WiFi Remote Access ~ Browse your Windows Mobile device content from computer

WiFi Remote Access is a nice free application developed by Julien MANICI. It allows you to explore the content of your Windows Mobile phone directly from your computer, through a WiFi connection without installing any client software on the computer. With it, you can browse your data, pictures, and music or send files from your computer to your device. You can see pictures and listen music on your computer directly from the web interface ~ Internet Explorer .

Besides browsing files, WiFi Remote Access also gives you the ability to read and send SMS on your computer. And you can type with computer keyboard. Isn’t that great? It also has register editor and remote control functions. I love the remote control. Use mouse as your finger to click and swipe. Display the output on big monitor instead of small phone screen (but slow in rendering).

I am lazy to post the all the features photo here. Download WiFi Remote Access at Julien MANICI’s website and try it for yourself. Trust me, you will love it.


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