Download & Install Android 4.0.3 ICS XXLP6 Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2

Another beta Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich XXLP6 Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S II leaked by SamMobile while I was enjoying Chinese New Year Holidays. Wow… I really enjoy the long vacation and just relax at home. And being lazy to update blog. For those who are hardworking and willing to try out latest ICS ROM for Galaxy S2. Here you are ~ Android 4.0.3 ICS XXLP6 Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2.

Android 4.0.3 ICS XXLP6 Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2

As usual, I did not test this beta XXLP6 Firmware as well. So what are the new features and changes? Once again, XDA Developer, ithehappy had done the good job of testing for you and me. Check out his details impression on XXLP6 Firmware here. Spoiler == it’s NOT a daily usable ROM (based on him). Still want to try it?

Download Android 4.0.3 ICS XXLP6 Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2 here.


  1. Heyy i am using checkrom on my galaxy s2…i waz normal….bt suddenly today evening it stopped detecting my sim card..i have tested other sim card but none is working on my phone..hav tried rebboting ,fatory reset,flasing d rom again and also tried to use diff modemn firmware…bt none of them worked….it is showing airplane mode icon on the notification bar when it is not in air plane mode….plz help m worried…also i need my phone alot..plz help

  2. After Installing XXLP6, software update registration not working. its shows. registerng device.. then processing failed message, but I was able to login my samsung account. only software update part not registering..
    other issue. wallpaper, when i choose a wallpapper from galler. its give 2 options. multi page view wallpapper and single small size.. but. when i choose single small size not working as before. its showing same as. moving to other pages..


  3. I have installed firmware 2.3.5 in my SGS2 via odin.. now is it possible to update my phone throygh Kies or Samsung server… ????

  4. Hi Jayce, the phone keep crash while i play GameLoft HD games, for example Dungeon Hunter HD, Hero of Sparta HD, and Asphalt 6 WCG_Galaxy S II(when i zoom view cars). As for GT Racing Motor Academy HD, the vertical and horizontal control is inverted, H became V and V become H. Go launcher became more laggy and FM radio is not working. Sometime sim card won’t be automatic detected(show up the unlock sim pin pop up), especially restart the phone with restart commend in the pop up window with long press the power button. the rom is nearly perfect for me except for the issue above. 🙂

  5. Hey Jayce,

    Just receive a Galaxy S2 SHW-M250S from Korea.
    The thing is that I live in China and it doesn’t work properly.
    I don’t now anything about Android and flash.
    What should I do? Can you help me please.

    Thanks a lot

  6. I just upgraded from 4.0.1. to 4.0.3 and the installation went very well. I flashed using PDA, PHONE, CDC. The zip file said there were 6 files contained therein but there were in fact 5. The PIT file was missing. I new from other posts that it wasn’t a good idea to use it as well as the APBOOT.
    The installation of the firmware and root was smooth with ODIN V1.85.

  7. With reference to the above post I made earlier. I had two issued with 4.0.1. The most serious was that when the screen timed out and the phone entered the sleep mode I couldn’t receive any incoming calls and the second issue was the vibrator wouldn’t work except for entering key strokes. Upgrading to 4.0.3. took care of both those issues. The new look of Galaxy is appreciated and the phone, email and text message programs work as well as before. Other than that I haven’t had 4.0.3. very long, just a matter of hours so I haven’t tested everything but I’m working on it.
    Thanks Jayce for all the help your website has given me.

  8. jaycee , after i installed the xxlp6 firmware , the software update say that processing failed and it stucks at the notification bar there , how to clear it ? and my game hub was unable to use , how ??

  9. Dear Jayce,
    I have Samsung Galaxy GT-I9100G from China with andriod Ginger Bread ZCLC2 and I have no clue about how come it was customized many all the good things about google ?, well my question is how to get back to all google features as Google market (play) Google search, Gmail…and many others I saw in other countries, I really don’t care so much about the languages however if there is one with English and arabic I would be happy. You have a great site and I could see a great deal of help here even better than Samsung sites.

  10. Dear Jayce,

    I having galaxy s2 phone buy at kuala lumpur and i had previously update the firmware to ICS XXLPB using odin3. but the upgrade is failed, odin massage :

    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    I9100GXXLPQ_I9100GODDLP7_I9100GDDLP5_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:29)..
    File analysis..
    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Now i am stuck as i can not use the phone. Please help.


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