGLDR.

  74. Hi. My problem is that after i execute rom update utility and follow the onscreen instructions, the instalation progres hangs at 0%, and after a whilw i get the `262` error. any advice?

  75. How do you download the android software…..Iplease tell me)
    also i tried that dft thingy and it stays 0%…and then shows error..please reply me on my email

  76. i tried that dft thingy and it stays 0%…and then shows error..please reply me on my email
    and i tried this video…you know how it says PDA phone i dont have image version…it’s blank….what should i do

  77. I am having a problem with my HTC p4350 touch and keypad mobile, power off while booting, now Its not booting up, able to go up to 4 colored window, Rep, Green, Blue and white, I tried to load some ROM here, but after 2 or 3 % loading getting error message. What to do?

      • My actual problem is i can’t boot it up, when I switch on showing a message”Device startup falied due to sudden loss of power. Please click “YES” to continue.
        but I am not able to press Yes, that button is not accepting, but if I press No, its re-booting.

        When re-booting if I press camera button then I will get multicolour sreen with IPL 4.17.0001 and SPL 4.17.000 .
        What to do now to boot my phone (HTC P4350)

  78. How can i update MAGLDR v1.11 to MAGLDR v1.13 on HTC HD2? I want to upgrade from NAND 2.2 to ICE CREAM 4.0 but it wouldnt let me without upgrading to v1.13

  79. Hello Jayce,

    After I installed MAGLDR 1.13 I get the red error message ‘sd kernel open failed’. I saw the same message in your video. I still can go on, but doesn’t this error cause any problems?

    I had Coredroid v3.7 installed for some time on my HD2, but I had a lot of problems, the phone hangs at different moments (while browsing, typing, swyping, playing etc.) I then have to take out the battery and start again. I thought maybe this error was the cause of it, so I retried installing but everytime the sime error (‘sd kernel open failed’). Many thanx in advance for your answer.

  80. i am trying my level best to change my hd2 into android Nexus ICS but while i do the RUU it cudn’t proceed even 1%. It end up showing [262] Update Error. What can i do.
    your further help will be highly appreciated.
    thank you in advance

  81. Hi Jayce, I am trying to install Android(Android ROM for HTC HD2. TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 or Gingerbread, whatever works…) on my HC HD2 (6.5 windows). I install(“download”) on to my phone the MAGLDR but when I restart it(Keep’n Holding down the on button…)it shows the Tmobil’s STICK TOGETER in pink over a white screen.

    I’ve try to reboot several times, re-installing MAGLDR but the white TMobil screen is always there, keeping it from reboot…..

    Do you have any idea why??? By the way, my SPL-3.03.HSPL XE, Thanks for your time and help,


  82. Thanks for your prompt response.
    I think, this time, I really did it …..
    I was (triying to) install back the SPL-2.08.HSPL rom and it wouldn’t accept it, so I tried recovery v-1.3, nothing; recovery raw and apparently nothing happened, I still have it on the green, red and blue screen showing the SPL-3.03 BUT NOW IT SHOWS AS “SPL-3.03.0000 XE”, also the Windows XP, on my desktop and the Microsoft Activesyncis are not reading the phone anymore when I connect(USB) it …
    Now, when I try to open the phone(turn it on…) to make phone calls or what ever…it is FROZEN on the opening screen(TMobil’s Pink on white “STICK TOGETER”…), and if I try install MAGLDR, DAF, even the old “updated” TMobil HD2 MR SOFTWARE 3.14.531.1, it will start run in the desktop but it will crash when installing it into the phone…
    Like I was saying: I really did IT this time!
    Do you possibly know what I did wrong, or better yet, how can I fix my mess(or who can???)…?
    Once again, THANKS for your time and help


  83. Hello Jayce,

    My current rom is so when i try to update de instalation kills and my phone reboots….

    I had previously Android 3.2.4 on the phone and had some inssues after a wile, reinstalled stock rom win6.5 and now i want to ga back on android

    Please help..

  84. Execute ROMUpdateUtility.
    Click ‘Yes’ if User Access Control prompt up.
    After that i dont have to any more prompts..
    What do i do?????????

  85. Hi,
    My htc only displays bootscreen since ive installed magdlr. I can access to blue green red screen for a very short time (0.25sec) but it asks me to restore manufacturer’s settings. If
    i press yes it’s successful and ask me to reboot and i start again from the beginning.
    Also the usb connection seems not working. Same for the power supply.

    SPL-3.03 + magdlr = phone bricking?

    i misunderstood about 3.03 because a lot of ppl tried it and HSPL3 seems like HSPL3.03…
    Ty for answer. Hope good news. Best regards

  86. hello jayce
    please help me i update hd2 it stuck on 0%
    and gave an error 262
    plase help me i shall be very thank full to you.


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