Things you should know when shop at Apple Store Malaysia

I love to shop online. Bought lot of things like camera, camcorder, lens and accessories from US. Usually, I bought stuffs that I cannot find at retail shops around me through online shops. Apple Store Malaysia is an online shop just like others. But a little bit special. Why? Let’s find out…

Things you should know when shop at Apple Store Malaysia

  • Apple Store Malaysia is actually Apple South Asia Pte Ltd which located in Singapore. Same apply to Apple Store in Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia… So there is no physical Apple warehouse in Malaysia.
  • All shipments are coming from Singapore. So it takes longer time when stuck at custom. And you need to pay import duty and sales tax (included in sales price).
  • Ship by DHL Express.
  • Product sales price is higher compare to App Store Singapore.
  • Credit card payment is made to Apple South Asia Store Singapore SG. So additional services charges might apply.
  • Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding Singapore public holidays.
  • RM 30.00 shipping fee applied to certain product which price below RM 250.00.

My experience…

I purchased Incase Convertible Magazine Jacket for iPad @ RM 204.00. RM 30.00 shipping fee was incurred. So I added Belkin MicroCharge 2.1 Plus Charge Sync @ RM 99.00 in order to get free shipping. Total up == RM 303.00 included VAT. Order on 21/02/2011 at 09:54 AM and will be delivered by 24/02/2011 based on Apple Order Status. I checked DHL tracking website. My shipment was still stuck at Singapore Custom on 24/02/2011 early morning (more than 3 days in custom). I contacted DHL support, they said that they can’t do anything since it was hold by custom. And mentioned that Apple products will be cleared in bulk.

So I contacted Apple Sales Support at 9.00 am. A nice lady, Charlotte served me. She helped me to follow up on this slow shipping issue. Made several phone calls to tell me the status update. And even called me again to verify when the shipment reached my house. Kudos to her excellence support. But too bad that my products still 1 day delayed. Luckily, I was still on time to use it to finish my video shot on Maxis10 iPad.

By the way, before I forget… My credit card was charged @ RM 305.42 for these 2 products. So currency conversion rate fee does apply.


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