Download Pyramid HTC Sense 3.0 NAND Android A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2

Yeah… No more graphics glitches in HTC Sense 3.0 for Android HTC HD2. So it is time to install Android ROM based on HTC Sense 3.0 now? After got my HTC HD2 back (finally), Pyramid HTC Sense 3.0 NAND Android ROM is the first HTC Sense 3.0 ROM that I tried. You need to apply haldric’s glitches fix for Pyramid V2.3b to fix the graphics glitches issue. Okay, how does it perform? Let’s find out…

Pyramid HTC Sense 3.0

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HTC Sense 3.0 Launcher
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Slow… After using Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC HD2 really shows its age. And with heavy ROM like HTC Sense 3.0, HTC HD2 performs even slower compare to light and fast CM7 or MIUI ROM. Besides, 720p video is not playable on it. And camcorder still has issue. HTC Sense 3.0 should run on dual core phone like HTC Sensation or HTC EVO 3D.

Note – You need to have 180 MB CWM partition layout and 1 GB of EXT3 partition to install this Pyramid HTC Sense 3.0 v2.3b ROM.

Installation guide ~ How to Install CWM NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download Pyramid HTC Sense 3.0 v2.3b [Kernel: RAF 1.9GB] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM here.

Download haldric’s glitches fix here.


  1. Hey I just came and see your website you got a lot of information about the hd2 well I got issues with my hd2 cause the wifi stop working I can’t not connect to wifi or scan any hotspot if you can helpme. I will really appreciate any information thank toy and keep it up the good work

  2. Hey I try two ways one in settings and nothing happens the other way on magldr menu and even nothing happen I think its time to trow away this phone

  3. Well let me xplain wen I install android for the firts time everything was working fine but after flashing different roms the WiFi stop working o restore to winmo and nothing helps or happens I think the phone is too old

  4. thanks JC,
    pls the link to haldric’s glitches fix is not working it says “Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator”
    pls can u give me another link.

  5. thanks JC.

    I tried to install the above rom on my htc hd2, and after all necessary procedure, i can only see the Black HTC quietly brilliant screen , without getting to the launcher. pls can u tell me what the problem really is? Many thanks.


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