Download Taskos To Do List for Android ~ Sync Google Tasks

Google does not have native Android application for its Google Tasks. So I did not use it for quite sometimes until I found Taskos To Do List. It is a free, simple and intuitive to do list for android.

Taskos To Do List

Taskos To Do List Features

  • Speech to Text support
  • Simple user interface
  • Google Task Sync
  • Easy calling from within the to do list
  • Auto-complete support (contact, popular verbs etc.)
  • Small Widget (1X4)
  • Big Widget (3X4)
  • Scheduled alerts
  • Enhanced productivity methodologies
  • Pre-defined Categories
  • Set Importance
  • Edit Notes
  • Easy Sorting
  • Tasks Sharing

Download Taskos To Do List at Android Market here.


  1. Beautiful, sleek application.
    Simple and effective. I love it!
    This blog rocks! Has all the apps I was looking for my Phone!


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