Download dandiest Desire Z Android ROM for HTC HD2

Finally, I tested HTC Desire Z Android ROM for HTC HD2. I don’t care much about it because why we need to have hardware keyboard ROM on HTC HD2. Based on xda-developer, dandiest, HTC Desire Z has exactly the same features, but in some sense, lighter than Desire HD, which is more suitable for HD2. The build is based on latest Desire Z v1.72.466.4, Cedesmith new Initrd and Hastarin r8.6 kernel. And running Android 2.2.1. No harm to try it out, right?

dandiest Desire Z on HTC HD2

Quadrant score
Software information

Extremely high I/O score in Quadrant. I wonder why it means… By the way, I changed the folder name from ‘desire_z’ to ‘Android’ and changed the startup.txt setting to ease one click Android Launcher.

Installation guide ~ How to install Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2?

Download dandiest Desire Z v0.2.1 [Kernel: Hastarin r8.6] ROM here.


  1. Hi Jayce, I have installed dandiest Desire Z the way it is suggested above and it ran perfectly with using internet via home wifi (which Use WPA-PSK Encryption) as well APN where ever applicable. However, following day, it is not able to connect to Wifi at all, it tries to connect and show obtaining IP address but then stops. I have tried changing setting on wifi router but no solution. The same wifi (mac address 00 23 f9 df 76 4f) works perfectly on WinMo 6.5.
    I also realised that when on Android, it shows a mac address 00:11:22:33:44:55 which is I belive the problem causing wifi not to connect.
    Can you let me know how this happened and solution for this.

  2. hey there Jayce. I was wondering…..I’ve used on of the roms from this website and it ran perfectly fine. Everything worked on it……but I wanted to change Rom and try something new. So I downloaded the rom infound above….It works but I’m having trouble with mounting the SD CArd for some reason

  3. i did it as per given prerequirements and followed the steps and it works so well i did desire_z rom version thanksssss dude

  4. i have even installed windows 7 on hd2 as per ypur given steps and the results are amazing hats off to you buddy

  5. hi jayce
    i have installed android 2.3.2 gingerbread 2.1 on NAND but i have two problems
    1- the market does not show any application but when i search for a specific application it appears
    but after 2 days when i search for an app it says “connection error” THERE IS NO BENEFIT FROM THE MARKET NOW
    2- can i reinstall windows 6.5 again
    please help me 🙁


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