Download Samsung Kies 3.0

Have the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Samsung Kies 2.x does not work for you then. Yup, you need to latest version of Kies 3.0 as well. Samsung Kies is available for both Windows PC and Mac OS. It is a useful tool to transfer music, contacts and photos. Make backup and restore of your important data and settings. Update to latest firmware and sync wirelessly from your Galaxy phone or tablet. Besides, it also provides USB driver to connect Galaxy Note 3 to PC too. One of the must installed software in my list.

Samsung Kies 3.0

Emergency firmware recovery is a very useful tool if your Galaxy Note 3 in semi-brick mode. It should be able to help to restore it back to normal. Hopefully, you won’t need to use it as last resource before send it to Samsung Service Center. Download Samsung Kies 3.0 here and try it now.


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