Download & Install Official Android 4.0 ICS Firmware for I9100 & I9100G Malaysia

Yes, Malaysia Samsung Galaxy S II users no matter using I9100 or I9100G can enjoy latest official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware from now on. For those who do not install custom ROM or other region ICS firmware, it’s time for you to upgrade with Samsung Kies or through OTA update now. Enjoy DXLP9 firmware for I9100 and DXLP6 firmware for I9100G. Personally, I did not try these firmware because I am using custom ROM on my Samsung Galaxy S2. Hopefully, latest Android 4.0.3 ICS DXLP6 Firmware can solve most of the bugs that face by I9100G users. Waiting for official release is too long for a tech blogger like me.

Besides Malaysia, India is getting official Android 4.0 ICS Firmware for I9100 & I9100G too. Same apply to Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 too…


  1. Hi Jayce Ooi, does the malaysian firmware (XXLP6) support arabic/urdu language? and will i be able to update to official firmware once released for pakistan?

  2. Jayce..S2 G user here…i din receive any prompt msg to upgrade lar..i tried using “Software Update” but stated no update available and then use KIES via laptop but oso nothing oso?
    Y ar…mine is Ori SME set and clean from any rooting/flashing/kinda thing…how??

      • Hi, I’m also face same problem here,i tried use “software Update” ,it stated no update available.

        But when i tried use KIES via USB,It got show me:-
        “New firmware is available”
        Latest firmware version is ‘PDA:KL3 PHONE:KL3 CSC:KL3(XME)
        Latest firmware version is ‘PDA:LP6 PHONE:LP6 CSC:LP6(XME)

        I so happy when saw this and upgrade the firmware. However,it failed to download firmware upgrade components throwing “Failed to run firmware upgrade.Unknown error occurred.” i had tried many times still get same result. May i know how can solve this problem? πŸ™ Please advice.

  3. Hi, i have a I9100G model, and it has been going back and forth regarding Android 4 being released at all for this version of SG2. I live in Europe, do you have any idea when it`s going to roll out here? I tried updating on the phone, but it says no updates available. Thanx

  4. Hi Jayce,
    Im using i9100G (baseband I9100GDZKJ2). I goto the website you post above but still couldnt form ICS firmware. Can you help to provide the link ? Thanks for your help really.

  5. samsung tweeted that the indian sgs2 ics version has been released pl give me the link to the official version so that i can download it and use odin to install.

  6. thanks Jayce for all the useful info..
    i have upgraded to ics 4.0.3 using check fus and odin..
    any idea y i cant use face recogn and i dont have that 1 liner light on screen when lock phone?

  7. Hi jayce,

    wanna check with u my current SII was recently flash with Odin with ICS 4.0.3 europe official released firmware from here previously.. but now i having a problem to flash with malaysia official firmware I downloaded using checkfus downloader with Odin which is i selected PDA.
    Please advised, Thanks a lot…

  8. Hi Joyce,

    Just got ICS update for my Galaxy SII. Wondering the RAM status has been become 687MB instead of 0.91GB.. Does this happen to your phone as well?

    Need explanation


    • I suspect Samsung ‘stole’ the 340MB from users’ RAM to fix all those bugs. ICS for 9100 is an upgrade, for 9100G it’s more of a bug fix. My 9100G freeze during download from market, activating wifi, switching to 3G or back, on media scan, during charging, camera, during calls, and even when idle in pouch. Gets hot and discharge battery to zero. Only battery pull can restart phone. Happens daily many times. After ICS it has not frozen for 6 days,no battery drain, smoother but I guess Samsung needs to steal 340Mb of ram. I wonder if the new SIi with ICS also shows 687MB when they advertised 1GB RAM? If not then Samsung has shortchanged us. We get 687 while new customers get 0.91gB! Also it is slower not reflecting dual core 1.2ghz. Feels like my old single core ARM 6 budget phone. That’s the price we pay to get a real phone!!

  9. Hey, i got a SGS i9100g baseband versionDZKJ2, and i found the official ICS ROM of DXLP6…
    Will it crash if i install it because it has different baseband version…. Eager to knw!! Xl

  10. Hi Jayce,

    Excellent blog, keep up the good work.

    Received my update OTA on my Celcom set I9100 non-G almost a week ago now.
    Early impressions, are that it’s all good.
    Previously suffered from random reboots, but it hasn’t happened since the update.

    I’ve made several observations, hoping you can gimme some input:

    1)Weather’s often defaulting to New York for some strange reason. Every once in awhile, it’ll get it right, then New York again. Tried removing the widgets, changing from accuweather to google, still flitting about.

    2) Can’t locate the Face Unlock feature eventhough it is listed under Settings->Apps->All

    3) The Calendar no longer displays my contacts’ birthdays unlike previously. I’ve logged into my google account, resubscribed ‘contacts birthdays and events’ and force-synced it many times but to no effect. Even logged out and then in again my google account in doing so. Birthdays appeared automatically in 2.3.6 without moving any setting previously.

