Download RIP! Mosatsu (妄撮) for Windows Mobile

For those are waiting for RIP! MOSATSU for iPhone app and don’t own an iPhone. No worry, here is another port for Windows Mobile created by XDA member, y2ksatan. But you still need to own a Windows Mobile phone.

RIP! Mosatsu (妄撮)

How to use RIP! Mosatsu (妄撮) for Windows Mobile?

  1. Press and hold the screen for pop-up menu.
  2. Click on Models.
  3. Select the girl that you want.
  4. And start ripping…

By the way, you can upload your own girls’ photo too. Just make 2 copies of them. Check out Models folder for examples.

Download RIP! Mosatsu (妄撮) for Windows Mobile here. (Warning – 18SX adult only)


  1. I can’t make my own models because in Mosatsu are there 2 pics for every model/girl and one of the pics they have clothe on and the other they have bra on. And how can i find pics like that????


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