Download DFT LEO MAGLDR Bootloader for HTC HD2

NAND Android on HTC HD2 cannot work without the help of DFT LEO MAGLDR Bootloader. It is a 2011 New Year Gift from DFT. MAGLDR Bootloader can load Android from SD card, Android from NAND and even Windows Phone 7 from NAND (when it comes out). It even has Tetris game loaded. Besides, you can turn SD card as USB Drive directly without entering any OS. Thanks to DFT for this wonderful gift.


  • “Boot AD SD” – boots android from SD card. zImage and initrd.gz loaded from directory selected via “AD SD Dir” menu. rel_path=%ADSDDIR% added to kernel command line.
  • “Boot AD NAND”- boots android from NAND. zImage and initrd.gz loaded from YAFFS2 partition with “boot” flag.
  • “Boot WPH” – boots WPH from nand. WPH must be flashed before. NOT AVAILABLE now.
  • “USB MassStg” – provide SD card as USB Stick to computer. You can copy files via it directly without OS. Allow to change kernels fast for Android developers. THIS FEATURE IS STILL EXPERIMENTAL. BE WARNED.
  • “USB Flasher” – use this item to flash Android or WPH.
  • “USB TTY” – need same drivers like MTTY for SPL access
  • “AD HardReset”- erase android partitons with “hr” in the flags. usually you need erase userstore.
  • “Tetris” – Tetris game. Get 111111 score to activate hidden features of MAGLDR
  • “DMESG to SD” – dumps dmesg android log to SD card. useful for developers. EXPERIMENTAL.
  • “DumpUDtoSD” – dumps asize partition to SD card. BUGGY, SLOW and not tested. Don’t use it.
  • “UseLast24NAND” – allow to use last 24 megabytes of NAND. EXPERIMENTAL. But if you update MAGLDR via RUU or press WM65 hard reset keys. you will lost this 24 megabytes of data. It means data will be corrupted or device won’t boot more. Default is OFF.
  • Use “Home” key to return back from submenu.
  • Use “Power” key to enter main menu during autoboot.

Run ROMUpdateUtility.exe to install it. But your phone must have HSPL3 and radio ROM that support 576 RAM. Note – official 3.14 HTC HD2 ROM cannot install it. I tried…

Download DFT LEO MAGLDR Bootloader v1.11 here.