Download Free Malaysia & Singapore GPS Maps for Garmin, Papago & Galactio

Yeah… The latest free Papago maps was released from MFM. The last release was on April 2010. I can have the latest maps on my Papago X5 for Android now. Papago maps will be updated every month’s 1st week. And support M3GPS Papago X3, X5~X7, Eastgear Papago X3, Papago X5 for Android, Papago M6~M7 for iPhone, Papago X5 & X6 for Windows Mobile and HTC Touch Cruise bundled with Papago X3. As for Garmin maps, it is updated weekly as usual.

MFM also has free maps for Brunei, Indonesia and South Thailand. Be sure to download them when travel to these places. Enjoy and never get loss again…

Download Free Malaysia & Singapore GPS Maps for Garmin, Papago & Galactio here.


  1. hey,today a h/p retailer told me that the Garmin software can be install in h/p even though the normal h/p,such as Nokia 5800(planning to get it).so ,is it we can get such software from internet and install it on our own?

    • Nokia 5800 is not a normal phone. πŸ˜›
      Yes, you can get Garmin Mobile XT thru Internet but you need to buy it. Then install yourself.
      The good news, you can get Nokia Ovi Maps for free. It is almost like Garmin too. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi! You need the right smartphone to get the GPS and phone utilities simultaneously such as Garmin – Asus M10 or A10. I’m using M10 right now and can use the GPS even without line coverage for free. Thank You.

  3. hi Jayce,

    I just installed papago X5 on my hd2 Android. The installation is completed successfully. However, the current location is set to KL Jalan P Ramlee. Could you please kindly teach me how to set the current location?

    Appreciate your helps… πŸ™‚

  4. Some one can tell me why?!
    i really need use papago,but when start at the top right corner there appear signal with symbol “?”
    that is mean like cannot detect my location even my gps is on!
    now the location just automatic set in K.L!
    but i in malacca!
    Thx for any help!

  5. Having problem to download PAPAGO GPS to HTC HD2 window system ? n found that my SD card spoilt after using 5 months any warranty for it?

  6. Ok sorry for dumb question, i tried search your blog but cant find the link to show how to install papago on my s3, could you kindly direct me to the link please. Thanks.


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