How to keep Kindle Fire WiFi turn on always?

Why Amazon Kindle Fire WiFi auto turn off by itself? Why Kindle Fire WiFi is disabled when the screen off? That might be the questions you will ask with your Kindle Fire. Normally, we use Wi-Fi connection when we actually using Kindle Fire like watching Amazon Prime movies or TV shows, surf Internet, watch YouTube… However, it is not user friendly when we try to download big file from Internet. The WiFi connection will cut off by itself when the screen off after idle for 5 minutes by default. You can keep WiFi on all the time by force Kindle Fire screen always on. Or the simple and economy way ~ use Wi-Fi Keep Alive App.

Wi-Fi Keep Alive on Kindle Fire

Yup, you can select 3 options with Wi-Fi Keep Alive on Kindle Fire ~ Default (Wi-Fi Off on sleep), On During Sleep if plugged and Always On. No worry about downloading big size games like Real Racing 2 now. It won’t stop your download if your WiFi is always on.

Download Wi-Fi Keep Alive at Google Play Store here (removed). Try this one see – Best WiFi Keeper.