    4) Gmail no longer pushes notifications, eventhough it is ticked to notify emails.

    • Hi jubilee, I did not try this firmware myself. So not sure. But you can try to factory reset see. It might help. If no, please consult Samsung Support.

      • Hi,

        Just a brief update on the issues I encountered.

        1) Weather’s all straightened up, realised I only encountered the problem when I’m hooked onto my home WIFI. Rebooted the router and flushed some cache.

        2) Face Unlock is indeed there. I actually need to input my pattern-unlock at Security -> Screen Lock to gain access to the other security options.

        3) The upgrade to DXLP9 insisted that all the contacts in my phone which I would like to have their birthdays shown in the Calendar must be selected as “My Contacts” rather than just “Other Contacts” in Gmail. So in my email account, I ticked all the relevant contacts and ensured that they were added to “My Contacts”, synced, and all their birthdays showed up automatically.

        4) Gmail notifications are up. The Settings -> Accounts and sync feature has a tendency to go Off by itself. Just ensured that they’re perpetually set to On, and it’s all go.

        Hope this is of some/any help to anyone who comes across similar problems.


  11. Thanks for the reply Jayce.

    Will factory reset wipe data off my device? I’m just hesitant about what it actually accomplishes.

    Will try to get in touch with Samsung Support.

    Thanks again.

  12. Hi Jayce,
    I bought my i9100G from Malaysia. Now i am based in India and the current firmware is DZKL3.
    KIES is showing NO Update available when i try to update. Whereas my brother got his ICS on i9100G which he bought from India! What could be the reason ?

    • Hi sumit, I am also not so sure. I9100G Malaysia also had ICS DXLP6 firmware already. Try to consult Samsung Support. Or you can install ICS firmware with Odin manually.

  13. Hi Jayce thanx for ur help i have s2 just bought it and i dont know how to update to any version my version is 2.3.3 and baseband is I9100XXF1.and can u tell me what is the firmware?and to any version can i update my phone please……. thx πŸ™‚

  14. Hi. I am using Galaxy s2- under storage for sd card, There is no reading for reformat sd card , only erase sd card. It have in Galaxy S3

  15. There’s no option to format the card in the Storage section of Ice Cream Sandwich. Under storage on SD card -total space, available, unmount SD card and Erase SD card.

  16. There’s no option to format the card in the Storage section of Ice Cream Sandwich. I want to reformat external SD card.

  17. Hey I updated my samsung galaxy s II to ICS (my mobile is unbranded – retail version, and Im from Brazil).
    Since this update I’m facing a lot of problems with it:
    – the battery dies too fast (in about 5hours);
    – the mobile gets very hot;
    – the Android OS uses 80% of my battery;
    – it’s running a lot of applications on my RAM(even with all applications on task manager closed);
    – the system is running out of memory (but I dont have any apps installed);
    – the SD memory is full (I cant even receive any message);
    – anywhere I enter, the system force close with the mesage “unfortunally the contacts has stoped” (I can’t even make a call);

    I already did the factory reset and hard erased all my files, and still the Android OS is consuming 80% of my battery life.
    I saw on internet and a lot of people has the same issue, but no one has the answer! I called samsung support and they don’t know anything, or what to do about it.
    Could you help me???

  18. HI Jayce,
    after upgrading my sgs2 from 2.3.3 to 4 my root is gone what should i do now?
    do i have to root my mobile again.

  19. I’m in Indonesian,
    Can you please tell me what is the firmware? and how i can download the ics on my phone πŸ™‚

  20. Jayce, thanks for your kind respond.
    Do you know the problem if while I upgrade it, then notice it with” The operation has timed out” ?

  21. Hi Jayce
    Plz advice phone Screen short i am try to velume + screenlock battan push to same time but don’t do
    modele no. s2 9100G update soft ics 4.03 v

  22. Hi Jayce,
    Great work and very informative website.

    If I install ICS 4.0.3 and perform wipe, will it brick my phone?

    What rom are you running on your SG2?


  23. Dear Jayce,
    i have recently purchase Samsung SII with following specification of model and I try to update the phone directly with wifi it download but couldn’t install and an error occur say install it through PC but on pc it say can not updated kindly help and secondly guide please let me know which country this model is as I don’t know
    Thanks for your help and time

    Model: GT-I9100
    Android Version : 2.3.3
    Baseband Version : I9100XXKF3
    Kernel Version : root@DELL103#2
    Build Number : Gingerbread.XWKG1
    PDA : I9100XWKG1
    Phone : I9100XXKF3
    CSC : I9100OPSKG1
    Build info : Tue July 5 21:45:55 KST 2011

  24. im using I9100XILA3_I9100OXIKK1_ITV
    it is Italy’s rom. i downloaded from sammobile
    is it will effect my phone coverage in Malaysia ?


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