Download MiLocker ~ MIUI Lockscreen for Android Free

Want to try lot of lockscreens on your Android phone? MiLocker ~ MIUI Lockscreen for Android is the lockscreen app that you should to try. MIUI is famous with its custom Android ROM for lot of Android devices. And official OS for Xiaomi Android phone. I love MIUI Android ROM on HTC HD2. And you can enjoy MIUI Lockscreen on non MIUI Android ROM phone now with MiLocker.

MiLocker ~ MIUI Lockscreen for Android

Lot of online lockscreen can be choose. However, as you can see, all of them are in Chinese words. But not a big deal, just select the one that don’t have Chinese words and suite your taste…

Download MiLocker ~ MIUI Lockscreen at Android Market here.


  1. It has too many bugs …

    Volume doesn’t work while locked .. sometimes .. the phone .. gets unlocked automatically …
    tried out on Galaxy S2 I9100


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