Download Foursquare Windows Mobile Client ~ MySquare

Foursquare supports most of the mobile OS out there like Apple iOS, Google Android and BlackBerry. But it does not support Windows Mobile. My friend invited me to join Foursquare last few months. But I did not join until now. Why? We have Foursquare Windows Mobile Client finally. It is called MySquare.


MySquare Features

  • Use your location to find out nearby places
  • See your friends latest check-ins
  • View tips of places
  • Share your experience with others
  • Explore foursquare and earn points and badges
  • Use even gps or network fix
  • Integrated with google maps

MySquare is currently in beta stage. Do expect some bugs here and there. I tried. And it hang sometimes. Do try it if you want.

Download MySquare 1.0.3865.26913.beta here.



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