Download PPTV for iPhone & iPod touch

PPTV for iPhone & iPod touch was updated too. It is just like PPTV Android Phone. There is a new interface. And it has category, region, year and video format selection now. Added top ranking for each category like movie, TV drama, anime… Most of all, PPTV for iPhone supports caching download ability for offline viewing. Playback smoothness? It depends on which movie or TV drama you watch. Same apply to Android version.

PPTV for iPhone & iPod touch

Downloading anime…

Download PPTV for iPhone & iPod touch here


  1. I have a ipod 2G running iOS 4.221. Installed pptv for iphone and ipod. I can browse the movies but could not view any movies. When I try to play a movie, the player quits back to the menu. Not sure what’s going on. Anyone can help? Thanks.


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